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Water Damage Restoration Macomb MIMacomb Water Damage Restoration

If your home in Macomb has experienced flood damage from a sewer backup, sump pump failure, broken water pipe or toilet overflow your property is in a state of emergency requiring immediate restoration and flood cleanup. When water comes into direct contact with furnishings and building materials like carpet, dry wall and other absorbent materials, its destructive energy is at work and you need Macomb water damage restoration to avert mold.

We offer water removal, cleanup and complete restoration related to water damage occuring from a sump pump failure, burst hot water heater, sewer backup or if you just have wet carpet requiring extraction in Macomb MI. Our certified pros are standing ready to respond with immediate assistance for any water cleanup service 24/7 day or night.

About Us

Action Extraction has been a Michigan leader in water damage cleanup for over 26 years and is an IICRC certified firm equip to manage water damage emergencies and flood cleanup of all types conceivable. If your Macomb home has water damage or just a room with wet carpet we provide an immediate response for any size cleanup.

Consider our credentials and we are certain you will know we are right for your water emergency. Our former customers give us the highest endorsement of a 5 star rating in google, yelp and YP placing us as Southeast Michigans highest rated water damage restoration firm


Customers Give Us a 5 STAR RATING GOOGLE, YELP & YP 5-star-rated-water-damage-company-berkley-mi

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 


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What 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service Do You Need?

What Next?

If water damage strikes a home or business it is important to know what to do after water damage.  The crucial step is to act as soon as possible in removing water and eliminating humidity. Mold, fungi and microorganisms develop in 48 hours making quick response of vital importance if the environment is to be contained safely.

The professionals at Action Extraction are highly trained and IICRC Certified in Water Damage Restoration and have qualified professionals standing by 24/7 to provide rapid emergency flood cleanup for your home or business. Getting professional help after water damage is a must when over 100 sq. ft. of carpet or hard surface is wet.

Why Action Extraction for Water Damage in Macomb MI?

We are recognized as a Michigan leader in insurance repair and specialize in creating affordable restoration for water damaged homes and processing insurance claims fast. We also have a patent on the fastest drying system in the world “Insta Duct Systems” that only we offer in MI.


Water restoration and flood cleanup is what Action Extraction does with great regard to your home and family. We provide abundantly skilled technicians that will eagerly get you and your home back to the way things were before the water damage.
Our work is 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed: 'The ACTION EXTRACTION REACTION is SATISFACTION or there's no Financial TRANSACTION'.

CALL NOW 800-713-4333 for all your water damage needs in Macomb MI. Local experts are standing by to assist you with professional flood cleanup and water damage repair.

Water Damage Puts Your Home in Danger


The presence of water in basements, carpet / pad or building materials from a sewer backup, sump pump backup or broken water line introduces the possibility for mold making quick cleanup essential.

Successful residential water damage cleanup requires water removal, the application of an anti-fungal agent and humidity control if mold is to be eliminated. When the contamination of the water is high such as longstanding water presence or sewage the probability of greater damage exist. We are equip with specialized moisture detection equipment that removes the chance for human error and allows us to with pinpoint accuracy know what ares of your home are safe and which require restoration service.

Damage-Related-Flooding-Macomb-Pipe-Macomb-MIWe Make Insurance Claims Worry Free in Macomb MI

Action Extraction has an impeccable record in successfully managing the claims process associated with water damage and flood damage cleanup. We work with all insurance companies and will work closely with yours to make sure you are getting the full coverage you deserve.

As a certified firm with the IICRC in water damage repair and water damage cleanup we have the credentials that put insurance companies at ease with the restoration process. When we are complete with the repairs we bill your insurance carrier through their approved software so there are no surprises at any stage of the cleanup and restoration process.

Water Damage Restoration for Sewer Backups in Macomb MI


Water Damage from a sewer backup is the most damaging water that can infiltrate your home. When sewer drains backup the water is pathogenic (disease causing) and time is of the essence. Water must be removed as soon as possible to keep the infectious causing germs at bay. The classification of sewer water is (category 3) meaning it is thriving with health threatening germs and creates the worst damage to property. Sewer water sometimes can appear clear and may not be discolored or smell, however, it is always pathogenic necessitating thorough cleanup. Action Extraction specializes in flood restoration of high risk environments and gives strict adherence to the IICRC Standards for sewer backup cleaning.

Water Damage Cleanup for Sump Pump Flooding in Macomb MI


One of the most common causes of flooding in Macomb MI is when sump pumps fail. When they do ground water can completely infiltrate all the basement environment creating a major flood damage project. Ground water is alive with microorganisms, fungi, bacteria and molds. These microorganisms rapidly amplify and pose a threat to human health if not serviced correctly. The necessary steps include water removal and structural drying of all building materials that have become wet. Homeowners insurance may or may not cover this type of water damage emergency. Call Action Extraction and we can evaluate if you have this particular coverage.


Water Damage from a Fresh Water Source

Water Damage from a fresh water source such as a burst hot water heater, broken pipe or refrigerator leak is usually covered under a standard homeowner's insurance policy. Although fresh water does not immediately create a threat to human health, it is very damaging to building materials and if not professionally serviced may develop into mold if water removal and humidity control are not dealt with in 48 hours. Flood damage from fresh water also known as (category 1) is the least destructive, however after 3 days of high humidity will become infested with microorganisms.



Common Questions About Water Damage

My basement has water in it, what should I do?

When a Macomb MI basement is found to have water on the carpet or tile it becomes an instant stress maker. Several important first steps to minimize water damage in the home are as follows. Determine if water has come into contact with any of the electrical wiring or receptacles in the home. If water has made it's way to any electrical call a professional to secure the environment. We provide a master electrician for such water damage emergencies and we will thoroughly evaluate all electrical for exposure. The second step is to determine the source of water to stop further damage. This process is usually easy when done in a systematic approach. Check sump pumps to see if the water is at the top or higher than usual. Floor drains should be evaluated for signs of a sewer backup. Listen carefully for any running water that could be a sign of a burst water line, hot water heater rupture or malfunctioning appliance. If water is running try to locate the water shut off in the home and turn water off.

My sump pump has stopped working and my basement is flooded with water, should I call a water restoration company or a plumber?

We never recommend calling a plumber first because most plumbers are not willing to work in a flooded environment where there is standing water until it has been removed. Once a plumber replaces the pump you still have wet carpet and materials requiring water damage cleanup. Plumbers do not possess the required drying equipment to restore water damaged environments or the necessary experience and skill. Call us first if your sump pump has failed and your basement has water damage. We manage every step of the restoration process from replacing your old system with a new pump to immediately beginning the water damage cleanup.

If my basement floods and my floor drains remove water after water enters my home, do I still need a professional water restoration company?

When floor drains eventually remove water from your basement you will still definitely need a professional water restoration company to remove moisture from all the wet building materials that may have absorbed water. When water comes into contact with cement, drywall, wood substrates, carpet / pad you have an ideal environment for mold and microbial contamination. High humidity needs to be removed from the air and water must be removed from the wet materials if mold is to be avoided and your basement kept free from pungent smells.

Water has entered my basement and my basement smells, how long till I get water damage or mold?

As long as the water is present it continues to damage the home because water invades most materials forcing them to remain wet. Any water left in materials must be completely removed in less than 48-72 hours to eliminate the potential for mold to form. Materials like; wet carpet, carpet pad, wood, tile and drywall, stay wet for days creating a very inviting environment for mold and strong offensive smells. If your home has water damage and wet materials and your carpet is smelling, it is very likely you have microbial amplification and anti-fungal agents are needing to be applied.

What is the difference between flooding and water damage, my basement has flooded, but do I actually have water damage?

Not exactly. Flooding is a one time occurrence that happens in an area of the home (usually a basement) where water from various sources; sewer, sump, burst pipe, etc. enters the home. This event immediately creates a flooded environment, however unless the water is sewer water, there is not necessarily water damage, yet. As water remains in materials keeping them wet, then water damage occurs. Flooded environments can be dried where there is no water damage as a result if caught in time and dried properly. Wet carpet, wet padding, wet drywall and other materials that are absorbent can still be safely dried in a timely fashion leaving no visual damage. If the water that has flooded your basement or home is sewer, water damage is immediate and materials can not be safely restored.

Water damage by definition is a permanent compromise in appearance or integrity of materials that were once wet and have become dry. Sewer water like fire changes both the looks and the integrity of everything it touches. We are very experienced in evaluating items to determine if they have become water damaged and how to document damages for the insurance companies.

Water Damage Restoration Requires The Best in State of the Art Technology


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