Water Damage Restoration Berkley MIWater Damage Restoration Berkley MI

Do you have a water damage emergency and need the best restoration contractor in Berkley? Water related emergencies can strike at anytime bringing stress that the professionals at Action Extraction of Berkley can help eliminate.

We specialize in professional restoration and provide water removal, structural drying and repairs 24/7.  We are IICRC certified in flood restoration, repairs and structural drying. If your residential or commercial property needs sewage cleanup, or emergency service due to a sump pump backup our local experts move quickly to bring rapid water damage restoration in Berkley MI.

Our dedicated staff is standing by now ready to provide water removal, emergency restoration for flood damage of any size. Using the most advanced tools in the disaster restoration industry we will be at your door in 1 hour or less. All our restoration services come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 

Insurance Claims Specialist

Water damage restoration Berkley MIOften when water emergencies occur there is homeowners insurance to cover the cost. We are insurance repair specialist and will make each step of the claims process headache free and simple.

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency in Berkley is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water mitigation and flood damage restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan.

Water Damage Restoration and Flood Damage Cleanup Berkley MI

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What 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service Do You Need?

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Our trained pros have extensive training in servicing the residents in the Berkley MI area. When homeowners discover unwanted water in their homes from a broken water pipe, drain backup or malfunctioning appliance like a washing machine or refrigerator, we respond rapidly. Each technician is highly trained to navigate through each necessary step in the evaluation process to the structural drying stage.

The professionals at Action Extraction are highly trained and IICRC Certified in emergency Water Restoration and have qualified professionals standing by 24/7 to provide rapid emergency flood cleanup for your home or business. If your experiencing a flooded basement in Berkley Michigan we can be there in as little as 30 minutes.

Why Consider Us for Water Damage restoration in Berkley MI?

We are recognized in Michigan as insurance repairs specialist as well as being a leader in creating affordable strategies for water damage cleanup and processing insurance claims.

Things may look hopeless now, however, flood cleanup is what Action Extraction does and we do it with great regard to your home and family. We provide water damage service and flood damage cleanup with highly skilled technicians that are eager to get you and your home back to the way things were before the flood crisis.

Water Damage Restoration and Flood Damage Cleanup Berkley MI Our trusted services are all with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee: “The ACTION EXTRACTION REACTION is SATISFACTION or there’s no Financial TRANSACTION!. We do what is required to make you a satisfied customer.

CALL NOW 800-713-4333 for an immediate response to all your water damage restoration needs in Berkley MI. We have local IICRC certified experts standing by to assist you with professional flood cleanup and water damage repair.

Water Damage Berkley, MI
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Flooded Basements, wet carpet or building materials, sewer backups, sump pump backups, frozen or broken water lines, are all capable of producing flood damage that can place your home in a state of emergency because of the threat of mold.

Water Damage Restoration and Flood Damage Cleanup Berkley MIWaters presence and flooding in the home environment needs to be dealt with quickly and anti-fungal agents need to be applied once water removal service has been performed to eliminate microorganisms from growing and spreading.

Action Extraction is a water restoration company that will remove all water with superior truck-mount extraction units, apply plant based anti-fungal agents and introduce drying equipment to dry your home FAST!

Making Insurance Water Claims in Berkley Michigan Hassle Free

Flood-Cleanup-Water-Damage-Berkly-MI-Insurance-MIAction Extraction has an impeccable record in successfully managing the claims process associated with backup of sewer and drain issues and flood damage cleanup. We work with all insurance companies and will work closely with yours to make sure you are getting the full coverage you deserve.

As a certified firm with the IICRC in water damage repair and water damage cleanup we have the credentials that put insurance companies at ease with the restoration process. When we are complete with the repairs we bill your insurance carrier through their approved software so there are no surprises at any stage of the cleanup and restoration process.

Water Damage Restoration for a Sewer Backup in Berkley MI

If your property has a sewer backup you are experiencing a level of contamination greater than any other type of water. Sewer drains are replete with harmful pathogens (disease causing germs) and complete removal of these microbes is essential to keep the potential for infection at a minimum. Sewer water is classified as (category 3) making it the greatest risk for introducing health compromising germs in the home. Sewer water may or may not be discolored and smell, however, it is always necessitating professional cleanup as it is capable of being a cause for illness. At Action Extraction we have years of experience in cleaning and sanitizing these high risk environments. We quickly employ necessary steps to protect your family and property.

Water Damage Cleanup for a Sump Pump in Berkley MI


For various reasons sump pumps can fail allowing ground water to inundate the basement environment and create a major flood cleanup project. This water is alive with microorganisms, fungi, bacteria, molds and dirt. Water begins to amplify with this life and poses a threat to human health if not remediated correctly which includes drying of any building materials that have come into direct contact with water.

Homeowners insurance may or may not cover this type of water damage emergency. Call Action Extraction and we can enlighten you on the subject of coverage.

Water Related Damage from  a Fresh Water Loss

Water-Damage-Berkley-MI-Flood-CleanupWater realated damages from a fresh water source such as a broken pipe or burst hot water heater is typically covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy, assuming you have paid your premiums. Although this fresh water does not immediately pose a threat to human health, it is highly destructive to building materials and if not removed from the indoor environment may develop into mold unless water removal and humidity control are addressed in 48 hours. Flood damage from fresh water also known as (category 1) is the least worrisome but after 3 days of the continued presence of high humidity it becomes alive with microorganisms.

Water related damage from a sewer backup

It is not just a sewer backup, drain backup or broken sewer line that can allow a discharge of very contaminated waste water into your home. Having a toilet overflow from a clog can create catastrophic damage to your property as well. In all these scenarios it is critical you contact a reputable professional water damage restoration firm to evaluate the damages and assist you with getting your complete full coverage through your insurance carrier.

As a recognized leader in the restoration industry, Action Extraction provides the very best in professional restoration service in Berkley and nearby areas. We proudly provide Berkley homeowners and business owner a variety of advanced professional services includes Berkley water damage cleanup and restoration, mold mitigation, sanitizing, structural drying and much more. We serve both residential, industrial and commercial clients.

The flood crisis the Berkley community experienced several years ago was remarkable with more properties experiencing flood damage than ever before. We worked day and night to restore, cleanup and mitigate the damages. Our dedicated team of disaster recovery pros helped countless residents in or near Berkley recover from the disaster and regain their lives. Our training at Action Extraction of Berkley allows us to turn disasters into triumpths of restoration using scientific technology.


Common Questions When Water Damage StrikesMy sump pump has failed and my basement is flooded, do I call a water restoration company or a plumber? Always call us first when your sump pump has failed resulting in water damage. We are a full service water restoration company and can replace your old system as well as begin the water damage cleanup. If you have standing water most plumbers refuse to work in such environments until water has been removed. Additionally once they are finished replacing the pump the water still requires removal and plumbers do not possess the needed water removal equipment or the necessary certification for water damage restoration.

My basement has water in it, what should I do?

When a Birmingham MI basement is discovered to have water on the floor it can certainly be a stress maker. Here are some good first steps to take to minimize water damage to your home. The first step to take when water has entered your home is to be certain nothing electrical has come into contact with any water. Carefully look to see if water has made it’s way to anything electrical and call a professional to secure the environment if it has. We are on call for such emergencies and have a master electrician on call to evaluate any water emergencies in your home.

The second step is to begin to look for the source of water to stop further damage. This process is typically easy when done with a systematic approach. Basements with sump pumps need to be looked at to see if the water is at the top or higher than usual. All floor drains should be evaluated for signs of a sewer backup. Listen for any running water that could be suggestive of a burst water line, hot water heater rupture or malfunctioning appliance. If you here running water locate the water shut off in your home and turn water off immediately.

My sump pump has failed and my basement is filled with water, should I call a water restoration company or a plumber?

Calling a plumber first is never the correct decision because most plumbers are not willing to work in an environment where there is standing water and even if they will, once the pump is replaced you still have a wet basement requiring water damage cleanup. Plumbers do not possess the appropriate equipment to restore wet  environments or the necessary skill and experience. Calling us first when your sump pump has failed resulting in water damage is a better option because we are a full service water restoration company and will replace your old system with a new pump and then immediately begin the water damage cleanup.

If my basement drains through the floor drains by itself after water enters my home, do I still need a professional water restoration company?

If floor drains eventually remove the water from your basement that may have resulted from flooding, you will most definitely still need professional water restoration service to remove moisture from all the wet building materials that may have come into contact with the water.  When water absorbes into cement, wood substrates, drywall, carpet or pad you have the perfect environment for mold and microbial contamination. Elevated humidity needs to be removed from the air and water must be removed from the wet materials if mold is to be avoided and your basement kept free from smells.

Water has entered my basement and smells, how long till I get permenent damage or mold?

As long as the presence of water remains, water continues to damage the home environment. Unless water and moisture are completely removed from materials like; wet carpet, carpet pad, wood, tile and drywall, the potential for mold exist. Water in the home creates very inviting circumstances for the development of mold and strong pungent smells. If your home has experience a water loss and your carpet is smelling, it is a sure sign of microbial amplification and anti-microbial specialty agents are required.

What is the difference between flooding and water damage, my basement has flooded, but do I actually have water damage?

Not exactly. Flooding is an event that happens in an area of the home (most often a basement) when water from various sources; sewer, sump, burst pipe, etc. enters the home. Water immediately creates flooding, however there is not necessarily water damage unless the water is sewer. If the water that has flooded your basement or home is sewer water than the damage is immediate and materials can not be safely restored.

Water damage by definition is a permanent compromise in appearance or integrity of materials that were once wet and have become dry. Sewer water like fire changes both the looks and the integrity of everything it touches. We are very experienced in evaluating items to determine if they have become damaged and how to document your property loss for the insurance companies.

Water Damage Restoration Berkley, MI / Flood Damage Cleanup, Water Removal, Water Cleanup and Restoration

Water Damage Restoration and Flood Damage Cleanup Berkley MI

Action Extraction employs the very latest in state of the art technology to assure the most efficient drying of a damaged property. Our equipment is cleaned and disinfected after each use to prevent cross contamination from one restoration job sight to the next. Own newer air movers and dehumidifiers use less electricity and are much quieter than older conventional units. This means less electricity and less noise which increases the ability of a property owner to manage the restoration steps.

Water Damage Restoration

Residential Water Damage Repair

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Residential Water Damage Restoration Berkley MI

At the end of a long day there is nothing like coming home the the safe haven we all call home. That is until upon opening the front door you discover unwanted water menacing your property as a thief going through your valuables. The disruption that immediately follows can be overwhelming and that is why we are here. Our years of managing all types of water damage restoration Berkley MI makes us uniquely qualified.

Should a Berkley resident experience water damage from a sewer backup, tub / toilet overflow, broken water pipe,  or appliance malfunctions they need a company that has restored thousands of residential homes successfully and has a reputation for customer service.

Calling the wrong company will make things go from bad to worse and jeopardize an insurance claim. The right water mitigation company can make a disaster vanish quickly when they are equipped to navigate the necessary steps needed to be taken the first 24 hours. We can bring back sanity and confidence that all will be OK and that is priceless.

Upon calling us we dispatch a uniformed professional restoration team that will eagerly assist you with the evaluation of your damages. Our response is often in less than 30 minutes because when water emergencies happen each minute of delay can cost additional money and damage.

Should your water issue be a small water extraction from an aquarium that spilled a little water on the carpet or a fully flooded level of your home with ceilings raining down, we handle both big and small water loses.

If your water damage restoration Berkley project ends up becoming an insurance claim we will be able to assist in making it a headache free experience. We work with all insurance carriers utilizing their software for billing so there are no surprises at any time.

Commercial Water Damage Service

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Commercial Water Damage Restoration Berkley MI

Big businesses like Walmart make 1.8 million dollars an hour, while a small business may make less than 100.00. Regardless of size or revenue of the company when commercial water damage strikes, financial bottom lines are at risk. Each hour of down time can squelch profits and disorient employees that should be serving customers.

Action Extraction Inc has a commercial water mitigation division especially trained to service the needs of large loss properties. From warehouse with merchandise needing climate control to storefronts where walk-in customers are expecting personalized service, we redeem the mess quickly. In minutes our professional water removal systems are extracting water, other teams are managing contents and your areas of special concern targeted for quick restoration. If we can keep you fully functioning than we have done our job. It does not require anything more than a comprehensive strategy crafted between us and management to implement all necessary measures to keep you running.

Call us today if you have a commercial property that has become damaged from water and let us strike back with a vengeance keeping profits, employees and revenue alive. Don’t wait another minute if you need a commercial water damage company, call us today and allow us the opportunity to have a conversation with you.

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Interesting Things About Berkley

You may have not known
  • As of the 2010 census, the population of Berkley was 14,970
  • Only 100 years ago in Berkley, farmers tilled fields along Twelve Mile Road using horse-drawn tillers.
  • The overall crime rate in Berkley is 77% lower than the national average.
  • Berkley Michigan has a total area of 2.62 square miles and two zip codes, 48072, 48073.
  • Berkley was first settled in the year 1815 having a flowing artesian spring that provided the town’s water supply until 1926
  • Berkley has 9 parks allowing its residents and families to enjoy the outdoors.