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Water damage restoration is a service that is typically an emergency related industry. Homeowners or business owners are unexpectedly surprised to discover water has entered their property and the rick of severe water damage and mold a very serious concern.

Have you just discovered water damage from a sewer backup, sump pump failure or water line break? We respond 24/7 day or night with highly trained professionals.

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 


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Water Damage Restoration Tips

There are a lot of tips running around the net on how to restore your property after flooding. Many of these guided steps are inaccurate at best and quiet dangerous at worst. One site actually had a title, “how to clean sewer damaged carpet?”. That is tantamount to asking “how to clean the deck of a sinking ship?” Some things are beyond the scope of salvaging as the contamination level is of a degree there is no remedy short of discarding.

Here are several short suggestions that are from a real certified expert that manages properties that are flooded on a regular basis.

Don’t mess with water damage unless you are confident there is no chance for electrocution. The adage that electricity and water don not mix is as recognized as anything in empirical science. If standing water on a floor surface is in contact with plugged in electrical cords or worse yet is deep and has reached electrical outlets, stay away! Call an electrician or skilled handyman to secure the environment. If water has filled a light fixture or off/on switch, shut the power down from the circuit box.

When suggestions are given to do anything yourself when water and electricity meet, I will openly repudiate. Life is worth more than the few bucks you’d save refraining from a call to a professional. It only takes one mistake to loss your life when it comes to electricity.

Don’t do a do-it-yourself if a finished basement has an inch of water. Finished basements are constructed from materials that are meant to bring structural integrity and beauty. These materials are not meant to become wet and definitely not stay wet. Water loves to stick around for as long as you let it remain and what if you can’t see it in materials? You won’t know when its finally is gone either, right?

Often individuals look at a finished basement assaulted by an inch of water with base moldings and carpets glistening with its presence and think, “I got this”. The danger here is assuming the naked eye can see and accurately measure the degree of moisture saturation is in each material. The dry wall could be as high as 20% moisture and your eye may deceive you into thinking it is dry. The same for wood substrates, base moldings, flooring and carpet padding. Cellulose and dirt is a tremendous food source for mold and the items listed when wet will produce this dreaded foe in as little as 48 hours. You don’t want to go from a manageable water damage project to an out of control mold cleanup nightmare.

Listen! If you type in a goggle search, “water restoration companies near me” your results will show local restoration companies eager to evaluate at no charge the damages. They also will be more than pleased to give you a free estimate for repairs. In taking this step you will have an educated and IICRC certified expert finding the water in whatever material your eyes could never do. This free education will allow you to determine your next step and if you do decide the do-it-yourself route, at least you know what to focus on. Who knows, you may even be surprised that the professional job is more affordable than you thought. There is never a down side having a professional restoration company near you come out for free. You can always say NO! to a sales pitch.

We Give A Free Water Damage Loss Assessment

Once water damage is discovered and a professional contacted the first step is loss assessment of the water damaged area. Because the naked eye is incapable of discerning the presence of water in materials such as carpet, dry wall, sub-flooring and cabinetry, it is important to utilize moisture detection equipment that is capable of locating all areas of concern.

We will provide you with a free scope of damage evaluation with one of our professional water damage restoration technicians. They will create a comprehensive plan for the most efficient and cost savings strategy possible. This will include all aspects of water damage restoration such as water removal, sanitation and structural drying.

We will monitor each detail of all the necessary steps using the most modern equipment in the industry for optimal results. Water is removed with truck-mount extraction systems that are capable of drying wet carpet as well as wet pad. The sanitation of the contaminated water damaged environment will be done with plant-based botanicals for the safety of all occupants and industrial air movers, dehumidifiers and air scrubbing devices employed to complete the drying of all wet materials.

Once we have put in place a drying plan, we will reevaluate the wet materials every 24 hours. Because we introduce all the necessary steps the drying cycle should be no more than 3 days. However, there are materials such as hard wood floors, wet ceramic tile and plaster that may require specialty drying equipment to fully restore to a dry material.

Sources of Water Damage Restoration Sources

Water damage restoration needed from broken water pipe MIWater damage restoration is often necessary from commonly used items of convenience that inadvertently fail and become sources for water damage.

Dishwashers can malfunction, water supply lines to sinks, toilets and ice makers can break, plumbing can burst and leak and washing machines can overflow. Some of the worst case scenarios for water damage restoration service are sewer and sump backups, toilet over flows from the discharge basin and raw sewage from a broken sewer pipe.

Whatever the source of your water damage restoration project it is abundantly important to have it classified correctly to assign the appropriate measures to restore wet materials. Some materials can be saved in one type of condition but not in another.

The importance of our professional assessment cannot be overstated. Malpractice in the medical field can happen with a skilled physician so why trust your water damage restoration project with a handyman or carpet cleaning company?

Best choice for water damage restoration MIThe ongoing education in this field is ever changing and having a cursory grasp on procedure is a sure way to create a mold infested and health threatening contaminated environment. Seeking a local certified water damage restoration firm like Action Extraction is the best choice and only way to experience a headache free restoration process.

Water damage restoration service should be immediate.

When water damage is discovered it is essential to recognize you have just stumbled into an emergency requiring prompt and immediate service. That is why we have local certified professionals that are standing ready to service your restoration needs 24/7 NOW!

Water is a form of energy that like fire will continue to create damage as long as its presence remains. Water-Damage-restoration MIUntil all water is gone and high humidity contained the potential for further property damage remains.

Human health is put at high risk as well due to the probability of mold because microbial growth always develops with the presence of water in building materials that are supposed to be dry.

If you need a certified restoration company to evaluate your water damaged property in Michigan than call Action Extraction Inc. They are a Michigan leader and have local technicians standing by 24/7 to respond with exceptional assistance when you call. Call Now! 800-713-4333

Levels of contamination in water damage restoration

Not all water is created equal when it comes to water damage in an environment. According to the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), which is the recognized organization that creates the standards for water damage restoration training, there are several different types of water damage.

Each type has its own unique set of standards to remediate allowing for the best restoration possible. These standards also insure the safety of the occupants relative to human health, which should always be of top priority.

The 3 levels recognized in the water damage restoration industry are as follows:

Category 1) This is water commonly thought of as fresh water from a sanitary source. Sources include faucets, toilet fresh water tanks, drinking fountains, hot water heaters, water plumbing supply lines.  This level of contamination is little when discovered relatively soon and is the least threatening to human health. Although quick service must be introduced as this water will soon contaminate and in as little as 72 hours become the next category of water damage.

Category 2) This category of water often is referred to as grey water because it is not free of contaminates both organic and particulate. The measure of contamination is fairly high and has the potential to create mold as well as the possibility of a human health threat. Several example of this water damage would be water from a discharge line from a dish washer or washing machine, water from an aquarium, water from a sink or tub over flow,  water that has come in from a roof leak or a sump pump well. This water has a level of contamination that quickly becomes exponentially worse with each day it remains.

Category 3) There is no water more dangerous to enter a home or business than this water. The level of contamination is abundant it is also known as black water. The risk to human health is extremely high and the water is so unsanitary that the thought of saving things like dry wall, carpeting, paneling, flooring and cabinetry after becoming wet is against all recognized standards and complete removal essential. Because the water is living with both bacterial and viral dangers the threat to human health must be taken very seriously. Sources of this type water damage are: sewer drain backup, sewer pipe break, toilet clog that backs up, flooding from rivers, streams and water from a roof that has bird droppings. This water is pathogenic and can cause serious illness or death,

Water Damage Restoration Credentials For Service

All reputable water damage restoration firms are going to be certified and have the desired credentials for servicing water damaged property. Such is the case with Action Extraction located in Macomb MI. We have been an IICRC certified water damage restoration firm since there beginning in 1988. We have been a Michigan leader for over 26 years and present their credentials to perspective clients immediately upon arrival to an emergency water damage site.

Owner Charles Bingham says:

“there is no more important piece of information to present to new customers then the fact that you are a certified firm possessing the latest and most crucial technical information on safely drying wet property”.

While there may be local handymen, plumbers and carpet cleaners the fact remains that if they are not continuing in the education offered by the IICRC and/or are certified to carry on such service, you will be in jeopardy. Just as you wouldn’t utilize a dentist to perform a hernia surgery or a health practitioner as an oncologist for cancer you shouldn’t use individuals in related fields that are not expert.

Water damage restoration repairs

Once the water damage restoration protocol has been completed the repairs process can be addressed. If the water damage restoration process has not been completed and all known wet materials dried and decontaminated, than construction must wait. In rare instances reconstruction has become effected due to water still being present in wood substrates that were never dried properly.

Typically insurance carriers will have an insurance claims adjuster write a repairs estimate for the resulting damages. It is essential to have the repairs the adjuster recognizes as essential agree with the company you have selected to do repairs. If there is no agreement than the amount of money will be less and customers may be over charged by contractors.

Visual signs that make water damage restoration urgent

Often with long term exposure to water a home or business will have visual evidence that should be taken very seriously. Water spots in dry wall especially after it rains, dark discolorations on the walls and ceiling, smells that are foreign to what is normal and black buildup on any building material.

Do not ignore these evidences of water damage

Left undone this environment will lead to mold. Molds spread throughout the living space as a spore and often can lead to serious health consequences. Several symptoms caused by mold allergies are watery, itchy eyes, a chronic cough, headaches / migraines,  breathing difficulties , rashes, tiredness, sinus problems, nasal blockage and frequent sneezing.