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Water Damage in Macomb MI

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Water damage in Macomb MI is an eventful industry in the springtime due to an increase in rain and the unfortunate failure of many sump pumps that don't make it through another season. Water may inundate the basement slowly, be immediately discovered and create only minor water damage like wet water spots on carpeting; or instantaneous and complete flooding that manifest tremendous damage. However fast it occurs, Water Damage in Macomb MI is a major contributor to loss of property.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage in Macomb MI?Water-Damage-Macomb-MI

A homeowner insurance policy may or may not cover the costs associated with Water Damage in Macomb MI and the process of water damage restoration. Most homeowners are covered for water damage if the cause is fresh water from a supply line, washing machine malfunction, dish washer leak, sink over flow, broken pipe, etc. However, most insurance companies DO NOT COVER sewer or sump backups unless they have added it to their insurance policy. Some homeowners that experience water damage from a backup of a sewer or drain have become even more distressed when they call their insurance company to only discover they were in need of that policy and they do not have it. Farm Bureau Insurance is unique in that all policies come with 2,500.00 in coverage for water damage related to sewer or sump.

Action Extraction works with all insurance companies as a MI insurance repairs specialist.

Is The Process of Restoration for Water Damage in Macomb MI Always The Same?Water-Damage-Macomb-MI

Absolutely not! Different standards for remediating water damage are used depending on the category of water. There are 3 categories and Action Extraction is skilled in giving strict adherence to the standards that govern the cleanup of all three. Cat.1 is the fresh water pumped into your home, free of anything living. Cat.2 is water that contains matter that makes it gray or has microorganisms like ground water. Cat.3 is water so contaminated that everything it touches becomes damaged beyond the scope of being restored and must be removed from the home environment. Sewer backups are a good example of cat.3 water damage. When Water Damage in Macomb MI happens it is imperative that the right measures are enacted for the particular water damage event that has occurred.

Can Carpet Be Safely Restored after Water Damage in Macomb MI?Water-Damage-Macomb-MI

It all depends on how long it has been wet, the amount of water and what type of water initially saturated it. For example, as long as carpet has not been wet for longer than 48 hours, and the water involved was not sewer as with a drain backup, you can usually save the carpet; however, if the water has remained wet over 48 hours it should not be salvaged due to microbial contamination. Contacting a certified professional water damage restoration specialist like Action Extraction is often regarded as the safest way to restore water damaged property due to their training and extensive experience. If carpet becomes Water Damaged in Macomb MI from a source that is sewage, under no circumstances should it be saved.

Are There Health Risk Involved With Water Damage in Macomb MI

There can be when water damage is not discovered, left to dry on its own, or is not properly dealt with, because mold, fungi and chemicals related to fungi develop in 48 hours. Here are several signs danger could be lurking. Slight discoloration on the walls or ceiling becomes apparent and with time gradually spreads and becomes more severe. Smells exist that continue to become more offensive and apparent, spiders and silverfish are found, black areas begin to develop on drywall and base moldings. When Water Damage in Macomb MI is not treated in a timely manner mold will develop and spread throughout the living spaces. If it exists in a home it can lead to serious health consequences. Symptoms caused by mold allergy are watery, itchy eyes, headaches or migraines, a chronic cough, difficulty breathing, sinus problems, nasal blockage, frequent sneezing, rashes and exhaustion.

Why Call Action Extraction When Water Damage in Macomb MI Strikes?

Water-Damage-Macomb-MIAttempting to bring the appropriate resolution to Water Damage in Macomb MI can be costly if you do not have the training to know how it's done or possess the necessary equipment to uncover the hidden sources of water damage that threaten to produce mold. Action Extraction has IICRC certified and trained professionals standing ready 24/7 to respond to any water damage situation you may be encountering. We specialize in creating affordable strategies for homeowners and have established ourselves as a recognized leader in Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair counties and all of southeast MI. for over 25 years.

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