Water Damage in Shelby Township

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For flood damage emergency call the experts at Action Extraction immediately! We're on call 24/7 with our 24 hour emergency flood restoration service in Shelby Township. We employ IICRC certified flood and water damage restoration professionals who specialize in dealing with the sensitive nature of property loss/damage due to flooding and water back up. If you're experiencing the devastating loss as a result of a flood or water damage event in Shelby, don't wait!
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Shelby Township at Risk of Water and Flood Damage

Portions of Shelby Township are classified as at risk areas for flood by the state of Michigan. There are extra regulations and ordinances in effect to help prevent this. Still flood damage occurs often in Shelby Township as the water level rises with the winter run off in the spring. Houses rely on sump pumps to remove the excess water in the ground, in the event of a power outage or breakdown flood waters can build up in the basement or lower levels of your house causing water damage. In the case of a flood or water damage emergency you should call flood damage restoration experts like the ones we employ here at Action Extraction.


How to Prevent Flood and Water Damage in Shelby Township

To make sure you're always prepared for flood damage, water intrusion, or sump pump failure in Shelby Township, MI. you should make certain to purchase Sewer or Sump Backup Damage Insurance. If you're unsure if you're covered for flood or water damage from sewer or sump backups, Action Extraction recommends you contact your insurance carrier to see. Unfortunately most homeowner insurance policies do not cover backup of sewer or drain unless you have purchased that extra policy. The cost is relatively low and coverage's are 5,000.00 – 10,000.00. Insurance companies in Shelby Twp do not offer flood insurance for catastrophic flooding that inundates the home from the outside. Thankfully Shelby Township, MI. takes part in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and Flood and Water damage coverage is available to you. Contact the Shelby Township Hall for more information. In the case of water damage emergency call Action Extraction and talk to one of our trained professionals about our insurance claims process.

The Harmful and Expensive Effects of Untreated Water DamageWater-Damage-Shelby-Township

Water Damage if left untreated will cause harm to your respiratory system and can cause allergic reactions to manifest in other ways. Mold and Fungi start to grow approximately 48 hours after water is left stagnant. Black mold as well as waterlogged wood will also affect the value of your property. If you want to avoid the long term effects of water damage due to floods and sump pump failure or back up you should make sure to immediately call a trained professional to manage the water damage crisis and provide valuable certified flood cleanup and documentation.

Things Your Family Can Do to Prepare for Flood Damage, Black Mold, and Property loss:

• Store all books, photos, mementos at the minimum 12 inches from the ground to avoid water damage
• Keep all items stored in the basement in watertight plastic pins or vacuum sealed in plastic to avoid water damage
• Contact your insurance provider to confirm flood and water damage coverage is available, if not obtain some.
• Make sure to properly maintain your sump pump equipment and the water proofing of your homes underground levels.
• Have a plan in case of flood damage or sewer back up. Consider calling the experts at Action Extraction in case of flood restoration emergency. (800) 713-4333

Why Call Action Extraction Flood Restoration in Shelby Township, MI?

Water-Damage-Shelby-TownshipAction Extraction as a company strives to provide the best and most prompt emergency flood restoration available. We've got 26 years of experience in the industry and are multi certified in Flood Restoration and Water Damage cleaning and maintenance. Action Extraction offers 24 hour 7 day a week on call flood crises management. We train our professionals at Action Extraction to handle the whole process from insurance claims to cleaning up the work space to go home. Our goal in water damage cleaning and flood restoration as a business is to make you the customer and home owners' problem as stress free as possible by being there when you need us. So if you're experiencing a flood or water emergency in your home don't wait!

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