Water damage in Macomb MI

The Problems That Come With Water Damage in Macomb Michigan

There are many challenges one must face in life, but few rise to the horrible state of affairs as having to deal with a water damage emergency in your home or business. When water damage in Macomb MI of any type manifests, it immediately challenges the structural integrity of all it comes into contact with.

A cavalier approach that just believes all will be fine is a belief many have regretted later when mold was discovered shortly thereafter. For that reason alone, water restoration is something that needs to be taken very seriously.

Sources of Macomb MI Water Damage

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It doesn’t matter whether the damage was caused by a leaking pipe, sewer backup or sump pump failure; water damage in Macomb MI. can cause all kinds of problems including mold growth which is a huge health hazard to your family or employees. Macomb County is no different than any other area when it comes to water damage caused by any of the issues mentioned above. So, we cannot stress to you enough that if you are experiencing water damage in your Macomb County home or business at this time or if you ever do in the future, your response should be quick in taking care of the problem and there are certain steps you need to take immediately.


Helpful Steps for Water Damage Restoration.

If you live in Macomb MI and you need help with water removal, water restoration or water damage repair, the first thing that should take place once the water has been removed is an in-depth water damage assessment that includes moisture detection of all areas affected from the water.

Action Extraction provides the very best in moisture detection available and we give free, no obligation in home or business service upon request. It is extremely important that you find out if your home or business is trapping undetected moisture that will quickly become infested with microorganisms and mold if left unattended. Moisture plus stagnant air and 48 hours can do amazing destruction to a home or business in Macomb MI if not dried out completely.

Insurance Claims for Macomb MI water damage.


Our professional water restoration experts will access your damages at no obligation and quote you a price to provide service. We are also insurance claims specialist and will help navigate you though a stress free insurance claims process. We will work with your insurance company making sure each step of the way we document the water damages to assure you get your complete coverage and restoration allowed.

What to expect from us for Macomb MI water damage


When our water damage specialist arrives, they will advise you as to what needs to be done to contain and make safe the environment and implement a strategy for the most efficient drying of your homes or businesses structure.

For instance if the water damage emergency you are facing in Macomb MI is related to a basement flood from a sewer or drain backup we will have a plan of action to immediately bring everything back to normal as fast as can be possible. Our experience, knowledge and equipment are at your disposal with only a call.


We specialize in the best steps for complete restoration in Macomb MI

Common Sense water damage Moves in Macomb MI

It is essential that the water from your flood emergency be totally removed and that everything be completely dry before you start any kind of repairs or remodeling. We urge you to not rush this process as putting up dry wall on moist wood substrates may still create mold on fresh dry wall.

Another essential step when water damage is discovered in Macomb MI is to turn the power off at the box (circuit box must free from water exposure) if lights are twitching and or sparking. We at Action Extraction take electrical water damage issues very seriously and have a licensed electrician on call 24 hours a day.

And most certainly leave the removal of any mold to our professionals. You want the restoration to be done right so let the professional restoration company do their job. After their initial evaluation, they will advise you as to the list of steps to be taken next.

Choosing The Right Firm For Damage Restoration Cleanup Macomb MI

Water-Damage-Experts-Flood-CleanupThis is serious business; it can affect your life more than you know. So, we cannot stress enough when you are looking for a water restoration company in Macomb County that you do your due diligence to find the best and most experienced water restoration firm available. Please consider our credentials in being the right company for your water damage cleanup needs. We are IICRC certified in water damage restoration, bonded and insured and have a 26 year success story in Macomb MI for water damage cleanup and restoration.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do when experiencing a water damage emergency in Macomb MI is to ask for references of the company so you can talk with past clients in order to assess how the water restoration company operated. Past performance is often indicative of future behavior. At Action Extraction our former customers give us the highest rating of 5 stars for customer satisfaction on multiple social platforms.

We look forward to serving you with the same professional care, consider our PLEDGE!


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