Water damage from a refrigerator leakWATER DAMAGE FROM A REFRIGERATOR LEAK

Some people with young children expect a little water in front of their refrigerators once in a while from the kids neglecting to pick up a fallen ice cube that falls to the kitchen floor when they fill their glass with ice. But some have stumbled upon a puddle of water that was worth being alarmed over due to its size and unexplainable presence. Often this is the first portrait of discovering water damage from a refrigerator leak.

Naturally when water is found in a kitchen several options come to mind. Did someone over flow water from the sink? Could the dish washer be leaking, is there a water line under the sink that is leaking? While all of these are rational considerations many have discovered upon further inspection the culprit was the refrigerator leaking water in the kitchen.

Water found by refrigerator, what next?

The water could be coming from the inside of the fridge so open the door and inspect each shelf as some have found a leaky water gallon or spilled liquid. If no water is found locate the water filter and be sure it is dry and shows no sign of leaking. It is important to have the connection between the filter and fridge secure to prevent water damage from a refrigerator leak.

At the bottom of a refrigerator is a drain pan that can leak if the fridge is malfunctioning or if it is cracked. It is normal to notice a little water but a significant amount with pooling under the fridge could be the result of the drain pan.

Lastly pull the refrigerator out from the wall and look to see if the water supply line is leaking. This is one of the most common reasons for discovering a large amount of water in a kitchen. Sometimes the water line is not leaking but the connection of the water line to the fridge is. If you find it leaking immediately turn the water line off.

How bad is the water damage from the fridge

Finding water damage in the kitchen is alarming enough but some are shocked to learn it has even deluged down and they also have a flooded basement. Action Extraction of Macomb MI was responsible for a large restoration project in New Baltimore MI once where there was over 4' of water discovered in a basement, all from a refrigerator water supply line.

Because water takes the path of least resistance and does not stop at thresholds to other rooms it is important to check all rooms near the kitchen for water damage from a refrigerator leak. If the wall behind your fridge is a carpeted room, press firmly into the carpet to check for dampness.

It is always advisable when water is found leaking from a fridge to have a professional water restoration company check for hidden water damages. Water damage from a refrigerator leak can go on for days and weeks before being detected and by the time a puddle eventually shows up there can be tremendous damage.

In many scenarios the supply line being either plastic or copper will crack or weaken, causing a slow undetectable leak. Over the days of leaking the floor, walls and other absorbent building materials become swollen and hold the water presence so you don't see it. Eventually the progression becomes severe enough to manifest, but by that time the damages are done.

For instance a ceramic tile floor can slowly become saturated affecting the mortar bed and wood sub-floor which can even cause structural damage. A hard wood floor can warp, lift and start decomposing beyond repair forcing the entire floor to be replaced.

How to Repair Water Damage from a Refrigerator leak?

If the water presence is only a few hours old there is a chance that a mop and bucket is all you will need. If your fridge has caused water damages over a long period of time, things will be much more involved. The water damages could have affected many sq. ft. of flooring and restoration cost could be considerable. The silver lining is that a traditional dwelling insurance policy will completely cover the damages if caught in a reasonable period of time and mold has not begun to manifest.

If the wood flooring is wet than specialty drying equipment is available from professional restoration companies and the floor can be completely restored. In some cases the water damage is so tremendous the flooring will have to be ripped out and replaced. Ceramic tile flooring that experiences water damage from a refrigerator leak is almost certain to have to be removed and replaced. Wet carpet and pad can be dried in certain circumstances, however in some situations it should be removed and replaced due to the water damage from a refrigerator leak.

For more information on flooding due to appliance failure or professional water damage restoration, contact Action Extraction today. They have the expertise and experience to help navigate you through each necessary step of water damage cleanup and repair.

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