Michigan Sump Pump Back Up

Storm water contains harmful microorganisms and may contain harmful chemicals if your lawn is regularly fertilized. Proper assessment is critical to avoid VOC contamination of your indoor air.

Sump Pump Water Back Up

During heavy raining often sump pumps, storm drains and foundations fail causing an infiltration of gray water that can completely flood basements and create significant water damage to homes.

FACT: Gray water contains millions of microorganisms that quickly contribute to mold growth in building materials such as: carpet, pad, base molding, wood, drywall, cabinetry and paneling.

How not to get mold

Mold is a product of nature and thrives in environments of high humidity, stagnate air and darkness. These three ingredients will inevitably produce mold in a short time unless the equation for mold is broken. Action Extractions certified professionals break the equation for mold by introducing dehumidification, rapid air movement and exposure principles to preclude the possibility of mold.


Sump Pump Water Backup in Michigan

The enclosed cavities in walls are especially at risk containing all 3 of the essential ingredients for mold.

Why Action Extraction?

We eliminate the possibility of mold through the science of psychrometry & state of the art technology.

We have over 23 years of experience safely restoring high risk environments.

We are a certified firm with skilled and courteous certified technicians.

We immediately implement the critical procedures to avoid health risk and further spread of germs.

Mold Filtration

Air should be scrubbed with HEPA filtration to eliminate VOCs from being inhaled.

Dos and Don’ts


Call Action Extraction 24/7

Close off doors; turn off AC or furnace and all fans.

Open windows, wash hands thoroughly & stay clear of contaminated areas.

Children, the elderly and asthmatics should consider temporarily vacating the home till the restoration process has begun.


Breathe air directly without a face mask if possible.

Attempt to sanitize with household cleaners & disinfectants that are not effective.

Save any stuffed animal toys or porous items that have had contact with water.

Let any company that is not a registered certified firm in your home

Absorbent materials that must be disposed

Absorbent Materials
FACT: Sump water carries potentially harmful disease causing microorganisms that can compromise ones immune system if proper remediation is neglected.
Sump & storm drain water contains microorganisms and most absorbent materials that come into contact with water MUST BE REMOVED from the home.Examples of highly absorbent materials that cannot be safely restored: Pillows, stuffed animals, mattresses, upholstery, boxes, paper.WARNING:Any company that attempts to save any of the items listed above is in direct contradiction to the Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration S-500.Page 11 section states unequivocally 'MUST BE DISPOSED'