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Sump pump failure in Clinton twp. MI

Action Extraction responds Immediately to FLOODED BASEMENTS. CALL NOW 800-713-4333. We work with all insurance companies.

Whether it rains violently or just sprinkles, homes that rely on a sump pump to keep the ground water at bay will inevitably flood if sump pump failure occurs. Sump pumps are essential to handle the rising water table that can swell in minutes from a strong downfall. Spring time is the season that we at Action Extraction Inc. receive the most emergency calls for sump pump failure in Clinton Twp. MI.

Our 24 hour emergency response team is uniquely equipped to respond to the urgent needs of homeowners that experience sump pump failure in Clinton Twp. MI.  Once we arrive it is important to assess why the sump pump failed to remove the rising water. Often it is as simple as a frozen float that needed to be manually manipulated to unstick it. Other times it is more serious like a completely burnt out unit requiring replacement. We will determine and rectify the problem before the restoration begins.

Do backup sump systems help to reduce sump pump failure in Clinton Twp. MI.?

There are two widely used backup sump systems that homeowners can take advantage of that can increase the chances for keeping up with a rising water table if sump pump failure in Clinton Twp. MI occurs. The first is a battery backup that is ideal if the reason for the sump pump not working is a power outage. These battery backup systems will engage a battery powered pump that will begin to pump water from your basement before it floods. The next is a water powered backup system that is driven by the fresh water that is supplied to your home. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Call us anytime and we can help you determine the best system for your home and offer you a very reasonable price on installation.

Here is a proven checklist of preventative things to keep your home from sump pump failure in Clinton Twp. MI

1)      Each month spray some wd-40 on all moving components that are essential to engage the pump when the float rises.  Keeping  these mechanisms lubricated will allow the pump to respond optimally.

2)      Make sure the pump is plugged into a separate circuit. If the circuit is shared by other devises in your home any spike in electric draw may blow the circuit rendering the pump useless.

3)      Replace the pump every 7 years. Professionals who have experience with sump pump failure in Clinton Twp. MI. know the life expectancy of even the premium grade pumps are 7 years. Ground water has minerals and particulates that wear away at the pumps and routine replacement is well worth the cost when compared to a flood that can create catastrophic water damage to a home.

What to do if you experience sump pump failure in Clinton Twp. MI.

Act immediately and call Action Extraction Inc. (586) 949-4448. With arrival times in as little as 30 minutes we can set up a temporary pump to quickly remove the flood water  till the new pump is installed and affordably restore your home from any and all damages from sump pump failure in Clinton Twp. MI.