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Sump pump backup in Chesterfield Twp. MI

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After a long winter in Michigan, spring time is eagerly awaited to bring about warm temperatures and sunshine. However, this season also brings with it strong storm systems and flash flood warnings in Macomb, Oakland and Southeast Michigan. Most homes in Chesterfield Twp. Michigan have a sump pump to pump the rising water away. As the rain falls causing the water around the home to rise, the sump pump keeps the basement from flooding. Unfortunately these pumps can fail and cause a sump pump backup in Chesterfield Twp. MI that can turn into a hazardous environment if not serviced correctly.

As soon as a sump pump backup in Chesterfield Twp. MI happens it needs to be serviced as soon as possible to halt the certain growth of mold that inevitably begins to increase in 24 – 48 hours of a sump pump back up in Chesterfield Twp. MI.

What to do if you experience a sump pump backup in Chesterfield Twp. MI.

Call the professionals at Action Extraction Inc. (586) 949-4448. We have certified experts standing by 24/7 with an immediate response to your emergency. When we arrive we will quickly remove the water, look at your existing pump, replace it if necessary and restore your basement to the same safe and dry environment it was before the sump pump backup in Chesterfield Twp. MI.

What is in the water of a sump pump backup in Chesterfield Twp. MI?sewer water back up

Ground water is replete with microorganisms, fungi, molds bacteria and minerals. When they enter the home environment time is not on your side and the necessity for skilled service cannot be exaggerated. Action Extraction is a leader in handling high risk settings from sump pump backup in Chesterfield Twp. MI. Our IICRC certified workers are very clear on the required steps to safely restore a sump pump backup in Chesterfield Twp. MI, from water removal to the complete drying of the basement.

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What can homeowners do to minimize sump pump backup in Chesterfield Twp. MI?

Many homeowners elect to install a backup system should their primary sump pump fail. There are two different types and each effectively protect against flooding from a sump pump backup in Chesterfield Twp. MI. The first is a battery powered backup system that engages a pump that does not require electricity. Once installed it will take over should the primary pump fail and pump the water keeping the basement from flooding. The next commonly used system is a water powered backup that obtains its necessary power from a fresh water supply line that is connected to it. There are benefits and drawbacks in each system. Call us and get an expert opinion on which system may best be suited for your home (586)949-4448.

Preventing sump pump backup in Chesterfield Twp. MI.

Here are 3 things that can increase your chances of not having a sump pump back up.

1) Regularly spray a penetrating oil or wd-40 on all touching parts that need to freely more to start the pump when the float rises. This step is a matter of routine maintenance and keeping these parts well lubricated may save you from having a sump pump backup in Chesterfield Twp. MI.

2) Sump pumps are always supposed to be on a separate circuit and should never be plugged into a circuit that is shared by other devices. If anything else shares the power of that receptacle it may blow that circuit. If you are home it may come to your attention and you can fix the situation by resetting the circuit. If however, you are away and come back hours later you may have a sump pump backup in Chesterfield Twp. Mi.

3) If your pump is over seven years old replace it with a new one. The best pumps made do not last long handling ground water that has hard minerals and particulates grinding away at it each year. This practice every seven years may cost a little in prevention but is still much cheaper on the pocket book than a sump pump backup in Chesterfield Twp. MI.