Sewage Damage Cleanup in Royal Oak MI

  • Emergency water removal 
  • Professional sewage disaster cleanup
  • Sump pump failure restoration 
  • Broken water pipe damage
  • Structural drying
Water Damage Restoration Shelby Michigan

Professional Sewage Cleanup

If you’re unfortunate enough to experience sewage damage in your home, it’s essential to take action quickly. Sewage is a dangerous substance that can cause significant health problems, not to mention the damage it can do to your property.

Fortunately Action Extraction has certified professionals who can help with sewage damage cleanup in Royal Oak, MI. We respond quickly to sewer backups, drain overflows and emergency water damage. Our response crews are available 24/7 day or night. If you have sewage damage we can safely cleanup the disaster much faster than a DIY approach. Choosing professionals for water cleanup that work hard to earn your deepest trust is your best choice – Action Extraction.

We have been a Michigan leader in sewage cleanup over 30 years and know the dangers of microbes, bacteria and the viral matter that comes in through floor drains. Our professionals implement the necessary steps to fully eliminate the germs and restore your home or business.

Flooded basement cleanup Grosse Pointe MI (2)Insurance Claims Specialist

We work with all insurance companies and will make the entire process headache free. We will guide you through each step in the insurance claims process and get you your money FAST!

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Our Restoration Technicians

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What Is Sewage Damage Cleanup?

If you are looking for a trusted contractor that specializes in sewage damage cleanup in Royal Oak MI, than consider our unmatched credentials.

  • Over 30 years’ experience
  • 1 hour arrival times
  • IICRC citified firm
  • 5 star rated in customer service

Let the trusted professionals at Action Extraction provide the sewage cleanup and sanitizing to get your life back to normal QUICKLY. We will help you identify the affected areas, including structural materials such as drywall, carpeting, and floors that may be affected. We will also remove harmful contents and disinfect all surfaces and areas, making the property safe.

What causes Sewage damage?

Sewage damage can be caused by multiple things, including a broken pipe, toilet overflow, flooding, or a sewage backup. It’s essential to take action quickly if you experience any of these problems, as the sewage can cause significant health problems and damage your property.

Why is Sewage Damage a big deal?

Sewage contains many dangerous chemicals and diseases that can cause serious health problems. Once sewage makes its way into your home, it can spread quickly through the floors, walls and other areas by means of air borne contaminates. This is why it’s so crucial for you to call a professional sewer backup cleaning company as soon as you discover any sewage issues on your property.

What To Do If You Experience Sewage Damage – Our List

If you experience sewage damage in your home, it’s essential to take action quickly. Not only will this help prevent any further issues, but it can also ensure that your property and belongings stay safe. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Call a professional sewage damage cleanup company
  • Avoid contact with the sewage
  • Turn off the water if you can do so safely
  • Remove any items that the sewage has contaminated
  • Don’t flush toilets, run water or use dish or clothes washer.
  • Disinfect any areas that have been contaminated

Why Call A Professional – Sewage Cleanup Near Me In Royal Oak MI

Sewage Damage Cleanup in Royal Oak

Sewage damage can present different health risks, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. All of these substances are pathogenic (cause illnesses) and pose a threat to your family’s health and well-being. The elderly and young are the most at risk and should be removed temporarily from the property.

Our emergency response team is quick allowing the occupants to remain in the home or business throughout the sewer cleanup process. Our professional sewage damage cleanup in Royal Oak MI is managed using plant based (GREEN) anti-microbial agents.

We also use the latest restoration equipment to fully eliminate all hazards from your home or business. Our sewage cleanup is followed by building inspection, materials removal, steam cleaning and structural drying. Call today for a free estimate so you can know the sewage cleanup cost.

Who To Call For Sewage Cleanup – Emergency Response Team

Working with a professional company if you experience sewage damage is essential. Action Extraction is a company that offers superior sewage damage cleanup in Royal Oak, MI. We can help with any sewage damage you experience, and we will do so safely and efficiently. Sewage Damage Cleanup in Royal OakWe are the highest rated restoration company in Royal Oak and offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Your call is answered live so we can immediately dispatch our certified emergency response team. We are equipped to meet all your sewer backup cleaning needs with a sincere committment to excellence and top – rated customer service.

Our Services

Action Extraction is a premiere full-service water restoration company offering multiple emergency water damage services. However, sewage damage cleanup in Royal Oak, MI, is the most common service we receive calls for.

Our experienced team of experts commit themselves to service second to none during their skilled restoration. We specialize in safe cleanup and in repairing structural damage caused by the flooding.

Related Sewage Cleanup Services We Provide

Water Damage Restoration:

Water damage can be caused by several things, including a broken pipe, flooding, or a sewage backup. We have the tools and equipment to detect, remove, and restore any water damage scenario imaginable.

Water Extraction:

When water gets into your home, it can cause extensive damage. We’ll extract the water with professional extraction systems that are 10X more powerful than conventional extractors. Water removal is an essential service to begin any sewage damage cleanup in Royal Oak MI.

Crawl Space Pumping:

A crawl space is an area under the house that is most often unheated and unlined. We can pump out any water or chemicals in the crawl space and fully dry and decontaminate the area. Sewage in the home is devastating occurrence; however, a sewer backup in a crawlspace brings unique difficulties.

Sewage damage is in a confined area with a 3’ ceiling. The space is limited and often individual that go in to cleanup, do so crawling on their hands and knees.

Mold Remediation & Cleanup:

Some molds can be very harmful to your health. Action Extraction technicians are trained to remove these hazardous organisms from your home making it safe once again.

CAUTION: When sewage damage cleanup in Royal Oak MI is incomplete mold growth always follows.

Our Process – For Sewage Cleanup In Basement

Action Extraction technicians are trained to handle any sewage damage or water damage emergency. The effects of a sewer backup typically manifest in the basement of a home or business.

The occupants reside in the living quarters above, so we carefully implement the correct strategy going forward. The health of you family is paramount so the first thing we will do is assess the situation and determine how we need to respond.

We then take action immediately, by placing an air scrubbing system to capture germs so your occupants don’t inhale any contaminates.

Cost For Sewer Backup Cleaning in Royal Oak MI

Sewage damage can be a very costly and disgusting mess. Action Extraction is here to help offer sewage damage restoration at affordable rates.

We work with all insurance companies and will document your loss for full coverage and get you your money FAST! If you have no insurance coverage we are skilled at creating affordable strategies to eliminate the sewage and sanitize your home.

We have the experience and knowledge necessary to take care of everything for you quickly and efficiently so that you can get your life back on track as soon as possible.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help with any sewage damage cleanup Royal Oak, MI you’re experiencing: 800-713-4333

Certified Sewage Damage Cleanup in Royal Oak MI

Certified Sewer damage restoration in Royal Oak MichiganBeing an IICRC certified firm instills confidence in our customers regarding our sewage cleanup services. Being a certified repairs company means we have been through a comprehensive evaluation process from the leading accreditation organization in the restoration industry.

Restoration companies must be insured, have experience, accredited training, and yearly ongoing education. Our commitment to excellence has had our company certified and recognized since 1988.

Action Extraction is your best choice for sewage cleanup and offers the highest credentials in the industry. Our impeccable record of excellence and unique approach to 100% customer satisfaction has made us recognized as Michigan’s #1 choice for cleaning and restoration. Call today for sewage damage cleanup, a free estimate or just to have your questions answered.