Flooded Basement Cleanup

Have you just gone down your stairs and discovered the worst? Your basement is flooded from a failed sump pump, or a sewer backup? Perhaps your flooding is the result of thawing snow that has caused a floor drain to backup. We provide emergency flooded basement restoration cleanup 24/7 day or night.

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In some cases basement flooding is caused by a broken water pipe, burst hot water heater, appliance malfunction or a sink overflow. Whatever the source it is critical to act fast before water travels to other parts of the basement doing serious damage. Beginning basement restoration early minimizes damage and prevents mold and mildew growth.

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Residential Services

Broken water lines burst pipes, hot water heaters, appliance malfunctions, sink and toilet tank overflows are all sources of fresh water flooding.Although such incidents do not initially pose substantial harm to humans they are destructive to wood floors, drywall and carpets. These water intrusions require quick drying to avert damage and mold.

Warning: Carpets, drywall and wood are food sources for mold and easily produce spores when wet for over 72 hours.

Insurance carriers typically cover the drying and repairs of these water losses completely when the proper measures have been taken to first save such materials. At Action Extraction we are experienced in evaluating damages and creating written loss assessments that allow homeowners to have their expensive wood floors, carpets, cabinetry, and other items replaced that have become esthetically compromised.



Plumbing leaks, toilet overflows, frozen and burst water pipes, hot water heater leaks and sewer backups can cost a business countless dollars if the water damage shuts them down. We specialize in keeping your business up and running during the commercial water damage restoration process.

Action Extraction is a Michigan leader in large commercial water damage restoration and utilizes the latest in technology for commercial water removal cleanup and structural drying.

We have an emergency response team standing ready 24/7 day or night to bring about change for the better in very little time. Action Extraction is a IICRC Certified firm in flood cleanup and is ready to make their way to your commercial property NOW!

Keeping your wet commercial property up and running is what we are obligated to do when you trust us with your commercial water damaged property. We will create a strategy to maintain a working facility and keep your employees productive, minimizing interruptions that can interfere with the progress of required business.


Mold Mitigation

We are uniquely qualified to manage any water damage scenario imaginable with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Mold can easily spread throughout property when it exist each time you open a door, have your furnace or AC kick on or even each time you walk past it. Small very light weight spores are eager to migrate just as ashes from an ash tray when moving air comes into contact with it. Proper mold damage removal will once again bring the property back to a safe and sanitary environment.

If you are noticing foreign smells that are not pet odors or seeing discoloration in building materials or just suspect that your home or business has a mold problem, Action Extraction Inc. can inspect and assess your property. If testing is required we work with local labs and can get accurate scientific analysis quickly.


Sewage Cleanup

As communities grow it is increasingly important to manage the human waste to keep the community safe from illness. Each time a toilet is flushed or water goes down the drain the waste materials must go somewhere relatively separate from the occupants to keep them safe. Professional sewage cleanup often is the only safe options when sewers backup.

Most homes have a somewhat sophisticated system of drain pipes that channel the matter away from the home called a sewer system. Homes in rural areas rely on septic tanks that allow a similar process for maintaining sanitary conditions.

No matter the system the waste must be safely removed from a community to keep them from illness. When sewer drains back up into homes and businesses the potential for health risk is tremendous. If the sewer backup is due to a city malfunction issue all the raw sewage from the surrounding area such as schools, businesses and civic establishment with all its germs, bacteria and viruses can make its way into a property. When this occurs you need to consider professional sewage cleanup.


Crawlspace Services

A crawlspace is an area under a building that can be entered through trapdoors in the floors of closets, utility rooms, etc. Many have small entry doors from outside, often very difficult to access without crawling under decks or through tight spaces. Crawlspaces are often used as utility areas where the furnace system will be as well as plumbing and electrical. If the area is at least 3’ deep the property will have additional room for equipment and storage.

Water can cause structural damage to the home if it is not dried up. Water will also absorbs into the wood substrates, which can reduce its strength and cause mold. Many homeowners find mold growing in their crawlspaces since they are dark and moist. The absence of UV lighting is major cause of mold in the crawlspace.

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