Professional Royal Oak Sewage Cleanup Service

Sewer backup in Royal Oak needing restoration and cleanupWhen sewer backups happen they typically originate from a drain in the basement of a property. Often these sewer backups occur after or during a heavy rainfall that inundates the plumbing system with more water than can be managed.

Such was the case on August 11, 2014 when a historic rainfall struck all Southeast Michigan and Royal Oak. Restoration companies were working 24/7 providing royal oak sewage cleanup as hundreds of homeowners discovered their basements flooded with sewer water.

Water damage contractors in Royal Oak received more calls in a day then they usually received in a month. Action Extraction water damage services of Macomb received over 300 calls from multiple cities in one day forcing us to decline work we could not fully commit to. Plumbers in Southeast Michigan were working hours not seen in years as clogged drain cleaning was in great demand.

What Dangers Lurk in Royal Oak Sewer Water?

Royal Oak Sewage CleanupSewer water is meant to be channeled away from a community through underground drain systems to keep people safe from diseases. What is actually being kept from people that could make them sick? Human waste, harsh chemicals, volatile organic compounds, germs, 81 different viruses, e-coli bacterium and countless more scary living organisms exist in sewer water. When professional restoration firms are called upon to provide sewage cleanup in Royal Oak, they are aware of the dangers.

Because of this knowledge they are deeply committed to discovering all areas that have been affected so that restoration service can be introduced allowing for thorough mitigation.

Personal Protective Equipment Essential for Royal Oak Sewer Cleanup

When disaster restoration professionals are called upon to provide sewer backup cleaning they start with personnel protection for their workers. Action Extraction has each IICRC certified professional suited up in a high grade protective outfit to fully protect them during the sewer cleanup process. Each employee will be wearing a dual respirator that filters out bacteria, molds, germs and viruses, which are abundant in sewage from communities.

Additionally we place a high premium on the occupants of the property by immediately implementing all necessary steps to assure human health. The elderly and young who are the most vulnerable to disease are cautioned to find another place to occupy for several hours till we have things managed and under control. We open windows and secure areas that are affected. We apply plant-based anti-microbial agents to kill germs and set up an air filtration device to eliminate air borne contaminates from the environment.

Royal Oak Sewage cleanup cost

Due to the contamination level of sewer water the cost for cleanup is at a premium as stringent guidelines must be followed to completely restore property. Wet carpets must be completely removed from the home, wet dry wall must be cut out as high as 24” and absorbent materials such as boxes, paper and wood base must be removed and discarded. This will increase the cost for Royal Oak sewage cleanup as well as repairs.

Successful Royal Oak sewage cleanup must take into account that materials that are affected cannot be safely restored and must be discarded. When corners are cut than health can be compromised and unseen endo toxins can secretly inundate living quarters and compromise health.

The professionals at Action Extraction are IICRC certified in high risk restoration and fully comply with the S-500 standard and safety guide recognized by professional restorers. We proudly follow all safety standards that allow us to sleep at night knowing all occupants including children and the elderly are completely safe and secure as they were before the sewer backup.

Who Should Manage Royal Oak Sewage Cleanup

Experiencing a sewage backup or overflow is more dangerous than you might think. The related damages that accompany a sewer backup are equally sobering. When confronted with the overwhelming task of Royal Oak sewage cleanup you may want to think twice before a DIY attempt or relying on service from a non-accredited source.

Handymen may know plumbing, electrical and carpentry but probably not enough about microbiology and harmful germs. Entrusting a handyman could allow for an insufficient sewage cleanup that allows continued germ introduction into the air. Breathing endo-toxins, bacteria, molds and viral contaminates can jeopardize ones health and safety.

Often when sewage cleanup is required one might think of calling a carpet cleaner as they have equipment for water removal and even some disinfectants. This too however may prove a mistake as many cases are known where carpets were cleaned instead of removed. The germs beneath the carpet lingering in the pad and subfloor are capable of bringing gross amounts of germs into your home for many months. The carpet cleaner may be skilled at cleaning carpet and honest, however to assume the standards for safety take years of education, experience and on hands management.

What Steps Should You Take Once Sewage in the Basement is Found?

Open some windows allowing for air exchange with the outside air. Don’t walk in or around the area affected by sewage as this will just create cross contamination and a larger footprint to mitigate. Keep animals, children and all occupants out of direct exposure till cleanup has begun. Call the very best and most highly rated restoration company for the Royal Oak sewage cleanup.

Why Action Extraction for Royal Oak sewage Cleanup?

We will arrive on-site in 1 hour or less. We will arrive in a water damage restoration vehicle uniquely suited for the necessary steps of sewer backup cleaning. Our restoration experts will be suited up having plastic covers over their shoes to evaluate the sewage damaged area without spreading germs or cross contaminating the environment. Once the inspection is over they will clearly go over the protocol for restoration and cleaning.

Once we begin the process we will not finish till everything is completely restored to a safe and healthy condition. All our sewage cleanup services are with a 100% customer satisfaction Guarantee. If your Royal Oak property has a flooded basement with harmful sewage water call the professionals at Action Extraction today and allow our free inspection to help get you start you in the right direction for Royal Oak sewage cleanup.

What Is Involved in the Royal Oak Sewage Cleanup Process.

All the complex guidelines from the IICRC must be adhered to with a conscientious commitment to detail and excellence. All contaminated materials such as paper, boxes, furnishings, carpet, pad, dry wall, vinyl tile and wet cabinets must be recognized as a total loss and removed.

Sewage water must be completely removed through extraction with capable commercial equipment. The professionals at Action Extraction utilize truck-mount extraction systems that can quickly remove all contaminated sewage water from flooring.

All flooring must be steam cleaned with high temperatures and all surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected with plant based anti-microbial agents to kill germs. This will prevent the spread of germs, viruses, microbes, molds and microorganisms allowing for the next step of structural drying.

Structural drying is necessary to remove all excessive humidity to prevent secondary damage. When a sewer backup migrates throughout a basement it is being deeply soaked into concrete flooring, wood substrates and structural materials. After cleaning the trapped moisture must be removed quickly to assure the potential for mold is minimized and removed.

This is accomplished with air movement and dehumidification. Action Extraction will places commercial air movers in strategic areas allowing for a vortex of air to force lingering moisture to evaporate. Lastly a dehumidifier is placed to eliminate the humidity quickly drying all materials so the environment is no longer conducive for mold.