Water removal

Water in a home or business is an unexpected and often very distressing experience that few manage especially well. If you have discovered water in your home or business it is essential that you take several steps to minimize your damages and ensure your valuable property gets dry as soon as possible. Time is of the essence as your home is at risk for structural damage and microbial growth such as mold. Professional water removal may be your best choice.

Action Extraction of Macomb MI is available 24/7 day or night and can be on site in as little as 30 minutes to assist you through this unwelcome emergency. Friendly technicians eager to guide you through the restoration process will completely bring your property back to its former condition. There IICRC certified water removal technicians are equipped to manage each unique circumstance related to your emergency including working directly with your insurance company. They will provide them with pictures, graphs and all related documentation to assure you your full coverage.  Call Now 1-800-713-4333

Common reasons water removal is needed

Typically water removal is needed when individuals discover water has found its way indoors and is posing a threat to property and human health. Several  of the most common reasons are related but not limited to water coming up through drains after heavy raining, melting snow or municipal water from a  water pipe break, toilet overflow or appliance malfunction.

Often the water is caught quickly before many gallons of water saturate the environment and damage the property. In other cases water is abundant and has reached carpet, hard wood flooring, ceramic tile and cabinetry. In these cases professional water removal and restoration will be necessary.

Water removal is the first step

The first step in recovering property is water removal, but only if the environment is safe and capable of having occupants in it. There are times due to electrical dangers and the presence of mold that other steps would be necessary first.

Water removal will immediately stop the absorption of water that can deeply penetrate into walls, floors and wood materials with each hour water remains. Once the water has been removed from the environment than the drying principles can be set in place. Structural drying must always include disinfecting the damaged area with anti-microbial agents and specialty drying equipment for moisture removal.

When water removal has been completed and the necessary steps placed for structural drying, than chances for optimal results are increased. Proper drying techniques will prevent secondary water damage that often goes unnoticed by inexperienced companies.

Some of these secondary damages are saggy ceiling tiles that get heavy with moisture and sag, wall paper that begins to detach from walls, floors that swell and buckle, and carpet that begins to smell pungent and strong.

Action Extraction professionals have the necessary skill to assure you only the very best results possible and will safeguard your property and place human health as a top priority. We arrive quickly, remove water, clean, disinfect, clean and dry with scrupulous care and courtesy.

After the water removal process

After the professional water removal has taken place it is vital that all water damaged materials be monitored during the drying process. Action Extraction employees use the best moisture detection equipment available in the water removal industry and will document the progress each day. When drying techniques are done according to the established guidelines than all wet materials should be dry in 72 hours or less. There are times when materials such as wet ceramic tile, hard wood flooring and plaster can require a bit more time.

Once we completely dry your home and all of its materials and belongings we will not abandon you leaving another big project for you. We are also repairs specialist and will be able to repair any and all damages related to your water damage emergency. We are certified to use the exact software your insurance company uses and will work with them at getting all necessary repairs covered. This means moving your contents and placing them back.

If you need water removal today we can remove water, disinfect, clean, dry and get you back to normal in as little as one call. Call Now 1-800-713-4333 and talk to our professionals and we can equip you for success and a headache free restoration process you will be happy to share with your friends.

Finding a qualified professional water removal company

When looking for a professional water removal company, there are several things to consider. One is reputation to assure you are not dealing with a water removal firm that has a suspicious and questionable background. The best way to do this is to do a google search on customer reviews to see what past customers have to say about their water removal experience. Obviously you are going to want to read about more than one review that speaks highly on their ability to provide professional water removal service.

Action Extraction has a 5 star rating on google, yelp and yellow pages making them the best choice in all Southeast Mi.

Another way to determine the qualifications of the water removal company is to ask them of their experience, years in business, qualifications and guarantee.

Tools of Professional Water removal

If you need water removal service in your home, office or business you want it as quick as possible and as affordable too. If the extent of your water damages are merely a small area of wet carpet than the restoration will be relatively quick and easy. You may have at your disposal a shop wet vac that may be useful if there is a small amount of water.

Sometimes a carpet cleaning machine at a hardware store can be utilized if the carpet is a glue down type without wet padding. However, if you have water that has migrated throughout your home and has additionally deluged to a basement environment than by sheer size you will require more powerful equipment.

Professional water removal equipment is necessary for wet padding. Action Extraction utilizes superior truck-mounted extraction machines that are self-contained in vehicles specially made for deep water removal. When carpet is wet, hard wood flooring is wet and walls are wet you need to have water removal done in a systematic way and a professional water removal contractor will be required.

Action Extraction of Macomb MI offers free estimates and will determine the full scope of damages to create the necessary plan for you and your insurance company. We will evaluate the damages and guide you through determining if permanent damage has resulted to avoid wasting time and money on drying something you don't want to save and should not be restored.

For example if your laminate faced wood cabinets are cracking from water absorption they are needing to be removed and replaced not dried and disfigured. Water removal and restoration when done right will always determine the materials that should be removed and those that should be saved. We know the standards in the industry and are abundantly aware what the insurance company requires.

To do List While Waiting on Water Removal

Often the water is due to a water pipe break, broken water supply line, burst pipe or leaky hot water heater. This means you may be able to reduce the water damages by locating the main water shut off and turning off the running water. If there is any chance of electrical shock due to electricity presence, wait on the professionals.

If your electrical circuit box is well out of the way of the water damaged area and the environment is dry you may want to shut power off to certain areas. Walking on wet carpet should be minimized and if the water is sewer related than stay away from the water and open the windows for a fresh air source if it is not to cold outside.

If you have small items on carpet that can be removed from the room this may be a good ideas as wet things often stain carpet. Furniture often when it gets wet will bleed stain finish into carpet and may be avoided if tin foil or plastic is placed under the legs. This is not a recommendation however if there is not the muscle power to achieve this step because injury is possible.

If you have drapes laying in water than lift them up and keep them from carpet by fastening them up with close hanger or something similar. Sometimes furniture has skirting that when it gets wet may become damaged or stain the carpet and these too should be lifted from the wet carpet..

If you have fragile items and breakables that can be removed from the water damaged area than this is a good idea and looking under beds for the things that you may want to keep from the presence of water is a good idea as well.

None of these suggestions should be considered if there is even the remote likelihood of danger such as electric shock or injury from lifting. No possession is more important than your health and the professionals will be more than happy to assist you.

It is important to not help the drying process if you have had a sewer backup create water presence in your home or property. Placing fans only spreads the dangerous germs and attempting to kill germs with store bought disinfectants often will not work.

Why Choose us for Professional Water Removal?

Action extraction has been removing water and restoring property in Southeast Michigan for over 26 years having an impeccable record for success. Consider our credentials and you will see we stand out like mountain peaks above the rest for our guaranteed service and water removal results.

Our equipment for water removal is all state of the art and capable of removing water from wet padding as well as the wet carpet. The old antiquated portable extraction machines of the 70s have long since been replaced with very powerful machines that are able to remove all standing water as well as water in sub floors.

Professional grade drying and dehumidifying equipment is used to dry the affected areas and return the humidity levels in your home to normal. Special instruments will be used to identify hidden pockets of water.

Experts You Can Trust For Professional Water Removal.

All Action Extraction water removal specialists are certified and recognized by the IICRC which is the governing institution in the water damage restoration field. Our experts are highly skilled and very experienced making them unequally qualified to manage your water damage emergency.

Evaluation After Professional Water Removal

How long carpeting has been wet and the type of water is going to determine the protocol for restoration after any water removal service. Once water is removed from carpet it is important to determine if the carpet should be saved or considered damaged beyond repair and replaced.

For instance if the water that has saturated your carpet a result of a drain backup such as sewer water than it must be removed completely from the home. Water removal does not mean germ removal or danger removal, which is what needs to happen after a sewer backup. In this situation carpet must be removed and plant based anti-microbial agents applied ti kill all germs.

There are other circumstances as well that would not allow a carpet to remain once water removal has occurred. Water from a roof leak for example will descend through several layers of the home making the water so contaminated that it is not prudent to salvage. This roof water often has brought into the home with it bird droppings that can cause disease. Additionally as the water travels through the drywall ceiling, insulation, wood substrates and empty spaces it collects insect dropping, spider webs, rodent droppings, preexisting molds and other contaminates. Insurance companies will not require carpet to be cleaned and saved when such circumstances exist.

Wet carpet that has become wet from a broken water pipe, fresh water supply line or sink over flow is not immediately a hazard, however if water removal does not take place for several days than the water has done damage from long term exposure and needs to be evaluated for replacement. If carpet has been wet for several days it is often ruined and beyond the scope for an optimal cleaning not to mention the health risk that may be present.

When water removal has been done in just several hours of a fresh water incident like a water pipe leak, there is a good chance that the carpet can be saved, dried and cleaned to its original luster and integrity. While it is important to apply a plant based disinfecting agent the carpet can be restored to its original condition.