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Professional Sewage Cleanup & Plant Based Germ Elimination

As communities grow it is increasingly important to manage the human waste to keep the community safe from illness. Each time a toilet is flushed or water goes down the drain the waste materials must go somewhere relatively separate from the occupants to keep them safe. Professional sewage cleanup often is the only safe options when sewers backup.

Most homes have a somewhat sophisticated system of drain pipes that channel the matter away from the home called a sewer system. Homes in rural areas rely on septic tanks that allow a similar process for maintaining sanitary conditions.

The Dangers of a Sewer Backup

No matter the system the waste must be safely removed from a community to keep them from illness. When sewer drains back up into homes and businesses the potential for health risk is tremendous. If the sewer backup is due to a city malfunction issue all the raw sewage from the surrounding area such as schools, businesses and civic establishment with all its germs, bacteria and viruses can make its way into a property. When this occurs you need to consider professional sewage cleanup.

A sewage treatment plant is the acceptable facility to manage such waste, but not your basement of other level to your property. If you have just discovered a backed up drain system of sewer water in your home or business you have an emergency of severe proportion. The standing water may not look as bad as one could imagine for a sewer system, however the contamination level is grave at best and needs professional sewage cleanup to guarantee safety.

What Is In Sewer Water

Professional Sewer Backup CleaningE Coli Bacterium is only one of the many pathogenic strains of bacteria thriving in sewer water that can cause disease along with potentially 81 viruses. That is not all, as there will also be countless microorganisms and organic matter that need to be treated with sanitizing agents to eliminate them from your home.

There will likely be toxic chemicals, grease, dirt and volatile organic compounds. Standing puddles of sewer water will naturally off gas and become vapor meaning there will now be airborne concerns that readily spread and become pervasive throughout a property. Breathing such potentially health threatening airborne germs could cause illness to even the healthiest individuals. The very young and elderly are especially at risk and should be removed from the property.

Warning: Transmission occurs when you touch contaminated items, track them into uncontaminated areas on shoes or breathe germs into lungs. Children, the elderly and pets are especially vulnerable.

Professional Sewage CleanupIf you decide to make an insurance claim for your sewer backup than we will assist like no other. Action Extraction is an insurance repairs specialist and is greatly favored in the restoration field. We work for all insurance carriers and will be document your loss with impeccable standards.

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Changing a light bulb when the ceiling is 20 foot tall is dangerous but manageable to a die hard do-it-yourself-er. However, when your basement has a sewer backup that brings in multiple gallons of highly contagious germ infested water, you need a professional restoration company.

Some want to attempt the cleanup to save on the cost of cleaning a flooded basement, and that is commendable and frugal. But when you fully recognize the seriousness of the actual project needing to be mitigated, and the repercussions of making mistakes that can compromise your health, you may want to think again.

Sewer backups are the most severe type of basement water damage and immediately transforms a property into a high risk environment. If your toilet overflows from the waste bowl the presence of human feces can often spread to carpeted areas nearby and absorb into wood vanities. These materials cannot be restored and must be discarded from the property and replaced.

Are You Qualified for Sewer Backup Restoration?

Some make the mistake of assuming they are qualified to take upon the responsibility of cleaning up after a sewer backup themselves because they are motivated and industrious. While a resourceful person may scoop up and be careful to wipe down surfaces with bleach, they cannot sanitize air or know the critical required guidelines for category 3 cleaning.

Unfortunately many horror stories exist of families fighting illness for weeks after a sewer back up until an environmental hygienist is called out who discovers the air is infested with air borne germs that continued to thrive after the cleaning process.

Sewer Water + Good Intentions + Incorrect Cleaning = Health Risks

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a sewage backup emergency is choosing the right restoration company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 

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Hepa mold filtration system for Professional Sewage Cleanup

Removing sewage with professional truck-mount equipment is essential. Wiping fecal matter and urine with bleach only drives it deeper into surfaces. Vertical extraction with high pressure steam is required to completely remove waste from the environment it has contaminated.

Sterilizing affected areas immediately with anti-microbial agents after waste removal is critical. We use plant based disinfectants that are EPA approved and specially formulated to kill the germs associated with sewer water, while being completely safe for occupants in the home.

Evaluating contents to determine which ones must be disposed of and which can be restored is a matter of training and experience we take very seriously. Porous items such as stuffed animals, linens, mattresses, carpet, pad, drywall and wood base are several items that cannot be restored and must be disposed of. These contaminated objects will always release endo-toxins and pose a threat to human health.

Testing building materials such as drywall, carpeting, cabinets, etc. is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of the cleaning process. Visual inspection alone cannot determine what is wet, only moisture meters that are sensitive to the presence of water will reveal what materials require the attention of service.

Removing contaminated materials is the next step to assure success in the cleanup process. Any company that attempts to save drywall, carpet, pad or wood base is in direct contradiction to the Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration S-500.Page 11 section

Installing drying and HEPA air filtration equipment is the last step in the cleaning process. We use specialized equipment to remove moisture eliminating the chances for mold growth and bad smells.

Dos, Don’ts and Maybe’s for Professional Sewage Cleanup

Absorbent materials that must be disposed of During Professional Sewage Cleanup

FACT: Sewer water carries harmful disease causing microorganisms that must be removed from the home environment.
Sewer water contains microorganisms and most absorbent materials that come into contact with water must be removed from the home. Examples of highly absorbent materials that cannot be safely restored: Pillows, stuffed animals, mattresses, upholstery, boxes, paper.

WARNING: Any professional sewer backup cleaning company that attempts to save any of the items listed above are in direct contradiction to the Standard and Reference Guide S-500 for Professional Water Damage Restoration. Page 11 section states unequivocally “MUST BE DISPOSED”

Things About Sewer Backups

You may have not known
  • A sewer water backup in many cases is not covered by your homeowners policy
  • In several States it is unlawful for a professional restoration company to use bleach in the sanitizing process.
  • When a sewer drain backs up there exist as many as 81 separate viruses that can threaten human health.
  • Many building materials like dry wall, carpet, base moldings and trim work must be discarded and not cleaned if they come into direct contact with sewer water.
  • All hard surface flooring needs to be high pressure steam cleaned after sewage is removed to assure all contaminates have been eliminated.
  • Plant based anti-microbial agents are much better and safer at killing the germs from a sewer backup than bleach.