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Professional Pet Odor Removal

Love the Animal / Hate the Smell

This sentiment underscores the feelings of most animal lovers.  People who own pets often complain that their home contains a persistent and embarrassing animal smell.  They have discovered the habitual behavior of their dog or cat as they return again to the same spot.  To make matters worse, once they have established an area with their scent they will often become more inclined to find new areas and continue with the same scenting pattern.  Pets who are prone to “accidents” can give your home and unpleasant aroma.  Pet owners with this dilemma may love their animal, however it is easy to understand why they hate the smell. At Action Extraction, we are certified in pet odor removal. We understand that organic smells need specialty removal agents.  We offer products that break down the alkaline salts that create the pungent smell pet owners hate.  Each job we arrive at is treated with the same degree of expertise.

We will

  1. Uncover even the undetected areas of contamination with moisture analyzers.
  2. Utilize the appropriate chemical for your unique circumstances
  3. Treat each layer affected including: primary and secondary backing, padding and sub floor.
  4. Return your carpet or upholstery to a fresh and clean urine free environment.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Pet Odor Removal – Pet Stain Removal

Unfortunately most stain-removing agents designed to remove unwanted pet stains don’t work as the label suggests.  Often the reasons are because they don’t adjust the pH problem created by the accident.  Urine or any organic stain must be neutralized to be successfully removed.  We are urine stain removal experts, using the latest technology to achieve lasting results.  While pet stains may begin as an acid they soon become an alkaline once dry.  Our mild oxygenating acid spotter in most cases can neutralize and remove the most tenacious pet stains.

Contact us when you need professional help in cleaning pet stains and/or removing pet odors.  You can count on Action Extraction to breathe new life into your carpets and furniture and make your home once again a source of pride.

3 Reasons Why Pet Odor Removal Fails

1. Carpet is multi-layered
Often people spray the surface of their carpets to remove animal smells and are disappointed when smells persist.  In most cases, urine has  —-invaded the layers beneath the surface and until each contaminated layer is treated with an appropriate solution, smells are sure to linger.

2. Urine contains alkaline salts
While urine may begin as an acid it immediately becomes an alkaline salt once dry.  These salts attract moisture from the air and release offensive gases.  Only chemicals specifically formulated to contend with alkaline salts will remove smells.

3. Animals are sneaky
Often the smells we detect are coming from the areas we don’t suspect.  Animals may piddle undetectable amounts of urine to mark their territory or by —accident, making the urine source impossible to locate merely with the sense of smell.  It may be necessary to use an ultraviolet light, or moisture —analyzer to find the source of the problem.

Action Extraction specializes in permanently removing stubborn animal smells.