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Water Damage Nightmare

Needing Water Damage Service in Macomb?

Macomb water damage service is a 24/7 industry that provides emergency cleanup when flooding occurs. This industry is growing due to the high volume of claims that are made each year for water damage repair.

The need for Macomb water damage service can be for multiple reasons from a small area of wet carpet to a full blown flooded basement that incurs a wet furnace, hot water heater and electrical panel.

Several of the most common sources of flooding are toilet and sink overflows, malfunctioning appliances that use water such as dish washers, broken or frozen water pipes and drain backups that may involve sewer or ground water. Regardless of the source of the flooding water is always a destructive force and as long as its presence remains in the indoor environment the potential for damage is great. Drywall is made of cellulose as well as boxes and paper and theses materials are at risk of producing mold and other microscopic germs that may produce a health risky environment.

Finding a Macomb Water Damage Service Company

Macomb as most cities in Southeast Michigan offers numerous water damage providers but not all are the same and customer satisfaction reviews very greatly. Calling and hiring the first one you find online or in the yellow pages may get you a service company that has a terrible reputation and this is why listening to the advice of others could help you find the best company for your particular needs.

If you are looking for the very best in Macomb water damage service then consider Action Extraction Inc. They are the highest rated company in all Southeast Michigan for customer satisfaction and have built their business on being an advocate for their customers. They have been responsible for getting coverage for hundreds who have had their claim first denied by their insurance carrier.

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 

Water Damage! When you least expect it.

It is perhaps a Murphy’s Law phenomena but so many times water damage strikes at the worst possible time. It happens during vacations, in prep of a family party, just before a wedding and whatever else is an event hoping to be cast in a memorable setting of joy and anticipation. Because of this it is important to hire a Macomb water damage service company that is familiar with the frenzied emotions that are involved with finding flood damage.

Typical Causes of Water Damage

All water damage is a result of unwanted water making its presence in an indoor environment of a home or business. If property like a bathtub was incapable of absorbing water, then no big deal, just pull the drain. However property is made from materials that are highly absorbent and multiple layered. Add the existence of personnel contents, boxes, paper items and furniture and waters presence places such an environment in a state of emergency.

Types of Water Damage

No home or business is suited for water damage, however not all water types are equally as damaging when the flooding first occurs. Let’s say for example an individual runs the bath water but gets their attention diverted by a ringing phone and forgets the water is running. If they get an overflowing tub this water is clean municipally treated water and is not as contaminated as other types. Now let’s consider another water damage scenario.

It is raining heavily outside and a sewer drain backs up into a basement and sewage is everywhere throughout a finished basement. Because the water initially starts out as heavily contaminated the initial damages are far worse. Although any Macomb water damage service provider will know how to affordable and efficiently service each water damage situation, one is far less troubling.

Water Damage in a Crawlspace

Some homes in Macomb have crawl spaces where all the mechanical of the home is located. These areas under the 1st floor are required to be free from high moisture and the presence of water. When crawl spaces flood after heavy raining or plumbing issues such as broken water pipes, they often go unnoticed for a while since no one enters these areas until a need deems it necessary.

When crawlspaces become flooded the restoration process needs to begin a soon as possible. Water removal with specialty pumps may be recommended so the home does not acquire mold or mechanical repairs. When water is found it is important to determine the cause of the water inundation, remove all standing water, repair the issue, disinfect and dry.

Areas Prone to Water Damage

Living rooms, dens and bedrooms although areas of a home that can require Macomb water damage service are generally not the rooms in a home that are usually affected by flooding. The reason is because such rooms are not equipped with plumbing or drains of any sort. This makes them less likely to experience water damage.

The areas of a home more likely to acquire water damage are areas that have plumbing or are by plumbing, such as crawl spaces, basements, kitchens, bath rooms and laundry rooms. When these areas flood the water damage can be contained to only these rooms when the incident is discovered quickly and water can be shut off or a drain can be snaked. When these flooding rooms are left undiscovered for hours at a time than every room of the house is at risk for water damage.

When flooding occurs that effects an entire basement or level of a home than the Macomb water damage service is not complete unless all the mechanical features are looked at. The electrical, plumbing and AC should be carefully analyzed, because when water gets to such structures there could dangers that are much worse than those of the original flooding itself.

Winter Time Water Damage

One of the most common water damage emergencies in the colder months of the year are when water pipes freeze. The cold air will force the water in the water pipe to freeze and expand splitting open the copper, PVC or galvanized pipe. At first when this occurs homeowners are unaware of the problem unless they try to use a faucet that is feed by the frozen pipe. When the faucet is opened and water does not come out is becomes evident there is a frozen water pipe. The other way people find out their water pipe is frozen is when the temperature rises and the freeze thaws, suddenly having water spray from the cut or split line.

If the freeze is found before flooding than damage restoration service may be avoided. However if the occupants are on vacation and soon after the freeze a warm day hits than the water damage can be devastating.

Consider Highly Rated Companies For Macomb Water Damage Service

If you are located in Southeast Michigan and need the services of a professional restoration firm than consider the credentials of Action Extraction. We are unquestionably the best choice having the highest rating for customer satisfaction on multiple social platforms.

With our immediate response team, we can be in route to any emergency and be on site in 1 hour. You are in good hands when our IICRC certified professionals arrive and quickly manage the cleanup. Call NOW and let our certified pros assist in a way that will turn the nightmare into a headache free triumpth in water cleanup.