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If your Michigan home is experiencing a water damage emergency from a backed up sump pump, broken water line, backed up sewer, toilet overflow, refrigerator leak or any other type of water damage, your response is crucial. Action Extraction Inc. has been a Michigan leader in water damage restoration for over 29 years and is recognized as the prominent inventors of Insta Duct Systems, a patented drying system.

We work with all insurance companies and are Michigan approved.

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Our Macomb Restoration Technicians

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency in Macomb is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in Macomb and all Southeast Michigan. 


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What 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service Do You Need?

Immediate Flood Response Team

When you contact us for help your call is recognized with the highest regard and your concerns will be addressed in a way that proves our committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Whether it is just getting some tips on what to do after a flood or scheduling an appointment you will be treated as family as this is our company standard.

We stand ready with a 24/7 emergency response team that is IICRC certified, clean cut, courteous and eager to 24-hour-flood-service-vehicleassist you with the restoration of your Michigan home. Upon our arrival we will assess the scope of all damages, document your loss and implement the critical procedures that prevent health hazards and loss of property.

The Macomb Water Damage Restoration Expert

It is very common to feel anxious and unimaginably stressed when your home experiences flooding. Because homes naturally become a safe haven and source of security for our families, it is important to be able to act intelligently after a water emergency strikes.

FACT : Nothing instills peace of mind like an
informed voice providing clear and succinct
answers to all your questions. That is why Action
Extraction has 24/7 direct access to the owner.
An immediate
flood response is just a phone call away.

We Work with All Insurance Companies

flood insurance companies

Negotiating through an insurance claim due to a flooded home can be unsettling and questions as to your rightful coverage a real concern. Action Extraction has a great record in successfully dealing with the insurance industry as well as an exceptional knowledge in carefully explaining your loss to get you and your family the full coverage you are entitled to. Let us walk you through a worry free experience and quickly get you back to the way things were. We will work directly with your insurance provider and bill them at their pricing. Additionally we will;

  • We document your loss with pictures, graphs and highly sensitive moisture detection equipment
  • We describe your loss in a language that demonstrates all our efforts were to prevent health hazards, loss of property, mold, microbes and similar dangers that are covered procedures
  • We bill your insurance provider directly only for the work we do
  • We represent you and follow the protocol of the S-500 Standard and Reference Guide
  • We take daily readings to establish and document the complete drying cycle (insurance companies greatly appreciate accuracy and we demand it)
  • All this ensures a prompt processing of your claim and timely reimbursement for your damages

Macomb Water Damage From Indoor Plumbing

Our homes and businesses are incredibly convenient allowing for water for multiple purposes. However this benefit comes at a cost when a mechanical issue arises. The same water pipes that provide water on demand can freeze and rupture in the winter from freezing temperatures and create water damage. Or a toilet can overflow and even affect the lower level of our property and create basement flooding.

Drain systems that only a small population of the world is privileged to have can become clogged and allow for a sewer backup. This type of water damage will require Macomb water damage restoration to once again restore property to a safe environment that is free from germs that are known to jeopardize human health. Action Extraction is a water damage company that specializes in high risk cleanup and recovery after sewer backups.

Macomb Water Damage From Appliances.

Just as human aging can weaken us appliances too age and become vulnerable to breaking. Rust over time, weakening parts, small cracks and tears can one day manifest as a water damage catastrophe, one would never wish upon their enemy.

If you have a washing machine that has malfunctioned and water is everywhere, we have seen and managed it. If your hot water heater has broke and water is presently damaging your home, we have seen and managed that. If your refrigerator or dishwasher has just failed and made a nightmare you need help with, we have seen and managed this and are here for you with immediate Macomb water damage restoration help.

Undetected Water Damage Surprise

Have you just discovered water damage that was going on for a while but just made its presence known? Water slowly leaking yet undetected for weeks is a common problem in homes. We have seen garbage disposals that have leaked and gone undetected for long periods of time to one day be found but the damage is already done. Kitchen cabinets were wet, moldy and flooring beneath water damaged.

Is your refrigerator responsible for a water damage surprise? With many today being equipped with ice makers that require a plumbing water supply line to make ice, the potential is great for water damage. They start with a slow leak often in the plastic supply line and no one knows water damage is occurring.  After several days or weeks water is found in the kitchen, but often it is to late and water damage has transpired. Water damage from a refrigerator often greatly damages the kitchen flooring and we are experts at getting coverage for such water damage.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

24 Hour Flood Service

Because of our many years of experience in handling every emergency water damage scenario imaginable and our impeccable record of restoring orderly living conditions and peace of mind to residents of southeast Michigan. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work. “The Action Extraction Reaction is Satisfaction or There’s no Financial Transaction.” We will do what is required to make you a satisfied customer or it’s free.

Non Insured Discounts

Non insured discounts
In the unfortunate event your emergency flood project is not covered by insurance, we are still wanting to work with you. We specialize in creating affordable strategies for the non insured and are proud of our record at creating success stories with limited financial resources. Don’t try doing on your own what may end up costing more in the long run. The art and science of safely drying and decontaminating a home requires years of experience and sensitive moisture detection equipment. You may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable professional restoration can be and ultimately how capable we are at working with what you can afford to get the job done.


Inventors of Insta Duct Systems

Controlled Energy Technology
We also are the inventors of Insta Duct Systems, a new revolutionary approach to drying homes and businesses after a flood. Contrasted to traditional drying, Insta Duct Systems offers significant advantages.
1. Dries much quicker (2 days or less) contrasted to 3-5
2. Is so quiet customers sleep soundly
3. Uniquely dries with radiant heat reducing the possibility of mold growth
4. Concentrates all it’s energy at the point of water damage alone
5. Saves if not eliminates replacement cost
6. Successfully dries wet insulation without wall removal


State of the Art Equipment

We use the latest technology and offer the fastest drying available in the flood restoration industry. combining vortex drying systems with the thermal energy we can quickly create a safe & dry environment that prevents health threatening growths such as mold & bacteria from spreading.

We use truck-mount extraction units, sensitive moisture meters, turbo dryers, industrial dehumidifiers and thermal energy to quickly rid the environment of moisture, averting damage to carpets, cabinets and walls.

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