Macomb Flood Damage CleanupMacomb Flood Damage Cleanup

Water in a swimming pool in the scorching heat of a midsummer day is an instance of appreciating how water can be wanted and found to be refreshing. This same water in a basement after a heavy rain is another story all together. For hundreds of Macomb residents this spring will be an unwanted experience of discovering water in their basement. Each spring in Macomb flood damage cleanup has been keeping service providers quite busy.

Nationally speaking flood damage cleanup is one of the most commonly sought after services affecting thousands of homeowners each year. During the rainy season basements are much more likely to experience some form of flooding.

In Macomb Michigan the primary cause for a flooded basement is due to as issue related to their sump pump. Either a power outage or merely because it fails to work sump pumps will be responsible for hundreds of flooded basements. This ground water flooding is water that is living with microorganisms and will need germ killing agents to thoroughly sanitize the basement after flooding.

After a basement floods it immediately places the house in a state of emergency; wet carpet, drywall and wood substrates are able to produce mold growth in as little as 48 hours. Macomb flood damage cleanup service providers are keenly aware of the potential for mold a flooded basement can produce, as they see viable mold growing in neglected basements regularly. Some Macomb residents will discover water in their basements, but convinced a shop vac and several days of drying out on its own will suffice. Unfortunately this has produced a detonated bomb of launched mold spores growing on multiple surfaces.

Why Professional Macomb Flood Damage Cleanup is best

Only a professional will be able to locate hidden moisture that needs to be removed after a basement floods. Drywall, wood and flooring materials are very absorbent and will hold on to trapped moisture for days and even weeks allowing the right conditions for producing mold. The human naked eye is incapable of seeing moisture, but the professionals have the necessary moisture detecting meters that will immediately identify what is wet and just how wet it is.

Professionals will have the appropriate anti-microbial agents that are necessary for removing microbes and killing germs. Bleach is not a recommended topical spray to apply on surfaces for the obvious reason of staining carpets, but also it is very dangerous to the respiratory system. Several states have made it illegal for any professional use of bleach. The best anti-microbial agents are the all-natural plant-based ones that are safe for indoor use after a basement floods.

Professionals will determine how much humidity is in the air after flooding in the basement as well with an instrument called a hydrometer. These meters will inform the experts how much humidity is in the air and how much humidity to control. Do-it-yourselfers often overlook the need for humidity control and after several days of persistent high moisture smells begin to manifest.

What to expect from a Macomb Flood Damage Cleanup Company

Once the Macomb flooded basement cleanup professionals arrive they will evaluate the environment for the visual signs of water damage. They will look to see if the wood base moldings have become swollen with the presence of water. If they are wet, they will see the base moldings detaching from the wet drywall. They will also look around the perimeter of the exterior walls to see if water has come in through the floor joints. This initial inspection will also include a look at the sump well, sump pump and any floor drains.

Finding a local Macomb Flood Damage Cleanup Company

It goes without saying that not all Macomb flood damage cleanup companies are created equal. As with any home service it is important to discover the very best option for your particular needs. Your basement has flooded, you are concerned about mold developing in your basement, but who do you call?  According to Charles Bingham owner of Action Extraction Inc. a Macomb flood damage cleanup provider, 'there are several things you need to learn about the restoration company before you hire them'. The following are his recommendations for finding the best choice in your area.

  • Ask for 3 references from recent customers
  • Ask how many years have they been in business
  • Ask for an up to date copy of their insurance
  • Ask for an up to date copy of their IICRC Certification
  • Search the internet for their rating on google, yelp and yellow pages.

Once you qualify a potential Macomb flood damage cleanup company using these guidelines you are ready to request them for your service. Once they have completed the Macomb flood damage cleanup and satisfied your expectations, be sure to leave them a favorable review on google to let others know of their professionalism.