We Work With all Insurance Companies

Negotiating through an insurance claim due to a flooded home can be unsettling and questions as to your rightful coverage a real concern. Some are even fearful that they might not be covered for a sewer backup or other related water damage. Action Extraction has an impeccable record in successfully dealing with the insurance industry as well as an flood insurance companiesexceptional knowledge in carefully explaining your loss to get you and your family the full coverage you are entitled to. Let us walk you through a worry free experience and quickly get you back to the way things were. We will work directly with your insurance provider and bill them at their pricing. Additionally we will;

  • We document your loss with pictures, graphs and highly sensitive moisture detection equipment
  • We describe your loss in a language that demonstrates all our efforts were to prevent health hazards, loss of property, mold, microbes and similar dangers that are covered procedures
  • We bill your insurance provider directly only for the work we do
  • We represent you and follow the protocol of the S-500 Standard and Reference Guide
  • We take daily readings to establish and document the complete drying cycle (insurance companies greatly appreciate accuracy and we demand it)
  • All this ensures a prompt processing of your claim and timely reimbursement for your damages

Insurance for water damage restoration