Basement floodGrosse Pointe MI Sewer Backup and Cleaning

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Basements in Michigan after heavy rains may experience sewer backups that require cleanup to protect the occupants. Basements that become inundated with sewer water must be serviced immediately to deal with this health menacing pathogenic water. Spring time in Michigan is a welcomed season after a long winter. However, this is a time when storm systems cause regular showers and overload sewer systems that create Grosse Pointe MI Sewer Backup and cleaning needs.

What should homeowners do if they have a Grosse Pointe MI sewer backup?Sewer back up

Be careful when you enter the area to wear gloves and be mindful that it is easy to transmit germs when you touch items in the basement that have become contaminated. It is easy to accidently track contamination to other unaffected areas on your shoes or socks.  If possible avoid the area, open windows to allow for fresh air, turn off air conditioners / furnace and call Action Extraction 800-713-4333 for immediate help with Grosse Pointe MI sewer backup.

We work with all insurance companies as a Michigan approved specialist.

We are a Michigan frontrunner for sewer water cleanup with over 25 years serving Macomb, Oakland and all of Southeast MI. Our polite emergency response team will enact the necessary measures that prevent loss of property and further damage to the home. The first step is to address the drain that did not properly handle the water and caused  the Grosse Pointe MI sewer backup and make sure it does not happen again.

How does Action Extraction Inc. clean after a Grosse Pointe sewer backup?

By utilizing the latest in state of the art equipment we deep clean the affected area with high pressure steam to completely eliminate all contamination from the floors. After this initial removal process we sterilize all areas applying only plant based anti-microbial agents as we assess all personnel belongings that may have become exposed to the Grosse Pointe MI sewer backup. Once these measures are taken we test all walls and building materials with highly sensitive moisture detection equipment to determine what materials require service due to exposure. Materials that are identified as wet will be safely removed from the home as we place an air purifying system to filter air. Visit sewer backup cleaning to learn more.

What is in the water of a Grosse Pointe MI sewer back up?sewer water back up

It is alarming to some when they learn sewer water contains up to 81 viruses, countless microbial growths, bacteria, molds, fungi and pathogens that can cause disease. When such water inundates the home after a Grosse Pointe MI sewer backup time works against you making it critical to get professional service immediately. Action Extraction has been a Michigan leader in managing high risk backups and specializes in working with the insurance industry in getting homes that have a Grosse Pointe MI sewer backup covered for service.

3 Steps that might stop a Grosse Pointe MI sewer backup.

1) Contact a reputable plumber and have the drain cleaned. If they locate roots and organic matter blocking the drain system ask to have a camera placed through the drain to evaluate the system for damages. If no damage is discovered than get on a yearly schedule for cleaning that may keep your basement from experiencing a Grosse Pointe MI sewer backup.

2) Be mindful of what you allow to be tossed into your drains. Paper towels, feminine products, etc. often may clog a pipe allowing a Grosse Pointe MI sewer backup.

3) Avoid putting bacon grease and meat drippings down your kitchen sink. Hot water will only take them so far and they cool as a thick clog somewhere. Over time these greases have been known to interfere with the sewers ability to function at its best.

There of course is no guarantee that a Grosse Point MI sewer backup will never happen because many of these homes have old drain systems that eventually crack and
allow roots to invade them. However until the old system is replaced with a new
system using PVC drain pipe, these 3 practices may prevent a Grosse Pointe MI
sewer backup in your home.