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Frozen Pipes – Broken Pipes – Burst Pipes in Commerce Twp. MI

During the Michigan winter months temperatures are known to go below freezing almost daily and water pipes that are not well insulated may be susceptible to freezing.

Call NOW 1-800-713-4333 if you have a frozen pipe in your commerce Twp. home or business that may be frozen, broken or on the verge of bursting from the cold and we will help you prevent a water damage emergency. Our availability is 24/7 for any and all water damage emergencies. Consider Our Credentials.

If your heat has gone out or is just not keeping your house warm enough to keep the water pipes that are close to exterior walls from freezing it is important to restore heat, insulate water pipes or both. We have a licensed HVAC specialist that can help with any heating issue, as well we provide temporary heat systems to keep your home from freezing.

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a frozen pipe in Commerce Twp. is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in Commerce Twp. and all Southeast Michigan. 


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What 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service Do You Need?


How to thaw a frozen pipe In Commerce Twp.

The first thing to do once a frozen pipe is located is to turn off the water to the house at the main. Once you have done that comes the time consuming part of taking a hair dryer or heat gun and gradually thawing the frozen pipe. Thaw-Frozen-Pipe-With-Dryer-Commerce-Twp.-MI copyOnce you have turned the water from a solid state of ice back to a liquid state of water, slowly turn the water back on to see if the pipe still has integrity and holds water. If the once frozen pipe holds water without leaking you need to insulate the pipe and/or get more heat to that area to avoid another frozen pipe in commerce Twp. MI

What To Do If Pipe Leaks

Once water pressure is restored and it is determined that the water pipe is leaking or spraying water from a burst,  you will need a repair in order to restore the water pressure to your home. The break will need to be removed and replaced with new plumbing materials and the new plumbing needs to be insulated to make sure this dynamic does not repeat itself.  Action Extraction has a licensed plumber on call 24/7 to manage any frozen water pipe in Commerce Twp. MI. 

Water-Damage-Restoration-Frozen-Pipes-MIWhy Water Pipes Freeze and Burst

The unique properties in water cause it to expand in temperatures below freezing or 32°. When this occurs water no longer is a liquid and becomes a solid requiring more space in the water pipe.  As the expansion of water manifest it forces the water pipe as well to expand and regardless of the materials the water pipe is made of it will expand and break the water pipe.

This process is silent and just waiting for temperatures to eventually increase and allow the ice to thaw and out comes a violent spraw of water. Frozen water pipes in Commerce Twp. are very common in the winter months and insurance companies are inundated with weather related water loses.
Water has unique properties that expand in freezing temperatures of 32°. When the water expands from freezing it forces the water pipe to expand as well. Regardless of the materials the water pipe consist of it will expand and burst when the water inside it freezes. When this happens, it will not become apparent until the temperature gradually increases above the freezing point allowing the water to go from a solid state of ice to the liquid state of water during the melting process. As the pipe becomes more thawed out the water spray will soon begin and rapidly flood the once dry environment.



The Devastating Affects Of A Frozen Water Pipe in Commerce Twp. MI

The water damage that can result from a frozen water pipe can be overwhelming and catastrophic. One Frozen water pipe that burst and runs unchecked for only an hour in your Commerce Twp. home can cause thousands of dollars in damage, not to mention the potential for structural and mold issues that may result.

Once you have had a major water leak in your home, your insurance company may even cancel your coverage and you may lose your ability to obtain homeowners insurance. Contrary to belief, the pipe freezes and bursts 1st, then the water starts to flow once the ice thaws. For a burst to happen, the water super cools a couple of degrees lower than freezing in the pipe causing ice to form. It is the growth of the ice water to flow after the thaw.

Action extraction has over 26 years of experience in correcting the damages related to frozen, burst and broken water pipes in MI. Consider our credentials.

Although frozen water pipes are an issue of seasonal conditions and not likely to occur during the warmer months, broken pipes in Commerce Twp. MI can still happen. Plumbing malfunctions are not unheard of and do happen without warning and when you have free flowing water, it does not take long before you have a major water damage emergency. Such incidents typically are devastating and require the assistance of one’s homeowners insurance

Action Extraction is an insurance repairs specialist and can guide you through a headache free insurance experience.

redcross-logoPreventing Frozen Water Pipes and Flooding

How To Prevent a Frozen Pipe or Broken Pipe From Flooding Your Home

One small decision can keep your home or office from experiencing a water damage emergency, and that is: shutting your water off at the main if you plan on going away for a few days in the winter. If a water pipe was to have froze, the water will not have been running and this could avoid a flood for your property.

When temperatures increase to above the freezing point and ice inside a broken pipe starts to melt, there is no possibility of flooding because the water has been turned off. This is a good practice to get into every time you leave your house unoccupied for several days. If you have discovered a flood due to a frozen or broken water pipe, be sure to call the professionals at Action Extraction.

If you have a frozen water pipe or broken water pipe you must act immediately or your home could look like this


Here is an example of the amount of water damage you can acquire in just minutes of a frozen or broken water pipe.

Hundreds of gallons can rapidly spray from a frozen or broken water pipe in just several minutes making the detecting of such an event of vital importance. To help discover any amount of spraying water from a broken or frozen water pipe, it is a good idea to place a battery operated water detector in your home. Home depot has the watchdog detector and if it is placed in the basement by a drain will inform you there is running water by making a loud noise that can be heard anywhere in the house. You can only imagine the extent of flooding you would be able to avoid if you caught a frozen or broken water pipe early and shut off the water.

At Action Extraction we have restored homes and businesses that have had frozen and broken water pipes introduce as much as 40,000 gallons of water while the property was vacant for several days.

The Only Good News About Frozen and Broken Water Pipes

Water-Damage-Cleanup-Insurance-Repair-Frozen-Water-PipesThis unexpected nightmare for all of it’s trouble has a silver lining that homeowners need to know. When flooding from broken and frozen water pipes happen it is completely a covered water loss by all major insurance companies. This type of emergency water damage is of devastating proportion and thankfully when you describe and document the water loss the right way to your insurance carrier they will take on the responsibility of restoration and repairs.

Action Extraction has been a Michigan repairs specialist for over 26 years and is equip to manage every aspect of your water damage emergency from the first phone call. You may be surprised that homeowners are covered for frozen and broken water pipes, but the way insurance companies see things is interesting.

When a sewer or drain backs up you may or may not have insurance coverage because insurance companies see this type of water as intrusive and not a part of the home dwelling. However, when a water pipe freezes and breaks the water is municipal and considered a part of the home and so it is covered. So any flooding that is related to fresh water even when it comes from appliances like dish washers, washing machines or refrigerators; you are covered.

Call Action Extraction today and we can manage the entire insurance claims process for you.

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