broken water line
Delaying professional drying service to your home allows your insurance carrier to deny your claim.

Freshwater Flooding

Broken water lines burst pipes, hot water heaters, appliance malfunctions, sink and toilet tank overflows are all sources of fresh water flooding.Although such incidents do not initially pose substantial harm to humans they are destructive to wood floors, drywall and carpets. These water intrusions require quick drying to avert damage and mold.

Warning: Carpets, drywall and wood are food sources for mold and easily produce spores when wet for over 72 hours.

The Good News

Insurance carriers typically cover the drying and repairs of these water losses completely when the proper measures have been taken to first save such materials. At Action Extraction we are experienced in evaluating damages and creating written loss assessments that allow homeowners to have their expensive wood floors, carpets, cabinetry, and other items replaced that have become esthetically compromised.

We are specialist at drying all materials:

Hard wood, bamboo, laminate, ceramic tile, vanities, kitchen cabinetry, drywall, paneling

Quickly and affordably dried with state of the art technology

Time Elapse Risk

The longer elevated moisture & humidity remains in a material the greater the potential for microbial growth.

Time is not on your side: Clean water (classified as category 1) amplifies with microbial growths and becomes as contaminated as category 3 (black water) in several days if drying service is delayed.

Drywall with mold This drywall became completely replete with mold from fresh water when it was allowed to dry on its own

Effect of Time on Microbial Growth from Fresh Water

FACT: Microorganisms are always present in the indoor environment