Flooded Basement Cleanup Restoration and Repairs Dearborn MIFlooded Basement Cleaning, Repairs and Restoration Dearborn MI

Learning your basement has flooded and become wet or is contaminated from a sewer backup or sump pump failure in Dearborn is an alarming thing. The common fears of mold and germs that cause illness can only be addressed with a thorough flood restoration and sanitizing cleanup.

If you are looking for the best flood restoration company in Dearborn, than consider Action Extraction, as we have been a Michigan leader in flooded basement cleanup for over 26 years. We specialize in the emergency flood services needed to fix the problem of a flooded basement in Dearborn. We offer water removal, flood cleanup, sanitizing of high risk environments and drying.

We can navigate you through a headache free insurance claims process.

Emergency Flooded Basement Response From Certified Pros

Calling Action Extraction for flooded basement cleanup and restoration in Dearborn is your best choice as we have an emergency response team standing ready to serve all your flooding needs 24/7 day or night.Flooded Basement Emergency Response Flood Restoration Company Dearborn

It is crucial to remove flood water in a basement as soon as possible to avert further damage to your home or business. We desire to earn your trust with our IICRC certified technicians that are eager to be your advocate during very difficult hours. Action Extraction is a professional flood restoration company that serves the flood management needs of flooded Dearborn homes and businesses.

From your first phone call that leads to our prompt arrival to the last handshake you will be treated with the respect and care you would expect from a top notch restoration company. We arrive in new vehicles that are equipped with cutting edge technology and uniformed IICRC certified technicians.

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency in Dearborn is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in Dearborn and all Southeast Michigan. 


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What 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service Do You Need?

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The Deeper the Water the Greater the Danger

Walking into a flooded basement needs to be done with great care as there could be extension cords and electrical appliances that could electrify the water. If water reaches the height of an electrical outlet the water has the potential to kill.  Our electricians will contain and make safe any and all electrical dangers the environment may have.

Sometimes natural gas can be entering the basement due to water putting out the pilot light on a furnace, hot water heater or clothes dryer.

Hidden Dangers in a Flooded Dearborn Basement Water Detection and Flood Restoration Dearborn

Nothing in a basement is more noticeable than unwanted water that makes carpets wet, creates water damage in your basement and destroys your personnel property. Often bad smells fill the entire home or business with a pungent odor that gets worse with each hour water remains.

But what about the moisture that you don’t see? Hidden moisture in walls, under carpet pad, lingering in dry wall and existing in other absorbent materials that will lead to mold. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN!

We are willing to at no cost to you, give a free moisture analysis of your flooded Dearborn basement. Using cutting edge moisture detection equipment that easily discovers the water you cannot see with the naked eye.

Why Basements flood in Dearborn

Basements are more likely to flood from a heavy rain or quick melting snow than anything else. Because basements in Dearborn occupy the lowest part of a home or business they will be the first areas to flood during these conditions.

The roof on a medium sized home will have more than 1,000 gallons go through the gutters with just 1 inch of rainfall.

Sump Pump Cleanup in Dearborn

Ground water is a type of intrusion that is alive with millions of microorganisms and capable of producing mold in as little as 48 hours. Unfortunately the system that is installed in many basements to keep basements from flooding is a sump pump.

Sump Pump Cleanup Dearborn

Reasons Sump Pumps Fail:

  • Power failures
  • Frozen and stuck floats
  • More water than pump can handle
  • Broken or clogged pipe
  • Old age
  • Product defect
  • Bad check valve
  • Faulty installation

Homes that regularly fertilize their lawn will have the addition of harmful chemicals in the water table that will be present in the flood water when pumps fail. Fertilizers are harmful and companies by law must place a warning sign on lawns to warn of the dangers. We have a drying system that will remove these volatile organic compounds from the air.

All Natural and Green Disinfectants

Disinfecting Basement With Benefect DearbornWe adhere to IICRC Standards on ground water intrusion and place human safety and indoor air quality as a top priority during flooded basement cleanup in Dearborn.  The first step after water removal is our use of all natural anti-microbial agents to remove molds and microorganisms.

Man made anti-fungal and mold killing agents are harmful and for that reason we use only a safe all natural one that can be applied around small children, pets and the elderly.

Introducing Benefect a natural plant based disenfectant that removes 99.9% of the most dangerous germs known to man, safely and with great results.

Fresh Water Flooding in Dearborn

Fresh Water Damage Dearborn MISources of fresh water flooding

  • Broken water pipes
  • Burst and leaky hot water heaters
  • Malfunctioning appliances
  • Sink overflows
  • Dishwasher overflow
  • Refrigerator leaks

Fresh water is clean and not immediately considered a health risk, however immediate water removal and drying must occur or this type of fresh water will naturally contaminate and produce mold.

Insurance carriers consider this type of water source a part of the home and almost always provide insurance coverage as long as the proper documentation is produced. We are insurance claims specialist that will be an advocate for you to your insurance company and make sure you are completely reimbursed for your loss.

Sewer Backup Cleaning after a Flooded Basement in Dearborn

Sewer Backup Cleaning and Disinfecting DearbornSewer water is without a doubt the worst source of contaminated water to flood your Dearborn basement. Sewer water contains viruses, e-coli, bacteria, fungi and millions of colonies of organic solids that immediately place your flooded basement in Dearborn at risk.

Several Reasons Sewers Backup

  • Clogged drain
  • Broken sewer drain
  • Tree root blockage
  • City sewer system failure

Our plumbers are available to unclog sewer drains, snake drain pipes and remove blockages that cause basement flooding. This must be done prior to water removal or you risk re-flooding as soon as the rain once again falls. There are circumstances that allow insurance carriers to cover repairs of drains when certain facts are discovered and which we look for.

The Cleanup Process for Flooded Basements in Dearborn

Cleaning Disinfecting and Repairs after a Flooded basement in DearbornAll flooded basement cleanup begins with water removal with state of the art truck-mount equipment that is 20 times more powerful than the biggest of conventional machines.

The second step is steam cleaning all surfaces, removing contaminated materials, disinfecting all areas, evaluating all affected materials using moisture detection meters and drying all wet structures.

Action Extraction will create the quickest and most efficient flood restoration plan for your home or business that will place attention on water removal, materials analysis, moisture evaluation, disinfecting and complete drying. We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to deliver the best possible service for flooded basement restoration and cleanup to be found in Dearborn MI.

Our team of IICRC certified technicians are standing by NOW to assist you. Call NOW 1-800-713-4333 if you have a  flooded basement, wet basement, sewer back up, leaky pipe, flood damage clean up and/or sump pump water backup in Dearborn MI.

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