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Basement Flooded? We Can Help!

Have you just gone down your stairs and discovered the worst? Your basement is flooded from a failed sump pump, or a sewer backup? Perhaps your flooding is the result of thawing snow that has caused a floor drain to backup. We provide emergency flooded basement restoration cleanup 24/7 day or night.

Action Extraction restoration has highly trained IICRC certified professionals that specialize in flood damage restoration of basements and crawlspaces. We have over 30 years experience using the latest in cutting edge technology to restore flooded properties FAST!

In some cases basement flooding is caused by a broken water pipe, burst hot water heater, appliance malfunction or a sink overflow. Whatever the source it is critical to act fast before water travels to other parts of the basement doing serious damage. Beginning basement restoration early minimizes damage and prevents mold and mildew growth.

Quick Response From Certified Pros

We have an emergency response team standing ready 24/7 day or night. Immediate action is crucial when dealing with the damage that comes with flooded basements. That’s why our local experts are dispatched when you contact us for emergency service.


We have the experience, equipment and expertise to earn your deepest confidence from the first conversation to the last handshake. We provide complete cleanup, restoration and repairs of basements in all Southeast Michigan.

We have been a leader in basement flood restoration cleanup for over 30 years. Our trusted cleaning protocol includes sanitizing and complete structural drying to prevent mold. We will rapidly remove the standing water, sterilize the entire environment, dry all wet materials and guide you through the insurance claims process. 

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a basement flooded is choosing the right disaster restoration company. We are a premiere flood restoration contractor with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 

Your call is answered LIVE and patched to the owner who can go over flooded basement cleaning cost, how to cleanup a flooded basement or dispatch a team of restorer’s to you home.


Deep Water In Basements Can Kill

Never go in a deeply flooded basement alone as it may be the last thing you ever do. Once water reaches the height of an outlet the water becomes electrified and you have a more profound risk of electrocution, only an electrician can remedy. We have several electricians on call that will determine the electrical hazards and correct them. At times we need to completely disconnect your electrical meter for a short time to make it once again safe.

If you have gas service than your furnace and hot water heater and clothes dryer could be allowing uncontrolled gas into your home making another horrifying potential for serious injury. All these things must be evaluated and sometimes gas shut off temporarily till repairs are made.

Hidden Dangers of a Flooded Basement Cause MoldMoisture-Detection-Equipment-For-Water-Damage-MI copy

Flooded basements are easy to recognize when water is everywhere and wet carpet soaks your shoes as you walk. However, the hidden moisture in walls, flooring and other building materials can remain wet for weeks producing smells, mold and other invisible living hazards. Our trained flood technicians use cutting edge technology and moisture detection equipment that easily detects the presence of water, so nothing goes under the radar and all moisture can be addressed and removed.

Why Choose Us For Flooded Basement Restoration Cleanup?

Basements are the most susceptible to flooding after a lengthy rainfall or melting snow. Even small amounts of rainfall can produce an astonishing amount of water.

The roof on a medium sized home will have more than 1,000 gallons go through the gutters with just 1 inch of rainfall.

The water table rises dramatically during rainfall and accumulates around the foundation and easily makes its way into cracks, joints and drains that fail to work properly. Basements maintain the lowest point of any home explaining why they flood first.

Knowing how to clean up basement after a sewer backup has allowed some to consider a DIY attempt. In most cases we highly recommended to contact the professionals at Action Extraction. We offer a free inspection of your property and can go over cost for basement flood cleanup.

Basement Flooding From A Ground Water Source

When it rains outside, when ice melts or when drains and sump pumps fail, basements are susceptible to flooding because the water table around your home rises. As this happens it is very likely to intrude into your basement if your draining system fails to channel the ground water away.


This basement had several thousand gallons of rainwater come up through the drain as it rained due to the sump pump failing. Ground water is abundant with microorganisms, making it living water and rich in fungi, molds and bacteria. Homes that regularly apply fertilizers to the lawn are adding very harmful chemicals to the water table that comes into the home during flooding. By law fertilizer companies must place warning signs on your lawn to caution you as to what is there for your protection. Imagine these same chemicals inside your home and occupants breathing them in. That is exactly what happens and the environment needs to be secured, if chemical inhalation is to be avoided.

All Natural and Green Disinfectants

We give strict adherence to IICRC Standards on this type of water intrusion and place public health and safety first. We use anti-microbial agents to eradicate microorganisms. Homeowners may or may not have insurance coverage on this type of water damage emergency. Call Action Extraction and we can help you on the subject of coverage. Benefect-Disenfectant-For-Sewer-CleanupCall Now 1-800-713-4333.

At Action Extraction we are very strict with what chemicals we use in your home and only utilize all natural plant-based products that insure safety. While there are many products on the market we are committed to providing the very best, tested and proven disinfectants.

Benefect is an all natural plant based anti-microbial that is capable of removing the most dangerous germs known to man, both safetly and effectively.

Basement Flooding From A Fresh Water Source

Water-Pipe-Flooded-Basement-Broken-MISeveral sources for fresh water flooding would be: a broken water pipe, a burst hot water heater, a malfunctioning appliance or a sink overflow. While not immediately a contaminated health hazard, this type of water can create serious damage to the home as well as a mold threat.

Basement flooding from a fresh water source is typically always covered by insurance assuming the documentation is in order. We are abundantly experienced at documenting water losses for the insurance industry and provide the records that assure your full coverage.

Basement Flooding From a Sewer Backup.

Sewer-Backup-Cleaning-webSewer water is undoubtedly the most dangerous water to find it’s way into your basement. Typically these types of floods occur after heavy raining and where drain systems are at fault. Often it is a clogged sewer drain requiring snaking to dislodge and remove a blockage. In extreme cases a broken drain pipe may be at fault costing hundreds in repairs or more.

Once sewer water comes into the home environment time is not on your side. With each passing hour germs, viruses and organic compounds begin to amplify and reproduce millions of hazardous offspring that can easily effect the air you breath. Young children, small pets and the elderly are at greatest risk.

The Cleanup Process for Flooded Basements

Cleaning-And-Sanitizing-After-A-Sewer-Backup-In-Southeast-MIAll Cleanup begins with water removal done through a state of the art truck-mount extraction machine that will quickly remove liquid and solids.

The next necessary steps includes steam cleaning surfaces, materials removal, disinfecting and structural drying. Consider Action Extraction for your flooded basement cleanup and experience the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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