Flooded Basement Cleanup Rochester Hills MIFlooded Basement Cleanup Rochester Hills

Basements were never meant to be a damp, musty, or a space for standing water. If your basement has just been discovered with standing water, we specialize in flooded basement cleanup in Rochester Hills and can create a safe restored environment rapidly no matter what type of water damage calamity has struck. Our professionals will arrive within an hour and solve your water emergency quickly using cutting edge restoration technology.

If your basement has been assaulted from a drain backup of sewer water and that foul smell has spread throughout your property, we have IICRC certified professionals equipped to bring professional cleanup and restore your home FAST!

Basement flooding can also quickly manifest when water pipes break, freeze or corrode and leak. Other sources for basement flooding can come from a burst hot water heater, appliance malfunction or a sump pump failure and cause significant flood damage. No matter what type of basement flooding you may be experiencing, we can bring the relief you need.

Action Extraction brings professional flooded basement cleanup in Rochester Hills when water emergencies happen. Water removal, sewage cleanup and sump pump backup restoration is available 24/7 day or night.

Insurance Claims Made Simple

Flooded basement cleanup Rochester Hills MIWe work with all insurance carriers as an accepted insurance repairs contractor specializing in water restoration and repairs. Our commitment is to you not the insurance company and we will guide you through each step making the claims process hassle free. 

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right water cleanup company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating for flooded basement cleanup in Rochester Hills.

Electricity dangers during flooded basement cleanup Rochester Hills MI

Immediate Response for Flooded Basements in Rochester Hills

It is very common to experience anxiety over a flooded basement because of the emotion that can be evoked when discovering one’s valued property under water. Finished basements with new carpet, cabinetry and dry wall are immediately placed in a state of emergency due to the probability of increased damage if not tended to quickly.

If you need water extraction from your carpet or removal of water damaged carpet, we are available to manage these critical steps and begin provide same day drying service, because mold can develop in as little as 48 hours from the time water enters the home.

Service vehicle for flooded basement cleaning in Rochester HillsThis is why Action Extraction responds to flood emergencies when they happen. We are trained to calm your concerns with answers and assist you in the claims process as we begin the restoration process of your home in a manner that respects your wishes.

When you call us day or night you will speak live with the owner who will answer any of your questions about how to cleanup a flooded basement and discuss flood damage cost for restoration. we are available to listen to what you have to say with a listening ear.

Action Extraction employs IICRC certified technicians that are standing ready 24/7 to assist you with the restoration of your flooded basement. Our company has been fashioned for quick response so arrival times are often less than an hour. Our obligation to delivering the optimum experience in flooded basement cleanup in Rochester Hills is evident with each step of the restoration process as we make your home our top priority.

Quick and Easy Sump Pump Backup Cleaning in Rochester Hills

Sump pump failure Flooded basement cleanup Rochester Hills MIIf your home in has experienced a flooded basement from a failed or malfunctioning sump pump, we can replace your pump with a new one and diagnose why it failed. After the system has been restored we will evaluate your flooded basement with specialty moisture detection equipment and determine the most efficient process to dry your home quickly.

Some basements may experience water damage when a sewer backs up creating a hazardous environment of air borne contamination that requires detailed mitigation to make safe for human occupancy.

Still others experience flooding from a fresh water source like a burst hot water heater, toilet overflow or washing machine breakdown. Whatever the source, flooded basements like any other unexpected trouble happen at the worst times imaginable. Holidays, weddings, birthdays, vacations. Please don’t panic, professional relief is just a phone call away.

Flooding Basement Cleanup Rochester Hills is Dangerous

3 Types of flooded basements Rochester Hills MI

There are 3 types of water damage that can affect your basement and each brings with it unique dangers that can effect the safety of your home. Fresh water damage from water pipes and sink overflows can quickly spread throughout your basement. In its unrelenting migration it can badly damage furniture and personnel valuables can be destroyed.

Fresh water damage is classified as category 1 water damage and although free of contamination, still can produce significant damage to property. This type of water damage will produce profound destruction to building materials and even compromise substrates and the stability of walls if allowed to remain wet for days.

Ground water from storm drains and sump pump failures are classified as category 2 . This kind of flood damage is common and because the water is from soil it is highly supplied with germs, molds and microorganisms that amplify quickly in a damp basement.

Once it comes into contact with carpeting, base molding and dry wall quick restoration needs to occur to ward off further damage to property. Carpet padding must be removed and discarded and walls constructed from dry wall need to be evaluated for moisture content. If mold is to be discovered in a basement it is likely to be from dry wall as it is a form of cellulose and a favored food source for mold growth.

The most dangerous type of water damage comes from a sewer backup as this water is grossly contaminated with living matter and human feces. E-coli bacteria, viruses, chemicals and myriads more of harmful substances come up through a floor drain when basements flood. This water type is classified as category 3 and has very strict guidelines for cleaning and restoration. If the process for your flooded basement cleanup does not meet the standards the chances are you will have elevated mold counts and germs in the air.

Why Water Always Travels Down to the Basement

Water pursues the lowest point in a home and because basements occupy the deepest area the water ends up there. This often happens after heavy raining when sewer systems and sump pumps have a greater chance to fail because of the abundance of moving water.

Even if the source of flooding on a property comes from the first or second floor, the water will find a way to quickly deluge down to the basement. Many homes in Rochester Hills have 1st floor laundry rooms and should a malfunction occur in the washing machine or even a laundry tub overflow, the water always travels down to the basement.

Basement Flooding is a Common Occurrence

Many homes in Rochester Hills will experience a degree of water damage from flooding at some time, and it is estimated that many homes have water issues after raining that go undetected for lengthy periods of time. Smells, itchy eyes and allergies are signs to look for indicating the basement environment may have undetected flooding.

Let the pros at Action Extraction freely evaluate any water damage you may be facing and give you a free estimate on the cost for cleanup. Flood restoration is often more affordable than you think. If your property is left to itself wet for days the chances for mold growth increase dramatically and the cost for mold mitigation is much greater than flood cleanup.

Why Call Action Extraction for Basement Flood Cleanup?

When water damage happens and quick choices have to be made it is important to choose the right water restoration company. Action Extraction is not a novice at water restoration; we have been a Michigan leader in the field of drying flooded basements for over 26 years and are the inventors of a patent pending drying system.

When we arrive to your home it is instantly clear to us on what must be done to safely dry your flooded basement. We will document the water damage on graphs and perform all services according to the criteria of the insurance industry. We have an impeccable record at being an advocate for homeowners and we communicate directly with the assigned adjuster, assisting you each step of the way.

We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that we are proud of: “The Action Extraction Reaction is Satisfaction or there’s no Financial Transaction.” From the first phone call to the final handshake, we are fully committed to customer satisfaction as we make your home safe once again.

This basement experienced rapid flooding from ground water when the homeowners were away on a weekend. As soon as we arrived we removed all water, had drying equipment placed and all areas were disinfected in less than an hour. This basement could have formed mold and created a nightmare in 48 hours had we not employed the expert service we are known for.

Homeowners who discover their basements are flooded commonly become unsettled and feelings of anxiety can occupy ones thinking. We are familiar with the stress and frustration homeowners experience and have learned to listen closely so we can provide the answers you desperately need.

Action Extraction is dedicated to arriving at your flooded home in as little time as necessary, often in as little as 45 minutes. Our IICRC certified team is standing by to respond as soon as we hear from you. Upon our arrival we evaluate your home and begin the drying process by removing water with truck mount extraction units, disinfect all materials, introducing drying equipment into the wet environment and beginning the claims process. All our employees are trained to be professional and polite throughout the entire process of restoring your Rochester Hills MI. home.

Action Extraction repairs flooded basements that have experienced every water damage scenario imaginable. Whether flooding has come all the way to the top of your upstairs of your home or if you have only discovered a small area of wet carpet, WE CAN FIX IT! We have plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialist, carpenters, mechanical engineers, and other certified professions to completely manage even the most difficult project.

We Make Insurance Claims Stress Free!

Action Extraction prides ourselves at creating satisfying experiences for homeowners and the insurance carriers we are working with. They are very positive with how we document the water damage and how we represent your loss. We even have managed numerous times to get covered for individuals that were first denied coverage because of our unique ability to articulate the truth in a convincing way.

We at Action Extraction have years of experience in the insurance field that equips us to effectively manage all claims from the first phone call to checks being issued. We are recognized by all Michigan insurance companies as professionals that operate with integrity and professionalism. From documenting with pictures, moisture mapping and clearly explaining your water damage emergency, we are successful at creating stress free insurance claims. We are certified and trained to use the software that the insurance companies request contractor’s bill with so there is never a concern on pricing.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all Flooded Basement Restoration

Our pledge to you is that Action Extraction will provide the very best in flood damage restoration and water damage repair that is available in Rochester Hills Michigan. We are certain that our 30 years plus of servicing homes after flooding that we can promise 100% customer satisfaction. Our unique promise is “The Action Extraction Reaction is Satisfaction or there’s no Financial Transaction.” We will do what it takes to make you a satisfied customer.

We Are the Inventors of a US Patented Drying System

Its one thing to be a restoration and repair company; it is another to be recognized in your field as an inventor. As deep thinkers in our industry we have advanced a patented drying system spending thousands of dollars to be able to dry homes faster and at less expense. Insta Duct controlled energy system can dry materials that nothing else can. Sometimes when servicing homes for flooded basement cleanup in Rochester Hills we run into unique circumstances that only our drying system can remedy.

We Employ the Latest in State of the Art Equipment for Flooded Basement Drying

If you have ever scheduled an appointment with a business you did not know, you would hope when they arrive they projected professionalism, however, you don’t know what you get until they arrive. If unkempt employees show up in a wreck of a company vehicle, you may be unpleasantly surprised.

When we at Action Extraction arrive we are uniformed and professional utilizing the most cutting edge specialty equipment on the market. We spare no expense to bring to your water damaged home the quickest drying available anywhere. Flooded homes place occupants in a state of emergency until drying begins due to the potential of mold and microbial contamination. If drying is fast and efficiently with the newest technology available, then the chance for mold is removed. Our dehumidifiers, air movers, moisture meters and equipment are the latest on the market and produce results that old outdated machinery could never produce. We have specialty equipment for drying wood floors, walls, carpet, pad and any building material that is wet.