Flooded basement cleanup Mt. Clemens MIFlooded Basement Cleanup Mount Clemens

If your basement has flooded and has standing water in it, you need immediate water removal, cleanup, and drying to restore the dire condition. Each hour your property remains wet increases the chances for mold growth and other harmful microorganisms. Let our professionals bring back the healthy conditions you had as we provide exceptional flooded basement cleanup in Mount Clemens.

Our team of restoration experts are each IICRC certified, highly experienced and specialize in the cleanup of flood damaged property, using cutting edge technology. Our very experienced tech’s have many years of field experience and have managed over 1,000 flood projects each. If water has flooded your basement from a sewer backup or a failed sump pump we can navigate you from disaster to relief in the same day as we arrive.

We can turn your water damage emergency into a triumph of cleaning technology while assuring the safety of your environment. We implement each specific step needed in a timely fashion to prevent mold and health hazards, making your basement germ free and sanitary.

We offer a free evaluation of your flooded property as well as pledging a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our restoration services. The cost for restoration cleanup is often more affordable than imagined and our response time is typically in under 1 hour.

Insurance Specialist

Flooded basement cleanup Mount Clemens MI

When flooding is on a scale where you decide to make a homeowners insurance claim, we are here to help guide the process each step of the way and get you your money FAST!

We are experts in insurance claims and make them headache and hassle free.

Affordable Rates / Expert Service / 100% Guaranteed

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 


Immediate Emergency Response Team Mt Clemens

We arrive fast and fully equipped in a fully lettered restoration vehicle that will be fully stocked with the required equipment to manage any type of water damage imaginable. If your basement has a drain backup with standing sewer water, we will begin the water removal service and sanitation steps in minutes.

Flooded basement cleanup in Mount Clemens MIWe have a team of professional restorers standing ready 24/7 to respond to each flood emergency as they come in. When you call you will speak live to the owner who will be able to answer any of your questions about how to fix a flooded basement professionally.

Once our local pros are dispatched their arrival time is often in less than 1 hour. Our commitment to fast and expert service for flooded basement cleanup in Mount Clemens is uncompromising and our reputation means everything to us. Upon arrival our professionals will evaluate your flood damaged property and go over the steps to take when your basement floods.

Our flooded basement cleanup in Mount Clemens is available 24/7 with an immediate response day or night. We follow the guidelines of the S-500 publication that is written by experts in microbiology and water restoration. The reasons for home water damage vary, but we are specialist at knowing the exact protocol for each unique restoration.

Why Action Extraction for Flooded Basement Cleanup?

Difficult choices are made quickly when flooding happens, making your selection of the right water damage firm critical. Action Extraction has provided flooded basement cleanup in Mount Clemens for over 30 years and we stand out like mountaintops from the competition.

Using the best equipment available is a must as old systems tend to compromise efficiency and not be up to par. Additionally we have an impeccable reputation in the industry as well as a US patent on the world’s fastest wall drying system, drying quicker and at less expense.

We are an owner operated restoration firm that has each team member IICRC certified and undergoing continued education yearly. The years of field experience and higher education translates to a technician capable of performing at their best on each project.

Why Basements Flood in Mount Clemens MI

Basements naturally draw water because they are the lowest point in any home or business. When heavy rain falls, snow melts or community flooding happens foundations and drains can have issues that inundate basements with water. Even when water damage occurs from the main floor such as a broken pipe of appliance malfunction, it all ends up in the basement.

It is projected that most homes in Mount Clemens MI will experience some amount of water damage at some point. The most common type of basement flooding in Mt. Clemens is from either a drain backup of sewer water or a ground water backup from a clogged storm drain or sump pump failure. There are all types of water emergencies that cause a disaster in the basement, but the sewer and storm backups account for most basement floods.

Basement Flooding from a Sewer Backup

There is no more offensive water presence that can affect your home, than water from a sewer backup. It is grossly contaminated, replete with harmful germs and will contaminate all surfaces it comes into contact with. Basements that are flooded with sewer water are at great risk and literally in a state of emergency because they are pathogenic. Illnesses from such a polluted environment can come in as little as 1 day making the cleanup and sanitation service critical. Our flooded basement cleanup in Mount Clemens is rated 5-star for our sewer cleanup service.

Flooded basement cleanup and restoration Mt. Clemens MI

Homeowners are shocked to discover that the water that comes up from a sewer backup has millions of colonies of bacteria, e-coli and up to 81 viruses that make the situation desperate. Allowing infectious water to remain without beginning restoration service is like having a surgery from a surgeon that refuses to wash their hands before a surgery.

Action Extraction specializes in flooded basement cleanup in Mount Clemens having an incredible record in high risk cleanup. After we use water extraction equipment to remove all standing water we apply special agents that will completely eliminate all germs and infectious organisms. Don’t allow another hour to go by without calling us to help get your nightmare turned around. This is what our business is all about and we do it with great detail and fully understand the emotions involved in losing valued possessions to a flood.

Courteous and compassionate service techs will be eager to earn your deepest trust when you allow Action Extraction the privilege of restoring your basement with flood restoration service.

Flooded Mt. Clemens Basement from a Sump Pump Failure

Flooded basement water removal in Mount ClemensHave you just descended your basement steps to be horrified by a glistening pool of water due to a sump pump backup. These pumps regularly fail and even with a battery backup system and water backup systems, still disappoint on a regular basis. Even sump pump equipment with alarms to alert you to a rising water table that threatens your basement, they often fail too.

Let our team of experts bring flooded basement cleanup in Mount Clemens to you. We have sump pump backup options to get you fully restored in a timely fashion. If you need a new pump , electrician to correct an electrical problem or water removal, cleanup and structural drying we can assist like no other and with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

If your homeowners insurance has the coverage for flooded basement cleanup in Mt. Clemens than we will document the restoration carefully with photos that show the complete scope of damage and charts to prove the drying service employed. We can bring the piece of mind you deserve when you reach out to us. Call today and see for yourself the care we provide in servicing homes in Mt. Clemens for flooded basement cleaning.

Failing to Provide Cleanup after Basement Flooding

There are times when basement flooding is dismissed as an issue of little risk and individuals choose to allow them to dry out on their own, These are the cases when there may be only water removal from carpet that is need because the amount of water was small. But neglected any step in the restoration process there will always be a higher potential for mold, mildew and related dangerous germs.

Basement flooding creates germs in Mt. Clemens MILet us make sure your basement is safe and secure and that there are no under the radar issues of concern. We regularly gets calls from property owners that faced a small water occurrence they assumed if left to dry on its own would be fine. But after many days of continued offensive smells, decided to have it looked at by one of our staff members.

When we arrive to look at many of these properties where flood restoration service was neglected, we find tremendous damages that were causing the smells they noticed. There often is mold on building materials, rotted wood and a growing eco system that is releasing endo toxins into the air. Sometimes they were experiencing itchy eyes, runny nose, headache and much worse.

Don’t be that person that fails to remedy a contaminated environment or that does a lackluster flooded basement cleanup in Mount Clemens themselves. Allow our professionals to give you a free evaluation of your wet property before such damages can occur. The cost for mold mitigation are a lot more than the cost to cleanup a flooded basement and you won;t have to worry about germs challenging your immune system.