Flooded Basement Cleanup Restoration and Repairs Royal OakFlooded Basement Restoration, Cleaning and Repairs in Royal Oak

If your home or business is experiencing a flooded basement or any other type of flooding or flood damage than call us today. We provide flooded basement restoration and cleaning in Royal Oak MI and have local experts ready to remove water, cleanup, sanitize and dry all wet materials.

We are IICRC certified and have been a Michigan leader in flood cleanup for over 26 years. Our local experienced response team can be at your home in minutes of your initial call, 24/7 day or night.

We are flood damage experts very familiar with the restoration procedure involved with flooded basements due to a sump pump failure, sewer backup, broken water heater or any other type of flood damage.

Immediate Attention to Royal Oak Basement Flooding is a Must.

Once water makes contact with absorbent materials like carpet, pad and walls time is not on your side. Mold begins to grow in 48 hours from the time water enters the homeFlooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning in Royal Oak MI making water removal and humidity control necessary if the environment is to be safely restored and money saved.

Action Extraction responds to flooded basement restoration and cleaning in Royal Oak MI when it happens day or night.  Your call will be promptly connected to the owner who will answer all of your questions while listening to what you have to say with a compassionate ear.

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Our Royal Oak Restoration Technicians

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency in Royal Oak is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in Royal Oak and all Southeast Michigan. 


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What 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service Do You Need?

Why Action Extraction for Flooded Basement Cleanup?

Important decisions have to be made when basements flood and choosing the right water restoration company is the most important one you will have. Action Extraction is not a newcomer at water restoration; we have been a recognized leader in the field of drying flooded basements for over 26 years. Our success rate in customer satisfaction is impeccable having restored hundreds of homes identical to your very circumstances.

Free Estimates / Affordable Rates / Expert Service / Immediate Response

Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning in Royal Oak MI from a sink overflow

Unskilled work and exaggerated promises abound unfortunately in the flood repair industry as many new companies have recently popped up. Often insurance carriers refuse to pay because the work is too expensive, done improperly or was not documented. From the minute we assess your home we know precisely what is required to successfully undertake the process of flooded basement restoration and cleaning in Royal Oak MI. We document each step and service according to the standards of the insurance industry while guiding each step and making you aware of your rights.

We offer a 100% consumer satisfaction guarantee as we stand behind all our work. Our pledge to you is 'The Action Extraction Reaction is Satisfaction or there's no Financial Transaction'. From the first phone conversation to the final handshake, we will be to fully devoted to customer satisfaction, making your home once again safe.

Royal Oak Basement Flooding is Common

Basements logically invite water because they are the lowermost point in any home or business. It is likely that most homes in Royal Oak will experience some degree of water damage at some point.

Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning in Royal Oak MI from a sump pump backup

Basements in Royal Oak may experience a backup with sewer water when roots intrude the drain system from a tree that is close to the drain. Another type of flooding that is less frequent is a sump pump backup when a pump fails due to a malfunction of the pump or power failure.  Still others may get a flooded basement from a washing machine malfunction, burst water line or hot water heater leak. Action Extraction is your answer whatever the source of water damage.

Stress Free Flood Restoration in Royal Oak MI

When basements flood it is common to experience feelings of anxiety and panic. We see the distress in the eyes of homeowners each week who have learned there valuable belongings floating in water. If your home is experiencing a flooded basement in Royal Oak MI, PLEASE DO NOT PANIC!

Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning in Royal Oak MI from a sewer backup

The essential steps in flooded basement restoration are: water removal, disinfecting and drying of all building materials. Mold develops in moist environments in 48 hours from the time a basement floods making it important to act quickly. The water damage that can result from waiting is much worse than the initial damage from the flood water itself.

What type of water damage do you have?

Sewer Water Backup    Sump Water Backup    Fresh Water Flooding

Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning banner Royal Oak MI

There is no water damage scenario imaginable that Action Extraction has not restored. Whether a small water intrusion has entered your home or water has completely flooded your home due to local flooding, WE CAN FIX IT! We have electricians, plumbers, , HVAC specialist, mechanical engineers, carpenters and other certified trades to fully manage even the most challenging project.

Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning insurance Royal Oak MIInsurance Claims are Stress Free

We are insurance claims specialist and know how to successfully navigate your claim through each step of the process. It is not uncommon for us to get coverage for individuals that have been initially denied or told there was no coverage.

Action Extraction has never had an insurance adjuster refuse to pay for our flooded basement restoration and cleaning in Royal Oak MI services. We own and are trained in the software that the insurance companies use for pricing so at no time is there a discrepancy on pricing.

Flooded-Basement-Royal-Oak-BannerFlooded Basement Restoration Guarantee

Action Extraction delivers the very best in flooded basement restoration and cleaning in Royal Oak MI. For over 26 years we have proudly stood behind our promise to consumer satisfaction. 'The Action Extraction Reaction is Satisfaction or there's no Financial Transaction'. We will do what it takes to make you a satisfied customer.

Utilizing the Latest in State of the art Technology

To succeed in drying flooded basements it requires the newest equipment available in the industry. We have specialty equipment for drying walls, wood floors, carpet and any building material that may be wet. As well we offer Insta Duct Systems a controlled thermal energy product no one else in the Michigan area offers, for hard to dry environments.

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