Flooded Basement Cleanup Grosse Pointe Farms MIFlooded Basement Cleanup Grosse Pointe Farms

Have you just discovered a flooded basement in your Grosse Pointe Farms Michigan home? Water damage emergencies can arise quickly when floor drains backup with sewage and contaminated ground water. Action Extraction of Grosse Pointe Farms has IICRC certified professionals in flood damage restoration to provide quick responds to any water disaster emergency.

We specialize is water removal, mitigation and sewage cleanup when the menacing damages related to basement flooding occurs. Delaying cleanup can allow mold growth and increased repairs cost, so call us today! Wet basements are a haven for mold, germs, and other microorganisms that can affect human health and safety if not managed in a timely manner.

Wet carpet, wet dry wall and other building materials in a finished basement can act as food sources for mold and mildew damage allowing for harmful germs to spread. Let our flood damage experts provide the necessary emergency restoration you need to avoid these concerns and get your property back to the condition it was prior to your water damage.

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We make insurance claims for flooded basement cleanup in Grosse Pointe Farms headache free. Each step of the way we will guide you smoothly through and get you your money FAST!

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a basement flooded is choosing the right water damage restoration contractor. Action Extraction of Grosse Pointe Farms MI is a premiere flood restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 

Certified flooded basement restoration Grosse Pointe Farms

Immediate Response for Grosse Pointe Farms Basement Flooding.Service vehicle for flooded basement cleanup, restoration and repairs Grosse Pointe Farms Michigan

Taking the critical step of contacting a professional restoration firm as soon as possible is importance. When you call Action Extraction you will be connected LIVE with the owner. He will answer your questions on flooded basement cleanup cost or dispatch an emergency cleanup team immediately.

We have local restoration specialist standing ready to respond to flooded basement cleanup in Grosse Pointe Farms when we are called. Because mold begins to develop in 48 hours from the time water enters your home, we can provide all the mitigation service needed on day 1. Our basement flood cleanup crews are onsite in 1 hour or less.

A flooded basement can be quite upsetting so let our dedicated staff calm your worries with professional flood damage cleanup, cleanup and basement repairs. Our IICRC certified technicians will deliver an optimum experience in flooded basement restoration which will be evident with each step of the restoration process.

Why Action Extraction Basement Flood Restoration in Grosse Pointe Farms?

We stand out like mountain peaks from the rest because of our 30 years of experience at basement restoration. We are recognized by our competition for our specialty structural drying techniques that prevent mold damage and mildew. Each of our water removal and restoration tech’s have managed over 1,000 flood projects each and we have a  US Patent on the worlds fastest wall drying system. No other basement restoration and repairs company in Grosse Pointe Farms can boast that.

We specialize in emergency water removal, sanitizing of contaminated surfaces, restoration and complete structural drying. All our services come with a 100% guarantee for customer satisfaction and former customers give us a 5-star rating in restoration.

Sewer Cleanup Specialist that Restore FAST!


If your basement in Grosse Pointe Farms is experiencing a backup with sewer water, it could be from roots blocking the drain system from a tree that is in close proximity. Call us and we will freely evaluate your water damage and diagnose why your basement has flooded.

We are equipped to correct the problem assuring it does not happen again. As with all our flooded basement cleanup in Grosse Pointe Farms MI we want to make sure your basement never floods again.

Sewer water has an abundant amount of contaminates that can threaten human health as well as 81 viruses that need to be completely removed from your property. DIY attempts can leave behind germs that can contribute to illness and structural damage. We clean, restore and eliminate germs using plant based (GREEN) botanicals that kills 99.9% of all germs.

We specialize in basement sewage cleanup and safeguard the property during mitigation by managing the air with filtration systems. This will allow the air you breath to be scrubbed of harmful germs and molds.

Basement Flood Cleanup from Sump Pump Failures in Grosse Pointe Farms

Some basements experience water damage when sump pumps fail or malfunction. Ground water can quickly come in through floor drains, floor joints and floor cracks. Ground water damages everything it comes into contact with making all materials needing restoration and drying. Wet carpet and wet dry wall in a finished basement will rapidly contaminate and produce mold damage unless emergency cleanup begins as soon as possible.

Our water removal team uses truck mount extraction systems to rapidly eliminate water and drying equipment to dry all wet materials. Once we completely disinfect all surfaces we bring in specialty drying equipment to remove humidity. Having a wet basement  is an emergency needing rapid drying so we will place commercial dehumidifiers to manage humidity. Industrial air movers are then placed to force trapped water into a vapor and drawn away through dehumidification.

Basement Cleanup, Restoration and Repairs from Fresh Water in Grosse Pointe Farms.

Still others may experience a fresh water source that floods their basement. A burst hot water heater, washing machine malfunction, toilet overflow, leaky refrigerator supply line. Whatever the source, flooded basements like any other unexpected trouble happen at the worst times imaginable. Holidays, weddings, birthdays, vacations. Please don’t panic, professional relief is just a phone call away.

The needed professional restoration and cleanup you need is just a phone call away. Our uniformed and courteous experts have the skills, experience and cutting edge equipment to turn things quickly into a triumpth of restoration.

Why Basement Flooding in Grosse Pointe Farms is Common

Water seeks out any entrance to your home at the lowest point and because basements occupy the deepest portion of the home, they are at risk. Most homes in Grosse Pointe Farms will experience some degree of water damage from flooding at some time, and it is estimated that many homes have moisture issues after raining that go undetected for long periods of time. Smells, itchy eyes and common illnesses are signs to look for indicating the basement environment may have had undetected flooding.

In August of 2016 during a terrible storm, GROSSE POINTE FARMS, MI sewer pumps failured causing hundreds of homes to experience basement flooding. About 200 homes  were affected by storm damage city engineers have determined. City engineers explained equipment failure combined with a  heavy downpour in a short amount of time was responsible for the basement flooding.

Our water removal, restoration and repairs team was busy managing multiple basement flood restoration projects during this time and felt blessed to be helping the Grosse Pointe community.

Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning Grosse Pointe Farms MI

When faced with a deeply flooded basement, it is important to leave it to the professionals. Action Extraction has the necessary tools, expert professionals and experience to assure the safety of your home and it’s occupants. We have an array of equipment such as truck-mount extraction systems for removing standing water from your basement, professional grade air movers and dehumidifiers to remove humidity and air purification systems to make sure your environment is safe and clean.

After the removal of water we utilize high tech moisture meters and keep track of the moisture content in the air and the materials as the job progresses. If your basement is flooded, call us to prevent any further damages, we can be contacted 24/7 Call Now 1-800-713-4333.

The sooner that you call, the sooner that our technicians can respond. Our staff is IICRC certified, trained and experienced in all phases of basement flooding restorations. Grosse Pointe Farms flood restoration companies are plentiful, but you need the very best and the most experienced. We are your best choice for flooded basement restoration and cleaning Grosse Pointe Farms MI 

Call Action Extraction of Grosse Pointe Farms for Basement Flood cleanup.


When water damage happens day or night quick choices have to be made and it is important to choose the right water restoration firm. Action Extraction water restoration of Grosse Pointe Farms is a recognized leader in the field of drying flooded basements for over 30 years and are the inventers of a patent pending drying system that only we offer.

When we enter your home it is immediately apparent to us on what must be done to safely dry your flooded basement. We will document the water loss on graphs and perform all services according to the standards of the insurance industry. We have an impeccable record in being an advocate for homeowners and we communicate directly with your adjuster, assisting you each step of the way.

We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that we are proud of: “The Action Extraction Reaction is Satisfaction or there’s no Financial Transaction”. From the first phone call to the final handshake, we are fully committed to customer satisfaction as we make your home safe once again.

This basement flooded quickly from ground water while homeowners were away on a weekend. When we arrived we succeeded in removing all water, had drying equipment placed and all areas were disinfected in less than an hour. This basement could have produced mold and created a nightmare in 48 hours had not we employed the skilled services we are known for.

Flooded-Grosse-Pointe-Farms-MI-HouseWhen basements flood it can be unsettling and feelings of panic and worry can occupy ones thinking. We see the stress and frustration in the eyes of homeowners each week who have learned there valuable possessions are floating in a pool of water. If your home is experiencing a flooded basement in Grosse Pointe Farms MI., PLEASE DO NOT PANIC!

Action Extraction professionals can arrive in as little as 1 hour to mitigate flood damage and restore property. Upon our arrival we listen carefully to your concerns and address each unique circumstance related to your property.

Action Extraction repairs flooded homes that have experienced every water damage scenario possible. When local flooding occurs in Michigan we are your #1 choice for flooded basement cleanup.

Whether flood water has come all the way to the top step of your home or you have just a small area of wet carpet, WE CAN FIX IT! We have electricians, plumbers, HVAC specialist, carpenters, mechanical engineers, and other certified professions to fully manage even the most problematic project.

We Make Insurance Claims Stress Free!Flooded-Basement-Insurance-Grosse-Pointe-Farms-MI

We at Action Extraction pride ourselves on creating satisfying experiences for homeowners and their insurance carriers we are working with. They are very favorable with how we document the water loss and how we represent you the insured. We have a history of even getting water losses covered that were initially denied because of our unique ability to craft the truth in a persuasive way.

We at Action Extraction have many years of experience in the insurance field that uniquely equips us to effectively manage any claim from the first phone call to checks being issued. We are recognized by the insurance carriers as professionals that operate their firm with integrity and transparency. From our documentation, to pictures, moisture mapping and clearly explaining your water damage loss, we are successful at creating a stress free insurance claim. We are trained and certified in the software that the insurance companies request contractors use for estimating, so at no time is there a concern on pricing.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all Flooded Basement RestorationFlooded-Basement-Grosse-Pointe-Farms-MI-Banner

Our pledge to you as a customer is that Action Extraction will deliver the very best in flooded basement restoration and water damage repair in Grosse Pointe Farms Michigan. We are confident that our more than 25 years of distinguished service to homeowners in the Pointes, furnishes us with the confidence to proudly stand behind our work with a pledge to consumer satisfaction. The owner Charles Bingham a Michigan resident began the company from day one with a unique promise: “The Action Extraction Reaction is Satisfaction or there’s no Financial Transaction”. We will do what it takes to make you a 100% satisfied customer.

We Are the Recognized Inventers of a Patent Pending Drying System


Its one thing to be a restoration company; however it is another if you are recognized in your profession as an inventor. We are deep thinkers in our industry and have developed a drying system and spent thousands of dollars to be capable of drying faster and at less expense. We are deep thinkers and have created a controlled energy system called Insta Duct, capable of drying walls with wet insulation.

Utilizing the Latest in State of the Art Equipment for Flooded Basement Repair

If you ever scheduled an appointment with a company you did not know, you just hope when they arrive they exude professionalism, however, you don’t know what you are going to get until they arrive. If disheveled employees show up in a wreck of a vehicle, you may be unpleasantly surprised and rightfully so.

Action Extraction shows up with uniformed experts that utilize the most cutting edge specialty equipment on the market. We spare no expense to bring to your water damaged home the fastest drying possible. When homes flood they place occupants in a state of emergency until the drying is complete due to the risk of mold and microbial contamination. If drying is fast and efficiently with the newest technology available, then the chance for mold is eliminated.

Our flooded basement restoration and cleaning in Grosse Pointe Farms is done with professional air movers, dehumidifiers, moisture detection meters and equipment that is the latest on the market. We produce results that can never be replicated by old outdated equipment or practices. Additionally we have specialty equipment for drying walls, wood floors, carpet, pad and any building material that is wet.

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