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When you need a professional flood damage company to respond immediately to a flood emergency in your home, call the professionals at Action Extraction. We have an immediate response team available 24/7 for any flood damage or flooded basement emergency. We provide expert flooded basement restoration and cleaning in Birmingham MI that is second to none and 100% guaranteed.

We manage every type of flood damage cleanup imaginable: sewer backups, that are common after heavy raining, fresh water cleanup, sump pump water cleanup, toilet overflows and more. Our courteous technicians are thoroughly trained at getting things looking better in no time and will implement each necessary step to prevent mold in your Birmingham MI home.

We are an IICRC certified firm that has been a Michigan leader in water damage and flood damage restoration and cleaning for over 30 years.

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency in is choosing the right company to restore your Birmingham home. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in Birmingham and all Southeast Michigan.

Our disaster restoration professionals can manage all aspects of your flooded basement restoration and cleaning in Birmingham MI. Whether the damage is small or a grand scale disaster, our Clean Trust Certified technicians will work hard to earn your trust.

They will implement the necessary steps to minimizing  further damage and contain the environment allowing for a safe dwelling for all occupants. When flooded basement restoration and cleanup in Birmingham MI is done right the first time all hazards such as mold growth are eliminated.

The local dispatched team of experts have the knowledge, expertise and unique skills to remove the standing water, sanitize all surfaces and dry all materials in a quick manner. With over 30 years in the industry we our flood damage cleanup services are second to none. Our dedicated tech’s are highly trained in the field of flood mitigation, so you can be confident from the first call to the last handshake, your project will be managed with a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.

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What 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service Do You Need?

Immediate Response Team Ready to Service Flooded Basements in Birmingham MI

Taking the required step of water removal as soon as water enters the home is of critical importance because mold begins to grow in 48 hours from the time water enters the home. Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning Birmingham service vehicle MI

Because of this, Action Extraction responds quickly when called for flooded basement restoration and cleaning Birmingham MI. We are available when water disasters strike and stress is running high because of an unexpected flooded basement. If you are facing this nightmare and don’t know where to turn, Call us for the assistance you deserve.

Because flooded basements can be quite traumatic we listen to what you have to say with a compassionate ear. Our sincere desire is to earn your deepest confidence by placing your flooded basement restoration and cleaning Birmingham MI need as our top priority.

This is why we employ only IICRC certified technicians that are highly trained in flooded basement restoration. Our business is built upon the premise we must provide quick response and get to your flooded basement in an hour or less.


Why Action Extraction for Flooded Basement Cleanup?

The company you select to restore your home is the most important decision you will make after a flooded basement. The wrong restoration company can make things worse quickly if they send out new inexperienced employees. Things can go from bad to worse with just one wrong call as we have witness inexperience cost people their health, money as well as their insurance claim.

Action Extraction is not a newbie company trying to be a success in the industry. We have been a recognized leader in the field of flooded basement restoration and cleaning Birmingham MI for over 30 years. We have a US patent on the worlds fastest wall drying system no one else can use. We don’t make guesses as to what the most efficient way to restore your home is, we know exactly what processes to take to restore your flooded basement with science.

Professional Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning Birmingham MI

Birmingham MI residents have trusted our name for all their flood cleanup needs for over 30 years. Our company was founded with the ethical principle of putting the needs of our customers first. When disaster strikes and basements flood we are your best choice and we will demonstrate our commitment to you each step of the way.

Water disasters can come from many different sources, melting snow, over-flown creeks and rivers or flooding from heavy rain thunderstorms and broken pipes from freezing. Our company, Action Extraction Inc. has the experience and expertise that you want and expect to help you and your family or business deal with any flood damage issues that you may experience from flooding emergencies.

Birmingham flood restoration companies abound in Michigan but few have the necessary experience, training and committed staff to offer the impeccable service we can.

Flood Damage Restoration Birmingham MI Fresh Water Supply Line

This basement flooded from a fresh water supply line that burst when the homeowners were not home. At the end of the day when they finally arrived home they were horrified to learn their Berkley MI basement had flooded and in a panic called us.

We arrived quickly and removed the water, cleaned, disinfected and dried the basement, managing the entire insurance claims process.  This homeowner’s insurance company was impressed with our detailed standards in documenting the flooding and gladly gave them a new tile floor, hot water heater, fresh paint job and new drywall. This particular flooded basement could have been serviced with much less attention to detail where such items would not have been replaced, if another company was in charge. We always look out for our customers, getting them their full coverage.

Flooded Basement in Birmingham due to Sump Pump


A failed sump pump can create a huge mess when the ground water saturates a finished basement. Ground water often looks clear, however, it is living water due to the presence of millions of microorganisms that produce mold growth in 48 hours. Two hours after we got the call all water was removed, anti-microbial agents were applied and we had drying equipment placed.

Flooded Basement in Birmingham due to Sewer Backup

The most contaminated water you can have flood your basement in Birmingham is sewer water. This basement had a sewer backup with water that was not very dark, appearing only cloudy an did not smell bad. Often this makes homeowner’s believe that things are not that bad.

WARNING: It is not what is visible and smells bad that is a concern as much as what you don’t see or smell. This water looks non-threatening, however, it is pathogenic and can cause disease and illness.

Why Basements Flood in Birmingham

Basements flood naturally due to water seeking out the lowest point in any home or business. Especially after heavy rains sewers may back up because the drain system is blocked resulting in contaminated water coming into the home. It is believed that most homes will experience some amount of water damage at some point in the Birmingham MI area.

Birmingham-MI-Flooded-BasementThere is no type of water damage we do not have experience in managing. If a basement has flooded with water all the way to the top step or just a small area that is wet, WE CAN FIX IT! We have electricians, plumbers, HVAC specialist, carpenters, mechanical engineers, and other certified professions to fully repair even the most problematic project.

We Make Insurance Claims Stress Free

Flooded-Basement-Insurance-Birmingham-MIIn over 30 years of flooded basement restoration and cleaning Birmingham MI we have never had an insurance adjuster refuse payment for the work we performed. Why? We are known by the insurance industry as insurance repair specialist that know flood damage restoration and how to communicate to insurance agents.

From the way we document flooded basements with pictures, moisture mapping and explaining your water damage event; we are successful at insurance claims. We have and are certified in the use of the software for billing the insurance companies use for estimating so at no time is there distress on pricing. We regularly get projects covered for individuals that have been initially denied or told there was no coverage.

Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning Birmingham MI is a small problem when you consider the many floods that take place each year in the US alone. Flood disasters in the US are abundant and the need for flood damage help a great demand.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Flooded-Basement-Birmingham-MI-BannerWe absolutely provide the very best in flooded basement restoration and flood damage repair in Birmingham Michigan. From the year we began in 1988 till now we have proudly stood behind our pledge to 100% consumer satisfaction.

Charles Bingham the owner and lifelong Michigan resident began this business with a promise from the day Action Extraction began. “The Action Extraction Reaction is Satisfaction or there’s no Financial Transaction”. We will do what it takes to make you a satisfied customer.


Frequently Asked Questions.

My basement is flooded, what should I do?

When a Birmingham MI basement is discovered flooded it is certainly a stress maker. Here are several first steps to take to reduce water damage to your property. The first step to take when water has entered your home is to be sure nothing electrical in your house has come into contact with the water. Look carefully and if water has made it’s way to anything electrical call a professional to secure the environment. We are on call for such water damage emergencies and have a master electrician that will evaluate your home.

The second step is to begin to look for the water source and stop further damage. This process is typically easy when done in a systematic way. If your basement has a sump pump look and see if the water is at the top or higher than usual and test it if you can by lifting the float. Look at all floor drains for signs of a sewer backup in your basement. Listen for any running water that could be suggestive of a broken water line, hot water heater or malfunctioning appliance. If you know where the water shut off is in your home turn water off immediately if you discover any running water.

My sump pump has failed and my basement is flooded, do I call a water restoration company or a plumber? 

Always call us first when your sump pump has failed resulting in water damage. We are a full service water restoration company and can replace your old system as well as begin the water damage cleanup. If you have standing water most plumbers refuse to work in such environments until water has been removed. Additionally once they are finished replacing the pump the water still requires removal and plumbers do not possess the needed water removal equipment or the necessary certification for water damage restoration.

If my basement drains by itself through the floor drains and can eventually dry on it’s own, why do I need a professional water restoration company?

Once the standing water in your basement has disappeared because the floor drains have allowed the water to be removed, or even if you have had professional water extraction, you are not free from the damages that water brings. If water has been absorbed into cement, wood substrates, drywall, or if you have wet carpet, wet pad or wet tile you have the perfect environment for mold and microbial contamination. High humidity must be removed and water must be removed from the wet materials if mold is to be averted and your basement free from smells. Action Extraction uses specialty moisture detection equipment to locate water in areas incapable of being seen with the eye. We then employ the use of drying equipment to safely restore your entire house to the condition it was in prior to the water damage. Materials such as carpet, pad, drywall and wet wood is capable of producing mold in 48 hours and managing the wet materials is critical.

Water is in my basement and my basement smells, how long till I get water damage or mold?

Water continues to damage the home environment until it has completely been removed from materials like; wet carpet, carpet pad, wood, tile and drywall. Water in the home creates very inviting circumstances for the development of mold and strong pungent smells. If your home has experience water damage and your carpet is smelling, it is a sure sign of microbial amplification and anti-fungal agents are desperately needed.

My sewer backed up and my basement smells bad, is it safe for me to remain in the home?

It depends on how bad the backup and the amount of sewer water that has infiltrated into the home. Professional evaluation is of critical importance to classify the water damage, as well it is required by all insurance carriers. We are abundantly skilled at making the determination of the type of water and will explain to your insurance company the exigent need of placing you and your family in a hotel if necessary. Even clear water can contain pathogenic living organisms and viruses you don’t want to be breathed into your lungs.

If my sewer has backed up and flooded my basement, what needs to be done?

First the evaluation of the extent of water damage and what class, then sewer water removal with professional truck-mount equipment. Once water is removed and disposed of properly, all wet materials such as; wet carpet, wet pad, wood and drywall must be removed from the home. It is against all the standards in the industry to save such materials and any company that says otherwise is either not certified or would lose their certification for non adherence of the IICRC S-500 protocol. Anti-microbial agents must be applied and drying and air scrubbing equipment placed for up to 72 hours.

My sewer backed up and smells bad, should young children or the elderly be removed from the home?

Absolutely!!! Even water that does not look threatening to the human eye will be replete with pathogenic organisms under the microscope. It is estimated that over 81 viruses are identified in sewer water and in the home environment can threated human health. Young children and the elderly are especially vulnerable as well as individuals suffering from illness.

What is the difference between flooding and water damage, my basement has flooded, but do I actually have water damage?

Not necessarily. Flooding is an event where an area in the home often a basement gets an inundation of water from various sources; sewer, sump, burst pipe, etc. Unless the water is sewer, the flooded environment can safely be dried where there is no water damage as a result when caught in time and dried properly. Wet carpet, wet padding, wet drywall and other absorbent materials can all be dried in a timely fashion leaving no resulting damage. If the water that has flooded your basement or home is sewer, water damage is immediate and materials can not be safely restored.

Water damage by definition is a permanent compromise in esthetics or integrity of materials that were once wet and have become dry. Sewer water like fire changes both the looks and the integrity of anything it comes into contact with. We are very skilled in determining the difference and will thoroughly document your home for your insurance company. Call today for a free estimate for flooded basement restoration and cleaning Birmingham MI.

My-Flooded-Birmingham-MI-Basement (2)Real Testimonies From Our Customers

Action Extraction is by far one of the best overall service companies I have ever dealt with. Chuck the owner showed up at our house within an hour. He started the process of clean up immediately, worked directly with our insurance company, took care of EVERYTHING and made this entire process completely seamless and painless. The quality of their work and the amount of work they do in a short period of time exceeds excellence. Chuck explains everything and the products he uses are safe for your children and the environment. I highly recommend Action Extraction, GREAT PEOPLE, GREAT COMPANY. ~Christi Vachon

Action Extraction helped us clean up the flooded basement and they did excellent work. They are very experience and professional and know exactly what they are doing. They do care customers much and speak for customer to insurance company. I strongly recommend them with great satisfaction. ~Dae-Kyoo Kim

WOW! When my basement flooded with sewer water Action Extraction showed up in minutes of my call and cleaned up everything and handled everything so professionally. My basement that I thought would never be suitable again for use is now better than before. They knowledgeable workers had things looking incredible the first night and handled the entire insurance claim for us. I would recommend them for anything related to water in the home. ~Jackie

We are the Inventers of a US Patented Drying System

Flooded-Basement-Birmingham-Insta-DuctInsta Duct Systems is a controlled energy product utilizing thermal energy for drying that no other system can do. We have spent time and money to develop and design a product that dries faster and at less expense. With our cutting edge technology we can dry faster and at less expense.

We Use the Latest in State of the Art Equipment – Basement Flood Cleanup in Birmingham Michigan

We show up in vehicles complete with the latest cutting edge equipment and scientific tools proven to work. We provide remediation services for flooded basement restoration and cleaning Birmingham MI that surpasses expectations.

Each team member is clean cut and capable in using our vast inventory of drying equipment. We have professional dehumidifiers to remove the humidity, air movers to dry we materials and air filtration systems to keep your air clean.

All our specialty structural drying equipment is designed to bring about the best drying results possible for drying stubborn materials. Wet dry wall, wood flooring, carpet, pad, plaster and cabinets will be quickly restored allowing for a head-ache free flooded basement restoration.