Flooded Basement Cleanup Berkley MIFlooded Basement Cleanup in Berkley MI

If you need emergency restoration for a flooded basement due to a sewer backup or any other type of water damage in Berkley MI, Action Extraction is your 1# choice. We are a premiere damage restoration contractor providing emergency water removal, cleanup and structural drying while managing all aspect of flooded basement cleanup in Berkley MI.

If you have a wet basement from a drain backup, foundation leak or other water related issue, we restore, repair and bring back soundness of mind with professional water restoration. Our IICRC certified flood restorer’s provide 24/7 water removal when emergency restoration is needed. With arrival times of 1 hour or less our professional restoration team will manage your flooded or leaky basement with excellence regardless of size.

Flooded basement cleanup Berkley MIInsurance Claims Experts

We are homeowner insurance specialist recognized by Michigan as claims experts. With our rapid documentation protocol we will get you your money FAST!

We specialize in every type of flood damage restoration imaginable, sewer backups, toilet overflows, fresh water cleanup, sump pump backups, burst water lines and more. 

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right flooded basement cleanup contractor in Berkley. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 


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What 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service Do You Need?

Immediate Response Team for Flooded Basement Cleanup in Berkley

When you call Action Extraction you are connected LIVE to the owner. He can answer all your questions about basement flood cleanup cost or immediately dispatch a team of restoration specialist. We are available 24/7 day or night to provide the necessary resources, experience and cutting edge technology to bring rapid restoration.

A basement flooded needs an emergency response for the cleanup process as soon as possible to reduce cleanup cost and further damage. Mold damage and mold spread can begin in as little as 48 hours in the moisture rich environment of a basement flooded.

Structural damages are less likely to occur when professional restoration is introduced quickly. Residential homes and commercial buildings with wet materials such as wet carpet and wet dry wall are easily capable of being completely dried in 72 hours. Our rapid response team is standing ready to mitigate any emergency water disaster imaginable with expert restoration.

Our certified professionals can provide quick water removal, sewage cleanup, materials restoration, sanitizing and structural drying. Each employee has managed over 1,000 flooded basement cleanup projects each and undergoes continuing education in water damage restoration each year.

Call us for flooded basement cleanup in Berkley today and experience a restoration process second to none. We have a customer satisfaction rating of 5-stars for flooded basement restoration which includes a free comprehensive evaluation of your basement water damage.

Why Action Extraction for Your Flooded Berkley Basement Cleanup?

Choosing the best flooded basement cleanup company in Berkley Michigan is important and will turn a water daamge nightmare into a triumpth of technology in no time. Our experience, use of cutting edge applied science and over 30 years of mitigation will bring the peace of mind you deserve.

Action Extraction flood restoration and water damage repair has been a recognized leader in the field of structural drying, repairs, restoration and cleanup over 30 years. We have a US patented on a drying system that dries quicker and at less expence.

A Berkley Michigan basement flood can be a headache. Add to that the stress of dealing with a homeowners insurance claim and you can have a very stressful situation. We are a restoration contractor commited to stress management as we will do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Our #1 goal is to quickly and professionally get you back to the life you knew before your basement flooded.

Why Basement Flood Cleanup is Common in Berkley MI

Basements naturally flood because water seeks out the lowest point in any home or business. After heavy raining often sewers back up because the drain system is blocked resulting in a sewer backing up and bringing in contaminated water into the home. It is estimated that most homes will experience some degree of flooding or water damage at some point in the Berkley MI area.

Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning Berkley MI

Stress Free Flooded Basement Cleanup in Berkley MI

It is normal to feel anxious when you have a basement flooded because of the uncertainty that acompanies flooding. Our goal is to earn your deepest confidence by being honest throughout the disaster restoration and cleanup process.

We are very good at creating stress free experiences for homeowners that trust us for their water damage emergencies and flood cleanup.

Action Extraction has built an impeccable reputation for flooded basement cleanup in Berkley MI. When we arrive to your property we are equipped to begin the steps of water removal, disinfecting and drying of all wet building materials. Our technicians are polite and eager to assist you in whatever way to bring immediate relief to your flooded basement emergency in Berkley MI.

Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning Berkley MIAction Extraction has repaired flooded homes that have experienced every water damage emergency possible. If flood water has come all the way up to the top step of your home and your entire basement including the circuit power box is under water, WE CAN FIX IT! We have electricians, plumbers, HVAC specialist, carpenters, mechanical engineers, and other certified professions to fully manage even the most problematic project.

We Make Insurance Claims Stress Free

Flooded basement insurance for water backupThere has never been a project in 30 years that we have done that had an insurance adjuster refuse payment for the services we performed. We regularly get projects covered for individuals that have been initially denied or told there was no coverage. Why? We have many years of experience at being an advocate for homeowners who have water damaged property that unequally equips us to succeed. We can manage your claim like no one else, starting with the first call to your agent to checks being issued.

We are known by the insurance companies as professionals that know their stuff as well as knowing how to talk and deal with the agents. From our documentation, to pictures, moisture mapping and careful explaining of your water damage event; we are successful at insurance claims. We have the software for billing the insurance companies require for estimating so at no time is there a concern on pricing. We are insurance repair specialist and we will direct you through a stress free restoration experience from the moment we first have a conversation with your adjuster.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all Water Restoration Services

Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning Berkley MIWe will absolutely provide you with the very best in flooded basement restoration and water damage repair in Berkley Michigan. For more than 25 years we have proudly stood behind our promise to 100% consumer satisfaction. The owner Charles Bingham a Michigan lifelong resident began this business with a promise from the day Action Extraction began. “The Action Extraction Reaction is Satisfaction or there’s no Financial Transaction” We will do what it takes to make you a satisfied customer.

The Big Berkley Flood of 2014

Historic flooding was experienced in Berkley MI on August 11, 2014 when thousands of basements flooded due to record rain falls. The need for flooded basement restoration and cleaning Berkley MI was never more in demand as many homeowners discovered water in their basements. Many were horrified to have discovered water several feet deep and their personnel belongings under water.

Out of pocket cost for restoration was in the millions as scores of homeowners learned they did not purchase an insurance policy for water backup. We at Action Extraction were very involved in the cleanup and restoration of multiple homes and made special financial arrangements for those who did not have insurance.

Professional Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning Berkley MI

We are a leading disaster cleanup firm serving all of Berkley Michigan and surrounding areas. There are multiple reasons a flooded basement can occur from a broken water pipe to a drain backup. Whatever the reason the results are always the same; a flooded basement in an emergency situation needing water removal, cleanup, disinfecting and drying.

When water damage happens to your basement, it is not only the carpeting and flooring  that sustains the water damage. You may also incur water damage to personal contents like furniture, appliances and clothing. Fortunately, we are equip to manage and help you with every aspect of the flooded basement restoration and cleaning Berkley Michigan process. The complete restoration of your property, belongings and clothing are all phases of the restoration process we have years of experience in.

Our flooded basement cleanup pros have extensive training and expertise at getting you and your family back to the orderly living conditions you had before your basement flooded.

Types of Berkley Water Damage Restoration

Not all water damage is the same as some types are classified as much more injurious to property. Action Extraction in highly skilled in recognizing the signs of flood damage and can easily classify your flood type. The appropriate classification of your flooded basement is crucial for servicing the damages correctly. If the source of the water is a broken water line, a tub or sink that overflows or a washing machine that malfunctions and overflows that is much different than a sewer backup. Sewer water is a high risk cleanup requiring specialized training to assure cross contamination does not occur, jeopardizing human health and safety. High risk flood damage service begins with a careful assessment of the surrounding affected areas and a comprehensive approach to safety. Toilets that clog and overflow or drains that backup contain terribly infectious water and requires germ killing agents that are safe and all natural.

It is estimated that in time 98% of all basements in the US will flood from a drain backup or foundation leak at some time. Action Extraction has managed such emergencies with local experts allowing us to be highly recognized in Berkley MI a high risk basement flooding area.

According to the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration certification) water damage can be easily understood in 3 categories. Category 1 is fresh water from sources such as water pipes. Category 2 is water with a higher degree of contamination from sources like sump wells and basement foundation leaks. Category 3 is a measurably high risk and grossly contaminated environment often manifesting as a sewer backup. Not all flood damage companies in Berkley can service category 3 water losses or are not recognized for customer service in managing these types of cleanups.

Residential Water Damage

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Flooded basement cleanup Berkley MI

No one expects to find water in their home, but when it happens you need a qualified flood restoration company that specializes in residential water damage.  Homeowners facing property damage can face big cleanup demands that are staggering and do it yourself attempts often end in regret when mold is discovered.

Spring and summer floods, winter thaws, snow storms can all threaten drain systems that result in unwanted water in the home. If you experience the unexpected, do what so many other Berkley MI residents have and call Action Extraction Inc. Our years of basement flood cleanup along with our impeccable standards will have your property back to pre flood condition in no time. We have the highest customer satisfaction rating of any of our competitors and we are proud to have earned this recognition. Each project is managed with a personnel commitment to detail ensuring your property is corrected from a-z.

Residential flood damage is often related to sewers backing up, broken water pipes, tub and toilet overflows and even appliance malfunctions. Each one of these is easy for our technicians as each has managed over 1,000 flood projects each. We respond immediately when your emergency happens because each minute of delay is an extra minute the destructive energy of water is threatening your valued property. Irreversible water damage can easily be avoided when prompt professional service is employed.

All water damage service begins with first response and it needs to be quick. When moisture is present, microorganisms can multiply rapidly creating odors, structural compromise, decomposing materials and in extreme cases mold.  Each hour water is allowed to sit and materials are wet the greater the ultimate damages and cost. As with a fire, you want to respond as soon as you can once water is discovered.

Commercial Water Damage

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Basement flooding Berkley MI commercial building

Nothing disrupts a business more than an unexpected water loss that threatens revenue and sales. Commercial businesses have enough stresses managing the day to day aspect for success making unexpected flood damage something very foreign. When it happens the most important next step is choosing the right company for the job. They must be able to arrive in minutes and have a full crew to manage the quickest cleanup to keep the business running.

We have a local emergency response team ready to dispatch so your cleaning is without delay. Each hour spent waiting for emergency service is an hour of lost productivity and income. We will keep you profitable by creating a tailored strategy to get you back to the way things were before the flood damage.

Whether your commercial building is flooded with a small amount of water or grand scale water damage, our response will be quick and reliable. Our commitment will be to keep your business up and running till the completion of the restoration process. If your commercial property is a warehouse that stores merchandise that must be kept dry or a storefront building that has walk ins expecting a good experience, we can help!

Let us manage your commercial water damage and we will guarantee service second to none where the owner Charles Bingham will be hands on and in constant communication with management 24/7 until restoration is complete.

Real Testimonials From Our Customers

Action Extraction is by far one of the best overall service companies I have ever dealt with. Chuck the owner showed up at our house within an hour. He started the process of clean up immediately, worked directly with our insurance company, took care of EVERYTHING and made this entire process completely seamless and painless. The quality of their work and the amount of work they do in a short period of time exceeds excellence. Chuck explains everything and the products he uses are safe for your children and the environment. I highly recommend Action Extraction, GREAT PEOPLE, GREAT COMPANY. ~Christi Vachon

Action Extraction helped us clean up the flooded basement and they did excellent work. They are very experience and professional and know exactly what they are doing. They do care customers much and speak for customer to insurance company. I strongly recommend them with great satisfaction. ~Dae-Kyoo Kim