Flooded Basement Cleanup Auburn Hills

Flooded Basement Cleanup Auburn Hills

When basement water damage occurs, we are your #1 source for emergency cleanup, repair and restoration, and structural drying. If you have a wet basement emergency and need flooded basement cleanup in Auburn Hills, we can help like no other.

Action Extraction has been a flood damage restoration contractor in Auburn Hills for over 30 years. Our damage restoration technicians are IICRC certified in basement flood cleanup of all sizes when drains backup, sewage cleanup is needed, sump pumps fail and properties need flooded basement cleanup in Auburn Hills.

We are a 24/7 emergency restoration company providing water removal, sanitizing and restoration after leaky basements and  leaky foundations allow water to intrude into property. Water disasters can badly damage finished basements if the cleanup of the water damage does not begin as soon as possible.

Our certifies experts are standing ready 24/7 to provide flooded basement cleanup and repairs Auburn Hills.

Flooded basement cleanup Auburn Hills MIInsurance Claims Specialist

If your flood emergency is covered by insurance we will work directly with your adjuster making sure you are covered for all the restoration and repairs. We will help guide you through the experience head-ache free and get you your money FAST!

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a basement flooded in Auburn Hills is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan on all social medias. 


Emergency Flooded Basement Response Team – Auburn Hills

When you have a basement flooded or damaged by water, every moment it remains a wet basement matters. Beginning the clean-up process and structural drying repairs must begin as soon as possible to reduce further structural damage to your residence or commercial business. Waiting can allow for mold growth, germs to amplify and personnel property damage to increase. For this reason Action Extraction responds to flood emergencies 24/7 when they happen day or night.

Flooded Basement Cleanup Auburn Hills Michigan

When you call for emergency flood damage you will be connected LIVE with the owner who can answer questions on flooded basement cleanup cost or immediately dispatch our team of restoration specialist.

Our company has designed a system allowing for local restoration experts to be to your Auburn Hills Michigan door in as little as 30 minutes. Our commitment to deliver an optimum experience in flooded basement damage restoration in Auburn Hills is second to none.

We will help navigate you though each necessary steps in the damage cleanup and repairs process. We can turn your flood damage nightmare into a triumpth of restoration quickly using cutting edge technology. This is exactely what a basement flooded needs to avert mold damage and mold spread.

Why Basements in Auburn Hills Flood

Most all basement flood damage occurs because water naturally is drawn to the lowest point in a home. Because basements reside in the lowest part of a home, this is where flood damage begins. The national insurance industry estimated that most homes in Auburn Hills will experience some sort of flood damage from drain backups such as the type that is seen from a sewer backup or sump pump failure.

The sewer backups are often the result of tree roots that have invaded the sewer system, clogging the natural flow of the water, making it backup into the homes basement. The drain backups from failed sump pumps are often the result of an AC power outage or a burned up pump. In both cases the reason for the drain backup must be dealt with along with the flooded basement cleanup and restoration Auburn Hills.

Refer to our page on the 3 types of flooded basements to learn more and our article on the cost of flooded basement cleanup to access cost. Here is information on the causes of basement flooding.

Residential Basement Flood damage restoration

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When homes experience emergency flooded basement damage they need to be managed professionally as soon as possible to avert the potential of mold damage. Wet carpet and pad is often the first thing noticed when a water emergency occurs.

It could be from a broken water pipe a frozen and thawing water line that begins to inundate the property or a sink overflow. Whatever the cause we are her to assist with our professionals who are eager to serve. We regularly get calls from homeowners who say, “My sump pump is backing up and my carpet is getting wet, can you help”? Our answer is of course and we are on our way.

Contacting the right water damage company can make a water emergency disaster disappear rapidly, because knowledge and experience matter. Our professionals are highly trained to manage each detail of your water damage emergency and will go beyond what others do to ensure your wet property is brought back to the condition it was in before your flood.

Commercial Basement Flood Damage Cleanup.

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  • Sewage damage cleanup

Business owners who have had the misfortune of a water damage emergency have learned that Action Extraction is the flood damage company to contact. We have affordable and immediate strategies to remove water and perform structural drying while keeping the business revenue operational and profitable. We have an impeccable record of flood damage cleanup while at the same time keeping employees working and management headache free.

Commercial buildings can quickly flood when plumbing issues arise because commercial property has plumbing much different than that of a residential home. The amount of water required to sustain a business is much greater than that of a home and the pressure in the plumbing much greater. If the plumbing becomes compromised from a broken pipe the resulting damage can be great in just minutes.

Take for instance a fire suppression system also known as a sprinkler system. If for some reason the system engages it can release thousands of gallons of water in just several minutes. The resulting flood damage cleanup necessary to restore the property can be a monumental task. Action Extraction has the expertise to quickly get your commercial property back to business often in several hours.

Flooded Crawlspace Cleanup

Many homes in Auburn Hills have an area beneath their first floor commonly referred to as a crawlspace. These small environments are not a living space, but an environment that is necessary to allow for the plumbing, drain and HVAC system to be located and function. Many homeowners dread when service needs to be done in their crawlspace because of the uncertainty of a contractor to service such small areas.

The diversity of materials found in a flooded crawlspace are many and they need to be professionally dealt with. Wet insulation can become moldy, wet wood substrates can become structurally compromised and wet electrical can be a fire hazard. Often the crawlspace floods from a drain issue and each time the toilet is flushed or sink is used water empties into the crawlspace floor. These floors may be concrete, however, the most common floor in a flooded crawlspace is dirt and once it becomes wet becomes mud.

Action Extraction does not have an issue in servicing homes with a flooded or wet crawlspace. We can remove unwanted water, sanitize and completely dry out and repair all damages. Wet insulation will be removed and replaced and if anything mechanically requires repairs, we will do it with licensed contractors. Call today if your home is suffering flood damage from a flooded crawlspace.

Why Action Extraction for Basement Flood Cleanup

Our experience, resources and use of cutting edge technology makes us stand out like mountain peaks from our competition. We also have an impeccable record in flooded basement cleanup in Auburn Hills. We specialize in residential flood damage restoration for drain backups from sewers and sump pumps, broken water lines, tub and toilet overflows and everything else that brings unwanted water. Commercial flood damage as well requires an immediate arrival to remove water, cleanup and secure property.

Water unfortunately makes its way to basements when water damage occurs from water pipes that break, toilets that overflow, sewers that backup and appliances that malfunction.  If you are experiencing a water emergency that is requiring professional flooded basement cleanup repairs Auburn Hills than we can help.

Our crew chiefs and water damage technicians have impressive credentials as members of the IICRC for certified restoration. They participate in ongoing education, the latest water mitigation training and regular certification courses.

We are recognized as an exceptional flood restoration contractor in Auburn Hills as we  have a US patent on the world’s fastest wall drying system called Insta-Duct Systems™. This system dries faster and at less expense while saving wet dry wall from being violated with holes or cut out and removed.

Action Extraction specializes in water damage restoration, water extraction, water cleanup and each types of water disaster known to affect property. Flooding from storm damage, backed up sewer drains, wet basements, broken pipes, frozen and burst water pipes can bring unexpected disaster.

Our team of damage restoration experts are your one stop source for all your flooded basement cleanup needs in Auburn Hills Michigan. Call today if you have a water damage emergency, wet basement or need a free evaluation of your property damage. Call (586) 949-4448 for our 24 hour emergency restoration services. We will be happy to give you a free estimate, begin water damage cleanup and guide you to complete restoration in a short period of time.

We are here to take care of all you basement flood cleanup needs.