Flooded Basement Cleanup Commerce Twp. MIFlooded Basement Cleanup Commerce Township MI

Heavy rains with storm damage can make sewer drains backup and devastate property with flood damage or a flooded basement. Sump pump failures are common as well as sewer backups and such water damage disasters need rapid remediation and cleanup.

Action Extraction is the #1 source for flooded basement cleanup in Commerce Township. We have served the community over 30 years providing basement flood cleanup, water removal and damage restoration. All our dedicated tech’s are IICRC certified in disaster restoration from water damages of all types. If you have a wet basement and need sewage cleanup, sump pump cleanup, disinfecting or structural drying we are available 24/7 day or night.

Flood damage in Commerce Township needs rapid response to assure mold damage and germ spread do not hurt your property or occupants. We are a Michigan leader in flood damage restoration in Commerce Township and have a US patent on a drying system that has caused even our competition to recognize us as a leader in damage water cleanup.

Flooded basement cleanup Commerece Twn. MIWe are insurance claims specialist that will make the process completely smooth and headache free. We will guide each step forward with expert care.

We do all the documentation, pictures, paperwork to get you your money FAST!

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The most important decision you can make after finding a flooded basement in Commerce Twp. is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in Commerce Twp. and all Southeast Michigan. 


Restoration 24 hour emergency flood service restoration stepsSteps

What 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service Do You Need?

Our flooded basement cleanup in Commerce Twp. MI is always done in a comprehensive manner to assure we thoroughly evaluate all aspects of potential flood damage.

Flooded Basement Cleanup and Flood Damage Restoration Commerce Twp. MITimely Responce is Necessary When Flooding Occurs.

Once property flooding happens the moist environment can begin to produce mold is as little as 48 hour and threaten human health. Often people discover flooding later than this and mold removal and mold damage cleanup may be needed.

Each hour a flooded property goes without service the water is doing damage and absorbing deeper into materials increasing your chance for mold and microbial contamination.  Action Extraction professionals are certified flood experts at flood cleanup and classify flooded basements using the science of psychrometry. This field of science is necessary if you make a homeowners claim on your property.

Consider our credentials in flood cleanup and we are certain you will agree we are the #1 choice in Commerce Township for flood emergency restoration.

Why Select Us For Flooded Basement Cleanup in Commerce Twp.

  • Flooded Basement Cleanup and Flood Damage Restoration Commerce Twp. MI cleaning vehicalWe are recognized in Michigan as insurance repairs specialist
  • We are second to none in creating affordable strategies
  • We are expert at processing insurance claims.
  • All our water damage services come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

CALL NOW 800-713-4333 for an immediate emergency response to all your flooded basement or flood damage cleanup needs in Commerce Twp. Our dedicated IICRC certified flood experts are standing ready to make your flood emergency our top priority.

We Specialize In:

  • Flooded Basement Cleanup and Flood Damage Restoration Commerce Twp. MISump Pump / Sewer Backup Cleaning
  • Toilet / Tub / Sink Overflows
  • Broken Water Pipes Rochester Hills
  • Burst Hot Water Heater
  • Sanitizing and Deodorization
  • Complete Structural Drying
  • Drying non invasively without demolition

Emergency water damage brings unexpected stress and pressure to life. Let our experience turn your flood emergency nightmare into a triumpth of technology. Things may look terrible now, but in just a few hours we can turn any flood crisis around. Flood cleanup is managed with great regard for your wishes and we can navigate you through the process keeping your peace of mind.

Flooded Basement Cleanup and Flood Damage Restoration Commerce Twp. MIWe Process Insurance Claims Headache Free

We are very experienced in property claims having successfully managed thousands of basement flood cleanup claims. The importance of documenting the flood damage is vital to keeping in good standing with your insurance company and assuring everything goes smooth.

We will take all the necessary pictures that clearly show the flood damage and process the entire claim as the insurance company expects. Our careful approach will prove each step we take and your carrier will appreciate our thorough efforts that get checks into your hands quicker. If the flood restoration firm you select does not have the right experience, we have seen homeowners legitimate flood claim denied and limited.

Flooded Basement Cleanup and Flood Damage Restoration Commerce Twp. MI Sewer Backup Cleanup Restoration In Commerce Township.

When sewers backup and raw sewage makes its way to carpets and flooring, full scale service and repairs are necessary. Residential and commercial plumbing contractors will remove the clog, but a skilled sewage removal contractor will be needed for the high risk restoration of the property.

Trusted and recommended since 1988, Action Extraction is the premier high risk cleanup provider of all sewage damage services in Commerce Township, MI. Homeowners and businesses have depended on us to be the emergency answer to contamination disasters from drains and sewer lines.

If you are experiencing a sewer backup in Commerce Twp. MI you have a contamination level of high degree as up to 81 viruses are present in sewer water. Water Damage from a sewer backup is the most dangerous water that can invade your property. Sewer water is pathogenic meaning it may be disease causing, making the cleanup of utmost importance.

A sewer water backup is called a category 3 water loss and is the most health threatening and damaging to the property. Sewer water may or may not be discolored and smell, however, it is always pathogenic necessitating professional cleanup. Action Extraction specializes in flood restoration of high risk environments and knows how to employ the necessary measures to protect your family and property.

Sump-Pump-Failure-Creates-Flooding-In-Commerce-Twp.-BasementSump Pump Flood Damage Commerce Twp. MI

After a heavy rain it is often the case that a sump pump fails allowing a basement to flood due to an uncontrolled water table. In commerce twp. MI it happens frequently and unfortunately even new sump pumps can fail and for that reason it is recommended to have a backup sump system installed.

Unfinished basements that fall victim to a sump pump failure will require drying service to assure mold does not begin to grow, however a finished basement requires thorough evaluation. If for instance the carpet and pad become wet the pad needs to be inspected for a plastic spill guard liner which can force carpet to remain wet for a ling time. There are regulated protocols that must be considered as well, one of which is complete removal of wet pad due to microbial contamination. Each certified flood restoration specialist at Action Extraction is very well trained in all flood damage management imperatives and will leave no stone unturned to assure your flooded commerce Twp. basement is restored correctly.

Sump water is teaming with microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, molds and dirt. In just a few short hours these invisible living organisms begin to amplify and create a pungent smell. When our experts arrive we begin the water removal steps required to contain the environment and assure nothing grows and any living organisms are dealt with and eliminated from the basement.

Basement flooding from a broken water pipe Commerce Twp MIFresh Water Damage Cleanup In Commerce Twp. MI

Fresh water flooding such as a water pipe breaking or a sink overflow are flooding sources that are typically covered flood damage losses. Other covered fresh water flooding that is covered by insurance would be: broken hot water heaters, dishwasher malfunctions, refrigerator leaks, washing machine leaks, etc. The good news about fresh water flooding is not only that it is covered by insurance for coverage, but that it does not immediately pose a threat to human health. The problem however is even fresh water will create mold in the home environment if not serviced properly. Fresh water flooding usually happens in the area of the home that is not the basement such as bathrooms and kitchens and here there exist materials that will be damaged badly if left with moisture. Ceramic tile, mortar beds and floors made from laminates tend to hold moisture long enough to create very conspicuous damage.

All our flood damage experts are skilled with finding where the water has come from and where it has gone. The naked eye will not reveal trapped moisture in ceramic tile, marble tile, etc. allowing it to go undetected and destroy floors and introduce a mold possibility. We will make sure to find water wherever it is with specialty moisture detection meters so we can introduce the correct drying procedure.

Cautious When Considering a Contractor in Commerce Twp.

It’s bad enough to have just discovered your basement has flooded let alone feeling the pressure of choosing the right company for the flood cleanup and restoration. Sometimes your insurance carrier will suggest their company come out to service your home and of course at first this may seem natural to do.

First it is important to know your rights. You can choose the company of your choice and before settling for the firm they recommend, check out their credibility on line. If former customers complain or give a bad google, yelp or yellow pages rating, “Buyer Beware!! Remember, insurance companies give their contractors work and these contractors are obligated to do as little as necessary to keep the cost down which means you may have to settle with your old damaged carpet instead of getting new and many other aspects could be limited and compromised.

Action Extraction is a certified firm that works as an independent advocate for you. If your carpet is destroyed you deserve new and we will make that case compelling to your insurance company and our credentials speak louder than our words. We succeed in getting customers covered for the appropriate amount and not a dollar less.

Flooded Basement Cleanup and Flood Damage Restoration Commerce Twp. MI

Have you just walked down into your basement to only discover the worst? If so, you need a seasoned team of experts to help your remove the water and get your basement back to the condition it was in before your basement flooded.

That is where we come in! Action Extraction of Commerce Twp is a full scale restoration company specializing in restoring basements that have undergone severe water damage. We have the certified experts, tools, equipment and experience to immediately turn things around.

Often the first reaction to a flooded basement is to get the water out with a shop vac and just finish the job yourself, but that is not always the best decision. There could be trapped and hidden moisture, electrical problems, or even the potential for mold that require a trained professional.

Basement flood questions Commerce Twp MICommon Questions After Discovering Flood Damage

My basement has flooded, what should I do?

When flooding in Commerce Twp. is found it should be considered as an emergency that should be taken seriously. Wet basements account for nearly all reasons homes have chronic mold issues. Step 1) Call us and let us evaluate at no charge your emergency flood damage and give you the opportunity to see if we are the right company for you. Additionally we will take our time to discover the crucial information you need to get your wet property dry and safe. Step 2) Choose professional help always.

My sump pump is not working, my basement is flooded, should I call a plumber?

You may need a plumber and we have several highly trained plumbers at our disposal 24/7. The problem that can sometimes present itself when calling a plumber first is once they have replaced the pump you still have a water disaster requiring water removal, sanitizing and drying. Some plumbers are hesitant to come out until the water is removed and do not work in standing water. Calling Action Extraction first will assure you have a stress removed experience because we will skillfully manage every step of the flood cleanup process from the plumbing repairs to the drying.

If my basement flooding drains by itself, will I need a professional water restoration company?

Many times a drain in the concrete floor will allow the water to recede and things will look better. However you need to determine why it flooded and if it flooded once it will flood again and next time it could be horrendous. At no charge we will freely evaluate your flooded property environment and figure out the why and instruct you as to a practical plan to get things back to normal. Necessary steps that are almost always going to be taken are: removal of standing water, steam cleaning of contaminated floors the application of a plant based anti-fungal treatment and drying of wet materials.

My basement is wet and smells, how long till I get water damage or mold?

Water damaged property can have visible mold in as little as 48 hours. If water remains anywhere it will continue to do damage and compromise the structure and health of your home. Water removal as quickly as possible with all wet items being evaluated for cleaning or disposal cannot be underestimated. Wet common materials such as; wet carpet, wet carpet pad, wood, tile and wet drywall need to be analyzed for damage and mold. Bad smells after a sewer or sump well backup are likely due to the microorganism rich environment that needs germ elimination and structural dry down.

Flooded Damage Needs The Best Equipment For Success

We use the most cutting edge and new “State of the Art” technology to manage flooded basement cleanup in Commerce Township. We also have specialty drying equipment for hard wood flooring and have a US Patent on the worlds fastest wall drying system, that dries faster at less expense.

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