Flooded Basement Cleaning & Restoration Warren MI.Flooded Basement Cleanup in Warren

If you need flood or sewage cleanup consider Action Extraction services as we are a Michigan leader specializing in property recovery and restoration. For over 30 years we have established ourselves as a preferred restoration firm in Warren provided emergency service 24/7 day or night.

Property disasters can strike at any hour so our IICRC certified professionals are equipped to arrive in 1 hour of your initial call. We have skilled flooded basement cleanup specialist that have proven strategies for rapid recovery of your property whether the flood damage is small or a grand scale disaster.

We have unique skills in flood damage restoration and a US patent for a drying system that allows us to mitigate structural damage faster and more affordably. If you have a sewage backup, wet carpet and several inches or feet of water, we can restore your property quickly and safely.

5-Star rating for customer satisfaction our dedicated tech’s will give your call for assistance a high priority alert getting us to move FAST!

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Our Restoration Technicians

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The most important decision you can make when needing basement cleanup services is choosing the right company. Basement flooding can be quickly and efficiently remedied, provided you work with experienced contractors who use proven methods with skilled service professionals. Each of our  professional disaster restoration experts has the training, education and certification to allow you to be confident at each stage in the restoration process.

IICRC certified professionals manage flood damaged property in Warren
Flood damage caution when water and electrical mix

Why Choose us for Flood Recovery & Cleanup?

Flood recovery involves unique skills and a proven record of excellence that can be easily ascertained by doing a little online research. That is why we are so highly rated for all damage restoration scenario you may encounter. From our initial free inspection of your property to working with your insurance company, we have an impeccable record for being successful at each stage of recovery.

All our certified technicians are required to enroll in continuing educational classes to be always capable of meeting our high standards. These are the technicians we send out when you call and they have many years of experience as well as having managed over 1,000 flood damage projects each. What other flood restoration company can say that? Many companies send out individuals to service basement flooding with little education and a service manual.

We stand out like mountain peaks from the rest for our commitment to maintaining a culture of excellence. We actually have a US Patent on the worlds fastest wall cavity drying system that dries faster and at less expense. No other company can boast of being recognized in the restoration industry like Action Extraction.

Insurance Repair Experts

Flooded basement restoration Warren MIShould you file a claim for your flooded basement cleanup service, than we will work directly with your adjuster as an advocate for you. We do not work for them, we work for you and will successfully navigate you each step of the way to get you your money FAST!

24/7 Emergency Response Team

When you call our 24 hour emergency hotline for basement cleanup service you speak live with the owner. He will be are able to answFlooded basement cleaning service vehicleer you live and address your concerns with a listening ear and guide you through the necessary steps for property recovery.

We offer a free evaluation of your flood damage which includes a detailed inspection of your home, using sensitive moisture detection equipment to locate all hidden moisture.

Our response to your water damage emergency will be with courteous and professional from the first phone call to the last handshake. If you need flooded basement cleanup in Warren MI than choose the company so many others have, Action Extraction.

We offer a 100% customer satisfaction  guarantee on all our work so you can know we put top shelf importance on you our valued customer. It all begins with the first contact, so give us a call now if you are having a flood damage emergency and let us prove ourselves to you. We fully realize it is our job to earn your deepest respect and we pride ourselves on doing just that.

Upon our prompt arrival we will listen carefully while evaluating all damages requiring cleanup and drying. It is our firm belief after speaking with us that we will have instilled in you a sense of relief by our care to your home.

After the evaluation we will create a detailed and strategic solution for restoration that is based upon years of experience. Our first actions will always be to preserve property and prevent mold.

Professional Water Disaster Cleanup Service

Flooded basement from a sump pump backup

Basement flooding has many sources and residents of any home in Michigan can unfortunately be a victim of flooding. Take for instance water from a fresh source like a leaky pipe that can often occur when homeowners are away for the day. Upon returning home the amount of damage from flooding can be horrifying.

Coming home to a basement filled with water will have a tendency to freak out anyone, especially when valued personnel items get wet or destroyed.

The scope of damage property owners experience from basement flooding may vary but the damages are always minimized when fast actions take place.

We have fast emergency water extraction when carpet is wet and pumps to remove water when water is several feet deep. In cases where water is deep and electrical outlets and switches can be affected, never try a do-it-yourself solution because water and electricity do not mix. Action Extraction will always have electrical inspected after a flood to assure the safety of all occupants and to avoid electrical shock.

Water Extraction – Disinfecting – Drying

Anytime there is water removal it is important to apply a germ killing agent to all affected surfaces and structures to prevent the spread of germs. We use plant-based anti-microbial agents that are safe and all natural. These “green” agents will eliminate all organisms allowing for a sterile environment that is required before structural drying.

Following the necessary sanitizing steps our employees will follow through with the drying stage which is critical. Until all wet materials are fully dried the possibility of mold growth and spread exist and property recovery is incomplete. The drying step will assure the damp environment that is conducive for mold is changed to a dry low humidity restored environment.

We place commercial air movers and dehumidifiers to quickly rid the property of the moisture rich air and force drying on all materials. At Action Extraction we use only industrial drying equipment that is on the cutting edge to rapidly dry wet and flooded property.

Flooded Basement In Warren From A Failed Sump Pump

Flloded basement restoration from a sump pump backup Southeast MIWhen basements flood from a failed sump pump the ground water can come rushing in through floor drains. If your basement has an inch of water or several feet, we can remove the water with our truck-mount extraction machines or  high velocity pump.

One of the main reasons basements flood is due to sump pumps that fail when needed during a shower. When these vital pumps don’t engage and allow the ground water around the house to come in through drains and cracks, this is such restoration service we provide.

Ground water has many types of mold in it that begin to grow on wet building materials in as little as 48 hours. Ground water is living with colonies of microorganisms that amplify quickly in a basement. Often the water has fertilizers and volatile organic compounds that will become air borne. Our team of experts will quickly alleviate all concerns by applying plant-based germ killing agents on all surfaces and wet structures. No service for flooded basement cleanup in Warren would be complete apart from managing the germs and air quality.

When such steps are employed to restore basements after flooding all concerns for mold are removed because mold cannot thrive in a dry environment. WE MAKE THINGS DRY!!!

Sewage Cleanup and Disaster Cleaning Services

Flooded basement in Warren from a sewer backup

When sewage affects property the size does not matter. Whether the sewer backup is big or small we restore with the same standards for health and safety.

If your floor drain has backup up with just a small amount of water or you are looking at a large scale disaster that has consumed your basement, the cleaning standards are always the same. When we provide residential restoration after a sewage nightmare we employ all the safety standards allowing you the confidence that you and your family are and will remain safe.

Sewer drain backups are more alarming than a leaky pipe because of the feared contamination and can add stress on homeowners. Because we know the emotions related to sewage removal and cleanup we will be sure to go over the detailed cleaning and sanitizing process to allow you to be confident in our restoration process.

Upon arrival our expert technicians evaluate your property for the damages, identify the problem and come up with a restoration solution we will share with you. After everything has been gone over with you, we will proceed if you choose. Our teams follow a “no pressure policy” that allows you the right to make decisions without influences that make you uncomfortable.

The most dangerous water you can have intrude into your basement is sewer water. This home had a sewer backup that was not abundantly dirty looking or pungent in smell. This often causes homeowners to assume falsely that things are not as bad if it looked dirt and smelled.

CAUTION: It is not what you see and smell that should concern you but what you don’t see. Sewage has viruses, bacteria, fecal waste, organic matter and more. This contaminated presence will force polutants into the air you should not breath. Our service team places an air filtration device upon the moment we begin service that eliminates these germs from the air. This will protect your occupants as well as your immune system.

Why Call Action Extraction Services ?Warren MI. flooded basement stairs under water

We are your best answer for flood damage restoration. We are a certified firm and have restored thousands of homes in Macomb county and maybe even one of your neighbors.

Our knowledge, experience, and use of the latest in state of the art technology has made us specialist at safely drying high risk environments.

Whether a mild shower or a severe storm has created a flood damage emergency in your basement, we have available help for you NOW. Call now to speak live with the owner and he can provide information on flooded basement cleanup cost or dispatch a team of professionals to your home or business.

We serve school districts, cities, homeowners, developers, management companies and senior centers regularly. When they flood they call Action Extraction, a trusted company to immediately serve their needs. Our record for success is impeccable in managing flooded basement cleanup in Warren Michigan.

Flooded basement restoration bannerWe Work with All Insurance Companies

If you are looking for a trusted restoration company to stand by you in representing your loss to your insurance company, you must choose wisely. The flood restoration industry has grown dramatically in the last 10 years and inexperience in documenting damages is on the rise. If pictures, graphs, descriptive line items are not presented in a concise manor you could forfeit many dollars in coverage simply from a lack of knowledge. Action Extraction has worked to get flooded basements covered that other companies failed to do.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Basement flood cleaning is guaranteed in Warren

Due to our 3 decades of experience in managing flooded basement cleaning & restoration Warren MI. we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work. “The Action Extraction Reaction is Satisfaction or There’s no Financial Transaction.” We will do what is required to make you a satisfied customer or it’s free.

Non Insured Discounts

Flooded basement cleaning & restoration Warren MI. insurance specialist
In the unfortunate event your emergency flood project is not covered by insurance, we will still work with you. We specialize in creating affordable strategies for the non-insured and are proud of our proven record at creating many success stories with limited resources. Trying to do on your own what may end up costing more in the long run is not your only option. Call Action Extraction today and you may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable professional restoration can be and ultimately how capable we are at working with what you can afford to get the job done.

State of the Art Equipment for Warren Michigan

We use the latest technology and offer the fastest drying available in the flood restoration industry. Combining vortex drying systems with the thermal energy we can quickly create a safe & dry environment that prevents health threatening growths such as mold & bacteria from spreading. We are proud to utilize the best equipment for your flooded basement cleaning in Warren MI. home.

We use truck-mount extraction units, sensitive moisture meters, turbo dryers, industrial dehumidifiers and thermal energy when providing flooded basement cleanup in Warren. Our quick dry method rapidly eliminates moisture from the air averting damage to carpets, cabinets and walls.

Recent Flooded Basement Projects

Interesting Things About Warren

You may have not known
  • Warren is the largest city in Macomb Twp. and has 6 zip codes. 48088, 48089, 48090, 48091, 48092.
  • Founded in 1837 its population has grown to 135,000
  • Named after Rev. Abel Warren a war hero who settled into what is now Macomb County.
  • The First Baptist Church was built in 1857 still stands as one of the oldest buildings remaining from its founding.
  • Macomb Community College began offering courses in 1954 to 84 students. In just 8 years it grew to 3,000 and today it is so recognized, that for nearly 3 decades presidential candidates have visited while on the campaign trail.