Flooded Basement Cleaning & Restoration Shelby Twp. MIFlooded Basement Restoration, Cleanup and Flood Damage Repair Shelby Twp.

Action Extraction responds to flooded basements, flooded homes and water damage emergencies in Shelby Twp. with prompt service. Flood water removal, cleanup and relief is just a phone call away. Arrival times often less than 30 minutes when we are called for flooded basement cleaning & restoration Shelby Twp. MI CALL NOW 800-713-4333. 

If your home or business, in Shelby Twp. MI. has experienced a flood emergency of any type, whether it is a wet basement from a sump pump backup, broken supply line, sewer backup, or any other type of water damage; time is of the essence. When water has direct exposure to drywall it creeps higher up with each hour, becoming more difficult and costly to dry. The sooner water is removed the better the chances are at preventing mold and microbial contamination.

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The most critical decision you can make after finding a flooded basement in Shelby Twp. is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in Ray Twp. and all Southeast Michigan. 


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What 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service Do You Need?

Local IICRC certified FLOOD DAMAGE RESTORATION SPECIALIST are standing ready to provide the best in water damage cleanup and repairs FAST!

We have been a Shelby Twp. leader in the field of water damage cleanup and repairs for over 26 years

Immediate 24/7 Emergency Response Team

When Action Extraction receives a call from a homeowner that is in a panic over discovering water in their basement or home, we are prepared to act FAST!

Flooded-House-Shelby-MIWe listen to you with the highest regard for your concerns no matter what time of day or night you call. When we arrive to your home our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction will be recognized immediately. Our clean cut and mannerly IICRC certified professionals will eagerly begin the restoration of your Shelby Twp. home.

Often arriving in less than 30 minutes we will evaluate the extent of your damages with specialty moisture tracking equipment, document the loss and introduce the necessary steps to prevent further water damage to your property.

We Use The Worlds Fastest Drying System for Flooded Shelby Twp Basements.

have invented a patent pending drying system Insta Duct Systems, exclusively designed for drying flooded basements.

If you have concerns about insurance coverage for flood damage, we offer a stress free experience as insurance repair specialist in Shelby Michigan.

Flooded Basement Cleaning and Drying Shelby MI


Spring time in Shelby Twp. MI is known for strong weather systems that can poor down with fierce rain and cause an increase in basement flooding. Often unsuspecting homeowners are horrified when they step into their basements and discover ankle deep water. Most basements in Shelby Twp. are equipped with sump pumps that keep basements from flooding. If electricity goes out or the sump pump fails water begins to infiltrate the basement which creates significant water damage. This water is abundantly supplied with fungi, molds, bacteria, fertilizer chemicals and other microbial growths. When this ground water comes into direct contact with drywall, carpet, pad or flooring…these materials often become very wet and may develope mold in 24 – 48 hours.

Less frequently sewers backup in Shelby Twp. MI. and the degree of contamination can be tremendous. Action Extraction restores all types of flooding from fresh water to sewer.

Why Call Action Extraction Inc. To Clean Your Flooded Basement?flood stairs

Action Extraction Inc. is Michigan's premiere company for flooded basement cleanup in Shelby Twp. MI. We have been a recognized leader in the industry for over 26 years due to our dedication to ongoing education, experience, and use of the latest technology.

If rainfall from a severe downpour causes a flooded basement cleaning & restoration Shelby twp. MI incident in your home, we can help you and earn your deepest confidence. We are a recognized certified firm with incredibly dedicated IICRC certified professionals that are eager to assist you with the restoration of your flooded basement. We work for school districts, cities, developers, homeowners, management companies and senior centers weekly. When they have flooding they trust Action Extraction and so can you. We have an impeccable record at successfully managing flooded basement cleaning & restoration Shelby twp. MI

Sewer Backup Cleaning in Shelby Twp. MI

There is no more disturbing water that can infiltrate your Shelby Twp. Home than sewer water.

When sewer water enters the home environment it brings with it potentially 81 harmful viruses that must be eliminated from the indoor air environment as soon as possible. Merely applying bleach and water solutions only smear contamination and in some cities it is illegal to do remediation with such products in contaminated environments due to the false perception germs have been killed. There are specific protocols that must be strictly adhered to if pathogenic waste is to be eliminated and air safe for humans to breath.

Protecting your Shelby Twp. Property from Flooding

If your Shelby Twp. property is susceptible to flooding, flood damage, water damage or any flood damage occurrence, there are many flood damage reduction measures you can employ.

• Watertight seals can be applied to brick and block walls to protect against low-level flooding. Raise the grade around your Shelby Twp. property, divert water from home by downspouts with a length of channel and be sure after rain there are is no pooling water around your home.

• Utilities such as heating and air conditioning systems, water heaters and other major appliances can be elevated to higher floors in the structure or on raised platforms.

• Temporary measures such as moving furniture and other valuables to higher floors or sandbagging exterior openings will also help. Place items in basement in plastic totes or elevate these items from the basement floor.

Flooded Basement Cleaning & Restoration Shelby Twp. MI

The Shelby Twp. 100-year flood plain

Portions of Shelby Township are encumbered by the 100-year floodplain. The areas most susceptible to flooding are along the Main and Middle Branch of the Clinton River. When these areas flood the water damage homes may face could become tremendous, Smaller floodplain areas exist proximate to the Harris, Longstaff, Decker, Dunn and Bannister Drains. Of course, any drain, stream, river or other body of water in the township poses a flooding risk and the chances for water damage great. Flooded Basement Cleaning & Restoration Shelby Twp. MI will continue to be a real probability in the future.

Information on whether your property is in the 100-year floodplain can be obtained by coming into the Charter Township of Shelby Building Department and having a Building Inspector assist you with floodplain maps. Maps can also be reviewed online at fema.gov or by visiting the Building Department portion of the township website at shelbytwp.org to access the link. Contact the Building Department at (586) 731-5969 for further assistance.

If your Shelby Twp. property has experienced water damage from a flood, a sewer backup, sump pump water backup, or any other water damage occurrence in Shelby Twp. Call NOW 800-713-4333.

Flooded Basement Cleaning & Restoration Shelby Twp. MI does not need to be complicated or confusing. Our experience in restoration makes us your one stop water restoration best choice. Consider our credentials that make us stand out like mountain peaks from the rest. Call Today 1-800-713-4333

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