flooded basement cleaning restoration fraser miFlooded Basement Restoration, Cleanup and Repairs Fraser MI.

CALL NOW 800-713-4333 for an immediate response to a flooded basement, flood damage restoration, sump or sewer backup, frozen pipe, broken water line or any other type of water damage emergency. Flooded Basement Cleaning & Restoration Fraser MI is available 24/7 day or night. Water removal, sanitizing, sewer cleanup and restoration is done through highly trained professionals that are local.

Action Extraction has been a Michigan leader in flooded basement restoration and flood damage cleanup for over 26 years and has a US patent on the worlds fastest wall drying system Insta Duct, that dries faster and at less expense.

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a flooded basement in Fraser is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in Fraser and all Southeast Michigan. 


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Why Flooded Basements Happen in Fraser

flooded basement cleaning restoration fraser miBasements naturally attract water being the lowest point in any home and it is estimated that most homes in Fraser will experience some form of water damage from flooding. Basements in Fraser MI may experience a backup with sewer water, if roots block the drain system from a tree that is in close proximity.

Other Flooded basements may occur when homes designed with sump pumps have a power failure or malfunction resulting in an uncontrolled water table. Still others may experience a flooded basement from a burst hot water heater, washing machine breakdown or toilet overflow. Whatever the source, flooded basement cleaning & restoration Fraser MI is often needed at unexpected moments and often the worst times imaginable. Holidays, weddings, birthdays, vacations.

If you’re experiencing one of these human moments due to a flooded basement in your Fraser MI. home please consider calling us NOW before it becomes worse. The water damage that can result from waiting is much worse than the initial damage from the flood water itself.

We work with your insurance company and are a specialist in insurance repair work.

Immediate 24/7 Fraser MI Flooded Basement Response Team

flooded basement cleaning & restoration Fraser MI

Taking the necessary actions as soon as possible is of critical importance because mold will begin to develop in 48 hours from the time the water enters the home. Because of this, Action Extraction responds to flood emergencies when they happen day or night 24/7. When you call we are available to listen to what you have to say with a compassionate ear, flooded basements can be quite traumatic and we are able to calm your worries and begin the restoration process of your home in a manner that respects your concerns. Action Extraction has IICRC certified technicians standing by 24/7 to assist you with the restoration of flooded basement in Fraser MI. Our company has been built for quick response so arrival times are often less than an hour. Our commitment to delivering the optimum experience in flooded basement restoration in Michigan will be evident in each step of the restoration process as we make your home our top priority.

Flooded Basement Cleaning and Restoration Fraser MI

Flooded basement cleaning & restoration Fraser MI

This basement flooded from a fresh water supply line that cracked while the homeowners were away. When they finally arrived home at the end of the day they discovered their basement had flooded and were uncertain what to do.

Action Extraction removed the water, cleaned, disinfected and dried the basement, guiding the entire insurance claims process. This homeowner’s insurance company was impressed with our thorough standards in documenting water losses and gladly gave them a new tile floor, repaired walls, a fresh coat of paint and a new hot water heater.

Flooded Basement In Fraser MI. From A Failed Sump Pump

flooded basement cleaning restoration fraser miA failed sump pump created 4″ of ground water that saturated this finished basement.  Ground water often looks clear, however it is living water due to the existence of millions of microorganisms that generate mold growth in 48 hours. Two hours after we received the initial call all water was removed, anti-microbial agents were applied and we had placed drying equipment.

Our flooded basement cleaning & restoration Fraser MI is surprisingly affordable and we specialize in making affordable strategies for customers that may not be covered by their insurance company.

Because basement flooding is not always covered by insurance we have adopted a philosophy that allows us to consider the circumstances of limited resources and adjust the cost for cleanup so potential customers might still be able to afford restoration.

Flooded Basement In Fraser MI. From A Sewer Backup

Flooded-Basement-Fraser-MIThe most contaminated water you can have flood your basement in Fraser is sewer water. This basement had a sewer backup with cloudy water that did not smell very offensive. Often this eases homeowner’s fears, assuming that things are not that bad.

CAUTION: It is not what you see and smell that should concern you as much as what you cannot see or smell. Regardless how non-threatening this water appears, it is pathogenic and has the potential to cause disease.


Why Call Action Extraction To Clean Your Flooded Fraser Basement?Flooded Basement Restoration Fraser MI

We are Fraser MI. best answer to a flooded basement. We are a certified firm and have restored numerous homes that have experienced basement flooding and related mold concerns.

Our commitment to continued education, and use of the latest state of the art equipment has made us an industry leader in safely drying high risk environments.

Whether a severe storm or mild shower contributes to a flooded basement in your Fraser MI. home, we provide immediate HELP.

Call today 800-713-4333 and get your questions and concerns addressed. We service senior centers, developers, school districts, cities, homeowners, management companies and more. Our record for success is impeccable in managing the restoration of flooded basements in Fraser MI.

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