Flooded Basement Cleanup St Clair Shores MIFlooded Basement Cleanup in St Clair Shores Michigan

When flooding strikes a basement you need a water damage clean up and repairs contractor that specializes in property restoration. Wet basements are a haven for mold damage to develop and spread making flooded basement cleanup in St. Clair Shores necessary to fully restore wet properties. Action Extraction services is your one-stop-source for certified flood damage restoration .

For over 30 years we have been a Michigan leader in flood water damage restoration and water damage cleanup. We quickly bring professional emergency service to commercial and residential properties in St Clair Shores, MI. All our dedicated professionals have managed over 1,000 floods each and are IICRC certified in flooded basement cleanup and wet basement cleanup.

If you need an emergency restoration contractor to respond at a moments notice to bring resources to turn a water disaster nightmare into a triumpth of cleaning technology, look no further. We are a professional flood water damage restoration contractor specializing in commercial and residential property recovery. If your basement flooded, we can bring assistance in 1 hour or less.

Our emergency rapid response team is available 24/7 to provide water removal, basement flood cleanup, damage restoration, repairs, dry out, clean up and structural drying.

. Whether you have a sewage backup, broken water pipe, toilet overflow or any other type of related flooding emergency, we can help NOW!

Insurance Claims Specialist

Flooded basement cleanup in Saint Clair Shores MIIf you have a flooded basement in St Clair Shores and make a water loss claim for a sewer backup or a fresh water cleanup, we make the claims process headache free and get you your money FAST!

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Our Basement Flood Cleanup Tech’s

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Your most important decision when needing flooded basement cleanup in St Clair Shores is choosing the right flood damage company. If you have just descended your stairs to be horrified by foul smelling black water, we can triumph over the disaster with immediate help.We offer a free assessment of damages and will provide a detailed estimate of the flooded basement cost before we begin.We are a premiere damage repair company with the highest customer service rating in metro Detroit.

We use only certified techs for flooded basement cleaning in Saint Clair Shores affordable
Flooded basement cleanup in St. Clair Shores can be dangerous

Immediate Response Team – When Basements Flood

Your flood emergency is not unique as we regularly cleanup flooded basements that have water damage from every type of water emergency possible. Sewer backups, fresh water cleanup, toilet overflows, sump pump water cleanup, and Flooded basement cleaning and restoration in Saint Clair Shores MIa myriad of others.

When your property is wet it is at risk for secondary damages that are very costly. This is why we immediately dispatch our professionals after you contact us so we can minimize damages. We want to remove all water and introduce drying equipment as quickly as possible to minimize damages.

When flooded basement cleanup in St Clair Shores is delayed the possibility for mold increases dramatically and places wet property at risk. Because the growth of mold can occur in 48 hours from the time water is introduced into the home environment, time must be of the essence.

If water from a fresh water source has made it’s way to your valuable carpets and floors, we are able to safety remove water and dry these materials and fully restore your home to its original condition. Even if water has absorbed into your drywall or other materials we will create an affordable strategy for the most efficient drying possible.

We guarantee a stress free Claims experience second to none and our google rating is 5 stars. 5-star-rated-water-damage-company

Affordable Rates / Free Estimates / Expert Service / Certified Firm

Typically there are 3 basic categories of flooding that take place in Saint Clair Shores MI. There is fresh water from water lines or fixtures like sinks and tubs, ground water that floods basements through sump wells and foundations and sewer water that comes up though drains and toilets.

Basements occupy the lowest level in a structure and water is sure to find its way there when flooding occurs. The standing water and high moisture poses a serious threat to the health of the home. Mold growth, bad odors and structural compromise can result if a restorative plan is not put in place to reverse potential dangers. We service distressed properties offering leaky basement repair and wet basement drying.

Heavy rains often create conditions that bring enough rise in the water table to flood property due to a floor drain backup of sewer water. Finished areas with carpet and furniture can experience devastating sewage damage requiring flood repair sanitizing to allow the property to be habitable to the occupants.

Consider taking advantage of the highest 5-star rated restoration company in St Clair Shores Michigan for the assistance you need. We have the experience, resources, technical skills and equipment to deliver the outcome any property owner would be pleased to experience.

Flooded Basement Cleanup St. Clair Shores MIBasement Sewage Cleanup

When a sewer backup occurs after storm damage, a finished basement can become badly water damaged. Wet carpet, dry wall, flooring materials and personal items often become contaminated in a sewer backup needing high risk cleanup.

Action Extraction acts fast providing the necessary sewer backup cleaning in Huntington Woods when sewage cleanup is needed. It is essential that all contaminated surfaces and materials are restored by high standards that place human health and safety as a priority.  Sewer backup water is teaming with e-coli bacteria, germs and 81 types of viruses that must be eliminated from the environment quickly to reduce damages and cost for basement cleanup.

We use air filtration systems to manage the environment control as we mitigate the sewage cleanup process. All airborne contaminates are removed so occupants remain safe from germs until the disaster cleanup is complete.

Sewage water removal is accomplished using professional truck-mount extraction systems that clean floor surfaces with high pressure steam cleaning. Wet carpet, wet dry wall, wet laminate flooring and kitchen and bath cabinetry is evaluated for damages and documented for insurance claims.

Why St Clair Shores Basements Flood

Water is naturally attracted to the lowest place available to it in a property, which is generally the basement. It is estimated that most homes will experience some type of water damage from flooding. Small leaks to major flooding are common over the course of a homes lifespan which is over 75 years.

If your basement is flooding in St Clair Shores from a backup of sewer water it may be due to tree roots blocking the drain system. It is important to have them removed at the time of sanitizing service to achieve the goal of preventing a sewer backup in the future.

Some properties in Metro Detroit are equipped with a sump pump to control rising water. If the sump pump fails due to a power outage we can set up a temporary system till power is restored. If the pump has failed we can install a new one at the time of restoration service. If the source is from your plumbing we can fix it and even replace your hot water heater if it failed.

Contact us today for the professional help you need and speak live with the owner who will be able to put all your concerns at rest with reliable and detailed information.

Flooded Basement Cleanup & Repairs Service

When water damage occurs and significant choices have to be made it is important to choose the right water damage  restoration firm. Action Extraction does not shoot from the hip when it comes to flooded basement cleanup in St Clair Shores MI. We have been a recognized leader in the field of drying flooded residences and businesses in Michigan for over 3 decades.


We have witnessed over the years an alarming number of botched water restoration projects from companies that call themselves restoration specialist. Some are not certified or experienced and often insurance adjusters will refuse to pay if the work has been done wrong or if cost is inflated. We know from the moment we enter your home, exactly what actions must be taken. We completely document the water loss and perform all services according to the standards of the insurance industry. We have an impeccable record in being an advocate for homeowners and communicate directly with your adjuster.

We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that we are proud of: “The Action Extraction Reaction is Satisfaction or there’s no Financial Transaction”. From the first phone call to the final handshake, we will be to fully committed to customer satisfaction as we make your home safe once again.

Water Damage Strikes at all Times


When homes are flooding while homeowners are away on vacation often the devastation is not discovered for many days. Once they return home the destructive potential of the water can have destroyed the integrity of much of the homes aesthetics.

Homes can develop devastating mold and a nightmare of damage that will require large sums of money to fully repair.

When we arrive as soon as the damages are first discovered we succeed in removing water and drying structures with professional drying equipment in less than 3 days.

The application of our plant based anti-microbial agents to all surfaces kills germs and prohibit the advancement of microbial contamination.

Stress Free Basement Flood Cleanup – St Clair Shores

Any kind of damages related to flooding can be unsettling and feelings of panic and worry can occupy ones mind. We see the stress and frustration in the eyes of homeowners each week who have learned there valuable possessions are floating in a pool of water. If your home is experiencing a flooded basement PLEASE DO NOT PANIC!

Action Extraction is built to be able to be to your flooded home in as little time as necessary. Our IICRC certified crew can often be there in less than 45 minutes from the time of your first call. Upon our arrival we listen carefully to your concerns and address each unique circumstance to calm and inform you that all is going to be OK.

Once we evaluate your home we begin the drying process by removing water with truck mount extraction units, we disinfect all materials and we introduce drying equipment into the wet environment to quickly create a dry environment that will not allow mold damage to grow.

All our employees are trained to be professional and courteous throughout the entire process of restoring your Saint Clair Shores MI. home.

Action Extraction has repaired flooded homes that have experienced every water damage scenario possible. If flood water has come all the way up to the top step of your home or if you have discovered a small wet area of carpet, WE CAN FIX IT! We have electricians, plumbers, HVAC specialist, carpenters, mechanical engineers, and other certified professions to fully manage even the most problematic project.

We Make Insurance Claims Stress FreeFlooded-Basement-Insurance-Saint-Clair-Shores-MI

At Action Extraction there is always an abundantly satisfying experience with the insurance carrier we are worked with. They appreciate how we document the water loss and how we represent the insured. We have a history of even getting water losses covered that were first denied because of our unique ability to craft the truth in a compelling way.

Our many years of experience in the industry uniquely equip us to effectively manage any claim from the first phone call to checks being issued. We are known by the insurance carriers as professionals that operate their business with integrity. From our documentation, to pictures, moisture mapping and carefully explaining your water damage event, we are successful at creating a stress free insurance claim. We are educated in the software that the insurance companies request contractors use for estimating, so at no time is there a concern on pricing.

Flooded Basement Cleanup St Clair Shores – 100% Satisfaction GuaranteeFlooded-Basement-Saint-Clair-Shores-MI-Banner

Action Extraction delivers the very best in flooded basement cleaning and restoration in Saint Clair Shores MI. For more than 26 years we have proudly stood behind our pledge to consumer satisfaction. The owner Charles Bingham a Michigan resident began the company from day one with a unique promise: “The Action Extraction Reaction is Satisfaction or there’s no Financial Transaction”. We will do what it takes to make you a satisfied customer.

We Are the Inventors of a Patented Drying SystemFlooded basement cleaning and restoration in Saint Clair Shores MI

It is one thing to be a restoration company, however it is another if you have invented a drying system and spent thousands of dollars to be capable of drying faster and at less expense. We are deep thinkers and have created a controlled energy system called Insta Duct, capable of drying walls with wet insulation.

Flood Cleanup Requires the Latest in State of the Art Technology

If you ever scheduled an appointment with an unknown company, you just don’t know what you are going to get until they arrive. If unprofessional employees show up in a wreck of a vehicle, you may be unpleasantly surprised and rightfully so.

Action Extraction shows up with uniformed professionals that utilize the most cutting edge equipment available anywhere. Our flooded basement cleaning and restoration in Saint Clair Shores MI is done with the very latest cutting edge equipment. We spare no expense to deliver the fastest drying of your carpet and home. Flooded homes place occupants in a state of emergency until the drying is complete due to the threat of mold.

Drying fast and efficiently can only be achieved with the newest technology available. Our air movers, dehumidifiers, meters and equipment are the latest and produce results that haggard and worn out inventory can never produce. We have specialty equipment for drying walls, wood floors, carpet and any building material that are wet.

Videos of Flooded Basement Cleaning in St. Clair Shores

Interesting Things About Royal Oak

You may have not known
  • St. Clair Shores is a suburban city that borders Lake Saint Clair and has three zip codes. 48080, 48081, 48082.
  • The 2010 census indicated a population of approximately 59,715
  • During the prohibition several homes bordering Jefferson had tunnels that went under the street leading to the illegal liqueur from Canada to be brought to the US.
  • The Shores are renowned for its “Nautical Mile”; lakefront strip of Jefferson Avenue between 9 & 10 Mile that is known for having large palatial homes.
  • In the movie “Grand Torino” the car is showed driving on the Nautical Mile in its last scene.