Flooded Basement Cleanup Restoration and Repairs Eastpointe MIFlooded Basement Cleaning and Restoration in Eastpointe Michigan

If you need flooded basement cleaning in Eastpointe Michigan, than look no further. Action Extraction provides emergency damage restoration to exceed all expectations. Our 5-star rating is in recognition of our commitment to 100% guarantee for customer satisfaction and 30 years as a owner operated firm.

We understand when disaster strikes from a sewage backup or sump pump failure there is an urgency to act quickly. Flood damage can harm property, destroy materials and breed mold and harmful germs if not manage in a time honoring fashion.

Let our emergency response team of IICRC certified technicians respond to your distress before the contamination brings more damage. We bring unmatched professional restoration using the latest in cutting edge technology to bring about quick recovery and safe dwellings.

Call now at 800-713-4333 to speak live with the owner for answers on steps to take when basements flood and we can dispatch a crew  that can be on-site in less than 1 hour.

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a flooded basement is choosing the right flood repair company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. We are a recognized leader in Michigan in the field of flood damage restoration, water removal and restoration cleanup.

We hold a US Patent of the world’s fastest wall cavity drying system and the distinctive title as inventors of Insta Duct Systems, that dries faster at less expense.


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Why Action Extraction for Flooded Basement Cleaning in Eastpointe Michigan

You can speak live with the owner when you call making us unique because often the main authority of a business is insulated and hard to connect with. We will stay in direct contact with you till the entire restoration damages are completed.
Flooded Basement Cleaning and Restoration in East Pointe MI

We have successfully restored countless of flooded properties in all Southeast MI. identical to yours. We have a 5-star rating on multiple social medias from former customers and have the rare distinction of having invented a US patented drying system.

Our years of courteous flood damage cleanup and repair will bring your home or business back to its original pre-flood condition in no time. Often  properties are greatly improved upon with our repairs service as new material, flooring and painting can make an old basement look luxurious once again.

Why Basement flooding is not Unique to Eastpointe Michigan

When unwanted water is discovered, it is common to exclaim, “Where did this water come from!” The answer is rather easy to explain. Basements are naturally a location for flooding or water damages related to water because they occupy the lowest point of a home or business. Basement flooding Cleaning in Eastpointe MI is common because many of these homes have as an original foundation a lower space. When a heavy rain deluges property and inundates sewer sanitary systems backups can be frequent. If water comes in through floor drains and foundation cracks many destructive gallons can directly flow into the basement area.

When flooding is discovered in a home or business it becomes easy to entertain thoughts of mold, fungi and germs amplifying and posing a severe health risk to occupants. That is the need that has allowed us the privilege to have restored thousands of properties that needed restoration and repair.

Flooded Basement Cleaning and Restoration in East Pointe MI24/7 Emergency Flood Response for Eastpointe Basement Flooding

Is your home or business presently experiencing a flood damage emergency from a sewer backup, sump pump failure or any other type property emergency due to a broken pipe or hot water heater leak? Action Extraction has an immediate 24/7 emergency response that can change everything for the better with just one call 800-713-4333.

We have abundantly skilled professionals that are IICRC certified in water and flood damage repairs as well as being exceptionally courteous and knowledgeable. We offer a 100% satisfaction Guarantee that we stand behind: “The Action Extraction Reaction is Satisfaction or there’s no Financial Transaction”.

Water Damage from a Fresh Water Source in East Pointe

When flooding occurs it is important to act immediately, because elevated moisture in the home creates mold in 48 hours of the initial water intrusion. Fresh water flooding from sources such as a broken or frozen pipe is not initially hazardous to human health, however, is very destructive to building materials. Flooded-Basement-Cleanup-East-Pointe-MI

Action Extraction will quickly remove the water and dry your home with state of the art drying equipment to inhibit the potential for mold and prevent further damage to your property. We are equipped to manage any plumbing repair to stop the source of the water damage whether it is simple like a leaky pipe or more involved like a new hot water heater.

Fresh water flooding often is a grand scale disaster need an insurance claim to allow helpful funds to offset repairs cost. We are specialist at insurance claims and will act as an advocate for you allowing a speedy claims process and your money FAST!

Flooded Basements from a Sump Pump Backup in Eastpointe MI

Flood Basement Cleaning in Eastpointe MichiganDisaster can strike from a sump pump backup and immediately places your home or business in a state of emergency due to the contaminated ground water. The pollutants that exist in a ground water backup can bring potential health risk to occupants unless all bacteria, mold, fungi and other germs are eliminated.

When we service properties that have a flooding basement we follow stringent guidelines to assure there are no lingering human health concerns. This means high pressure cleaning protocols, detailed analysis of materials and the application of plant-based germ killing agents.

Once cleaning and restoration steps have been completed by our experts the structural drying process will begin. A careful evaluation of all materials will guide the strategic placement of commercial dehumidifiers, air movers and air filtration systems to manage air quality control. The drying chamber will have all wet carpet, drywall, wood and other water affected materials completely restored in 3 days or less.

Basement Flooding from a Sewer Backup in East Pointe

Flooded basement restoration Eastpointe MichiganThe chances of having a sewer backup can be greater in many communities in Macomb Twp. The age of the homes, coupled with the mature development of the root systems of large trees close to drain systems increases the potential for sewers to backup. This water is dangerous to human health and is always pathogenic (disease causing) and restoration of this high risk environment must be guided by certain standards to assure the health of all occupants in the home.

Action Extraction has highly trained professionals that specialize in high risk cleanup in germ infested environments. When flood restoration sanitizing is needed from sewage we employ the necessary steps to ensure human safety as well as preservation of you valuable physical property. Call us today and we can talk about the flooded basement cleanup cost and explain our free evaluation off on any flooded property.

Staying Safe During Flood Restoration Service

Be very cautious when approaching a flooded basement as there are hidden dangers that sometimes are not worth dealing with and should be left to the professionals.

ELECTRICAL DANGERS: If for instance your basement has over an inch of water in it you may have an extension cord or appliance electrical cord that has made the water alive with dangerous electrical current. If you do venture into a basement flood be sure to wear rubber boots and have someone there to assist you should you fall or need help. Emergency restoration is always best done by a professional when there are electrical dangers.

SLIPPING DANGERS: Water makes everything slippery and a flooded basement is no exception as hard surface flooring can be abundantly dangerous to negotiate while walking. Even when your wet flooring is carpet, be sure to be careful once you leave that environment to walk onto a hard surface because your first initial step could be slippery and health related emergencies to slipping are amongst the most common.

TOUCHING DANGERS: Even when you take precautions to assure electrical dangers are absent from your wet environment, it is vital you do not touch anything that is electrical. It can be a danger to even stand in water and turn on a light as the anomaly of arching could happen. Of course there is the possibility to touch items that are plugged in that are not grounded well and getting a shock.

Steps To Flooded Basement Cleanup in Eastpointe MI

Flooded Basement Cleaning and Restoration in Eastpointe MI

When damage flooding occurs it is vital that certain steps are taken as soon as possible to avoid further damage as well as kill germs to stay healthy. Here are several steps that need to happen that even the professionals will follow.

Determining the source of water that caused the disaster. In most situations the cause for a unwanted waters presence will be obvious like a broken water pipe or burst hot water heater. Sometimes the flooding is a mystery and may need a professional assessment to fully determine.

Water removal of any standing water. If you have a foot of water or more than a pump will be necessary to remove the water from your basement. Pumps only get you down to an inch or two so you will still need to get the last inch or so with a shop vac or professional extraction machine.

Disinfect all surfaces. All hard surfaces that have come into contact with the water need to be sanitized to kill germs. Professionals use very safe plant based products you will not have access to, however home depot sell liquid disinfectants that kill 99.9% of germs and this is essential.

Disposal of damaged materials. Water coming into contact with paper, cardboard, stuffed animals, clothes, sheets and the like are needing to be removed from the wet area and dealt with outside the home. Of course if the water was from a drain all these items are damaged beyond saving and should be removed and discarded. Drywall, carpets and pad should only be saved if the water was fresh water and you have the means to dry them in less than 72 hours.

Dry all wet items. The most important step after a basement flood is to dry everything as it was prior to the flood. This will require a large capacity dehumidifier, air movers and the proper placement of equipment.

Flooded Basement Restoration in Eastpointe MI

Of all the various in home services residents in Eastpointe Mi contact a professional for, flooded basements may be the most common. Each season that passes has many opportunities for a basement to flood such as heavy rain and melting snow not to mention broken water pipes, sink overflows and appliance malfunctions.

Roofs are replaced every 20-30 years, carpets last about 10 years, electrical and plumbing services are not to frequent, however many homes experience flooding issues every year or two to various degrees.

Speak To The Owner 24/7 For Flooding Basement Advice

Flooded Basement Cleaning and Restoration in Eastpointe MIAction Extraction has a business model that is dedicated to instilling peace of mind by offering a listening ear 24/7. If you have a water damage emergency in your home Call NOW 800-713-4333 to speak with the owner, Charles Bingham who will answer any questions you may have and guide you through the required steps for restoring your East Pointe home.

Here are several tips on cleaning your home or business after water damage.

Flooded Basement Cleaning and Restoration