Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning Macomb MIFlooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning Macomb MI

Action Extraction responds immediately to flood damage emergencies in Macomb MI day or night 24/7. If you have just walked downstairs and discovered your home or business has become flooded from a failed sump pumpsewer backup, broken water line, or any other type of water damage, then we can help like no other. Flooded basement restoration and cleaning Macomb MI is what we are known for.

Action Extraction Inc. is a Michigan leader in handling flooded basement cleanup and restoration and has served Macomb, Oakland and all Southeast Michigan for over 30 years. We are the renowned inventors of Insta Duct Systems, a patented drying system exclusively designed for drying homes with flooded basements.

Flooded basement cleanup Macomb MIInsurance Claims Specialist

A basement flooded in many cases is covered under a homeowner insurance policy. We specialize in managing insurance claims so you are able to rest headache free.

We will guide the entire flood restoration process by sending in the necessary pictures and documents to get you your money FAST!

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a basement flooded is choosing the right basement flood cleanup contractor. Action Extraction is a premiere flooded basement restoration and cleaning Macomb MI company with the highest customer service rating in Macomb and all Southeast Michigan. We offer a free inspection that will allow you to know the cost of  cleaning up your basement and offer special discounts to assist you if there is no insurance for your water loss.


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What Flooded Basement Cleanup Do You Need?

Immediate 24/7 Emergency Response Team

Your call is answered live by the owner who can discuss cost for basement cleanup or dispatch an expert crew of professionals for immediate disaster service. Our arrival is in under 1 hour, our employees are uniformed and our technology is cutting edge. We service all basement flood restoration with professionalism and are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

We have local certified technicians standing ready 24/7 that are experienced, clean cut, courteous and eager to Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning Macomb MIassist you with the restoration of your flooded home. Our flooded basement restoration and cleaning Macomb MI service is second to none and we will prove it.

Upon our arrival we will evaluate the basement flooded and extent of your damages. This includes pictures of the damage water site, documentation of your personnel proprty and submit all paperwork to your insurance carrier.

Flooded Basement Cleaning and Drying in Macomb MI


When strong weather systems poor down with fierce rain often sump pumps fail and sewers backup causing basements to become flooded with contaminated water also called gray water. This water is abundantly supplied with fungi, molds, bacteria, fertilizer chemicals and other microbial growths. When this ground water comes into direct contact with drywall, carpet, pad or flooring…these materials often become very wet and may develop mold in 24 – 48 hours if decontamination and drying service is not provided.


Why Call Action Extraction For Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleaning Macomb MI?Flooded-Basement-Macomb-MI-Restoration

Action Extraction is recognized in the property disaster industry as Michigan’s #1 choice as we have been leaders in the industry of water damage cleanup for over 30 years. Our knowledge, experience, and use of the latest in state of the art technology has made us specialist at safely drying high risk environments.

Whether a heavy rain or storm damage has created a flood damage emergency, we have skilled and certified professionals eager to assist you with the disaster recovery of your flooded basement. We serve school districts, cities, homeowners, developers, management companies and senior centers regularly.

When they flood we are called on to immediately serve the needs related to flood damage. We have an unblemished record at successfully drying with the best tools for flooded basement cleanup in Macomb Michigan.

We Manage every Type of Basement Flood Cleanup in Macomb MI

Action Extraction can manage any flooded home scenario imaginable and have restored countless water damaged properties. From an aquarium leak that damages a small area of wet carpet to water damage from a refrigerator leak that deluges down into a basement area our experience in water damage restoration can restore your property to the condition it was in before your water damage incident.

In Macomb many houses rely on a sump pump to control the amount of ground water around the house. Sometimes these systems fail and cause sump pump backup Macomb MI requiring a new sump pump as well as emergency cleanup.

We are specialist at high risk water damage cleanup when a basement is flooded. Sewage cleanup after a sewer water backup, toilet overflows and drain backups are our specialty. If you have a flooded finished basement, we have seen it all and are experienced, certified and equipped to completely restore water damaged properties FAST!


We have plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialist, mechanical engineers, carpenters and more to manage the A-Z management of your particular flooded basement. Our IICRC certified technicians are highly trained in being courteous and efficient. Action Extraction follows a business model that places customer health and satisfaction as our primary goal.

We Work with All Insurance Companies

Flooded-Basement-Restoration-Macomb-MIWhen homeowners make an insurance claim for flooded basement cleanup, they often are dealing with an unfamiliar process that can be intimidating. Action Extraction is an insurance claims specialist handling multiple claims each week for homeowners. We deal with all insurance companies and will confidently escort you through the process as an advocate for you.

Flooded Basements in Macomb MI are not always covered under a traditional homeowners policy and correctly classifying the source of intrusion critical. Call Action Extraction for help in determining coverage.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Macomb-Flooded-House-MIThe Action Extraction Reaction is Satisfaction or There’s no Financial Transaction.” We will do what is required to make you a satisfied customer or it’s free. We take this pledge very seriously and we will demonstrate our commitment to you our customer during each step of the restoration process. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work.

Non Insured Discounts

Unfortunately not all disaster flood recovery for property is going to be covered by insurance. There are some instances that a wet basement or moist basement will need restoration service and homeowners will be responsible for the cleanup themselves.

If this happens to you we will do everything we can to create an affordable rate to get you back to a dry and safe environment. We have been a part of many success stories with limited budgets and restoration service was surprisingly affordable. The cost of having no service or unqualified service can cost more than can be imagined. This is especially true if undetected water in building materials is not discovered and mold begins to grow.


State of the Art Equipment

We use the latest technology and offer the fastest drying available for flooded basement restoration and cleaning Macomb MI. Combining vortex drying systems with thermal energy we successfully create a safe & dry environment to prevent health threatening growths such as mold & bacteria from spreading.

We use truck-mount extraction units, sensitive moisture meters, industrial dehumidifiers, turbo dryers and thermal energy to quickly rid the environment of moisture, preventing damage to carpets, cabinets and walls.

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