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Basement Flooding

Flood Damage Restoration

When dealing with a flooded basement or any type Flood Damage Restoration Grosse Pointe MI, there are many things to deal with simultaneously. You not only have to contact your homeowners' insurance company to verify coverage for your flooded home, but you must also begin the cleanup process as quickly as possible to avoid the detriments of secondary water damage.

Flood damage restoration services are an ideal option for homeowners whose homes have sustained water damage from a house fire or flood. Action Extraction sends a team of professionals to your home to deal with the cleanup, repair, and restoration process immediately after a flood in your Grosse Pointe MI home, but they will also work directly with your insurance company because they are an insurance claims repair specialist.

Why Hire a Professional for Flood Damage Restoration Services

There are many benefits to hiring a professional restoration company to implement water damage restoration services in your home after a fire or flood. One of these is the expediency with which they clean, repair, and restore your home. When you hire a professional restoration company, they send several contractors to your home at once to clean multiple aspects of water damage simultaneously. This not only ensures your home returns to its former state as quickly as possible, but also prevents secondary water damage from mold and mildew growth that can occur if too much time passes before cleanup efforts begin. In addition, professionals can repair any damaged parts of your home's structure and ensure it is safe for you to enter when repairs are completed. If flood damage restoration Grosse Pointe MI is needed, professional restoration firms will have the training and experience to restore your property with the standards that the industry dictate.

Consider calling Action Extraction water damage professionals as they are an experienced and trustworthy Flood Damage Restoration Grosse Pointe MI company with a 5-star rating for customer satisfaction.

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The most important decision you can make when you need flood damage restoration Grosse Pointe MI is choosing the best company to do the work. Action Extraction is a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 


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Sewer Backup Flood Damage Restoration Grosse Pointe MI

The homes in Grosse Pointe are recognized for their landscape beauty with manicured shrubs and trees. These wonders of nature are not only scenic but can be responsible for sewer backups and drain blockages that result in flooded basements. The roots of trees and shrubs need water and over time the drain systems underground develop cracks and small holes that attract the thirsty roots. After several decades these roots establish themselves in the sewer drain system of the home and can create clogs that block the natural channeling of waste from toilets and drains. When this occurs the sewers backup and basement drains become filled with waste water that is abundantly damaging to the home or business.

Toilet overflows are another source of sewer water damage when they become clogged and overflow with waste and fecal matter. Such incidents require strict cleanup to kill germs and assure a safe and sanitary environmemt.

When sewage backs-up in your home, it is vitally important to be aware that this waste water from drains is supplied with bacteria, fecal material, 81 viruses, and other hazardous microorganisms that are known to cause illness and respiratory infection. The health risks associated with sewage contamination are based upon the degree of exposure and the relative health of them that are occupying the environment effected. The elderly and young children are especially at risk and should be removed from the home or business till cleanup and germ killing process begins. Gastrointestinal illness (GI) is likely if there is direct or indirect, accidental ingestion. If skin comes into contact with waste water, infections and rashes are possible. Odors from sewage backups, are indicative.

While professional cleanup is always the best choice when flood damage is over 100 sq. ft. and materials like carpet, flooring and dry wall are effected, in home cleanup can begin if you take precautions. Before beginning any cleanup, put on some protective disposable gloves, eye protection, clothes that will be thrown in the wash when you are done, rubber boots and cleaning chemicals with disinfectant.  A protective mask such as an N95 mask (available at most hardware stores) is also a good idea so you do not breath any airborne microorganisms. Make sure the area is well ventilated during the cleanup process with plenty of fresh air.

Ground Water Flood Damage Restoration Grosse Pointe MI

After storms with heavy rain it is not uncommon for storm drains to backup from blockages which will cause basement flooding. The homes in Grosse Pointe are not just subjected to waste water flooding from faulty or blocked sewer systems but also storm drain systems that become clogged. Another way storm water can inundate a basement is seeping in through cracks in the wall, windows, inadequate drainage systems, bad grading around the home and failed sump pumps.

Here are some tips for flood damage restoration Grosse Pointe MI

Check your downspouts to make sure they are connected to the final section that channels the water away from your home. Often these become disjointed and water builds up along the side of the home and seeps into the basement. Check your gutters to see if they need to be cleaned out or the water will overflow gutters and this can allow water to seep into basement.

Inspect your drainage system.  Take a look at your basement drains and make sure there is no standing water in them and also make sure nothing is covering them up. Drains are typically by the furnace and hot water heater.

Check grading around your home to make sure after it rains that there is no water pooling by the walls of your home. If standing water is present than build the grade with dirt so the higher level of material will naturally channel the water away from the house.

Never pour grease down the sink drain. Even when you use hot water it will cool off only several ft. from the drain and as it cools the grease can become a solid blockage and create a backup. Even with a garbage disposal be careful to not allow an inordinate amount of food clippings to accumulate.

Don’t toss certain items in the toilet. Paper towels, diapers, feminine products and small children’s toys are often responsible for causing drain blockages that result in flood damage in the home.

Contact your insurance company and ask if you have coverage for backup of sewer or drain. Most insurance providers do not cover basement flooding that is from a drain unless you have purchased such a policy. These policies are affordable often under $60.00 a year of coverage ranging from 5,000.00 – 10,000.00.

Beware of electrical dangers if your basement gets over 2″-4″ of water. Water does not need to be several foot high to pose an electrical threat. If there is a plugged in electrical cord or appliance such as a refrigerator that has made contact to the water and there is live electricity, electrocution is possible.

If you have a large mature tree and your home is over 40 years old it is likely you have an old clay draining system that will likely have roots growing in the drainage pipes. Having a plumber annually snake out and clean the drain will be a welcome expense if it keeps you from having a sewer water backup in your Grosse Pointe home.

Flood Damage Restoration Grosse Pointe MI

We provide water damage service to many local Grosse Pointe cities such as Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pointe Woods, Royal oak, Berkley, Birmingham and Huntington Woods.