Discovering-Water-Damage-MIDiscovering Water Damage In Your Home

Water damage is never predictable as it arrives unexpectedly and often at the worst times imaginable, weddings, holidays, during vacations, etc. Action Extraction is familiar with the emotions that manifest after discovering water damage and is very sensitive to the emotions home and business owners may be feeling.

We help people by specializing in taking the right actions after discovering water damage such as immediately implementing all the necessary measures to ensure you, your family and property are cared for with service second to none.

If You Are Discovering Water Damage

We May Be Right For Your Consideration

Thank you for considering Action Extraction for your water damage restoration needs. The internet has a vast assortment of companies to choose from and you have limited time to Discovering Water Damage MIinvestigate to find the right company for you. Let me Charles Bingham owner of Action Extraction help you know we are the company you would choose if you had hours to search for the best.

You would probably choose a company that had previous customers that gave their highest endorsement for the service they received when they too were in the same shoes you are now in. We have a 5 star rating in google and yelp.

You would probably make sure they had years of experience and trustworthy, educated and qualified employees. We have been a Michigan leader in the water damage industry for 30 years plus and have only IICRC Certified lead technicians that have each manage hundreds of projects each.

What about being deep thinkers and adept at coming up with affordable strategies for the most efficient and quick restoration of your property. Well again, we stand out as mountaintops among the rest as not only having a reputation of being knowledgeable, but we have invested that knowledge in the industry we serve by having a US Patent on the fastest drying system in the world that dries quicker and at less expense . Search all you want to find such credentials in other South East Michigan water restoration companies and you will agree we are a significant success to be reckoned with.

Discovering Water Damage MI

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

From the first call to the last handshake you will be confident you have chosen the company that was right for you as customer satisfaction will be placed as top priority. We are available to help you right now and have local certified professionals that are eager to be an advocate for you at every step in restoring your property.

Discovering water damage may be an alarming and emotional thing, however we have an impeccable record in bringing quick results and calming fears. Call today for a free evaluation. Call 586-713-4333

If you Discovering Water Damage MI

Techniques For Discovering Water Damage

Returning home and discovering water damage is an easy thing when you walk through the door of your home and see water dripping from the ceiling or find several inches of standing water in your basement. It is another thing however, if you see mold, notice a mildew smell and know something is going on but don’t know where it is coming from.

Here are several areas of the home to investigate that may uncover your problem.

  1. Look under the vanity sink in each bathroom to see if there is a leak from a supply line or p-trap.
  2. See if your sump pump is effectively channeling water away from the house during a heavy rain.
  3. If your refrigerator has a water supply line for the ice maker, pull it out to see if the small water line is leaking.
  4. Check basement during raining to see if foundation or drains are letting in water.
  5. Look for water stains in walls and ceilings as water is sure to stain revealing its presence. Sometimes when stains are discovered so are bubbles suggesting the presence of water.

If you are not successful at discovering water damage and are convinced there is a problem then give us a call. We have sensitive moisture detection meters that are capable of finding water that the naked eye could never see. We offer free estimates as well for water damage cleanup and repairs for all 3 types of water damage.