Are You Covered If You Have A Sewer Backup

Severe Sewer Backup Cleanup Nightmare

Few things are more startling than coming home after a heavy rainfall and discovering your home has experience a sewer backup. It's a nightmare of monumental proportions if you have a finished basement and your beautifully decorated basement is contaminated and your personnel contents have become wet.

What often starts as rainwater during a storm ends up forcing a sewer backup or sump pump failure that threatens the health and safety of your home and its occupants

Homes In Michigan Experience Different Types Of Sewer Backups

Some Michigan homes have 2 separate drain systems that separate both sewer and ground water. However, some older homes in Michigan have both sewer and ground water combing into one drain system, making a professional evaluated important to determine how much of the backed up water is storm and how much is sewer.

If the water that has backed up through your drain is clear to cloudy, not immediately detected as having a sewer smell, then the water is more likely to be mostly ground water. If the water that has backed up through your drain is cloudy to dark black, then the water is going to be more raw sewage. Whatever the case, both conditions are equally destructive and threatening to your home. In homes with dual systems that combine the storm water with the sewer water, there is always a chance for pathogens in the water that need to be removed from the home. Again this type of sewer backup is related to water backing up through a drain in your home during or after raining, storms and thawing snow.

Are You Covered For A Sewer Backup?

What Causes A Sewer Backup In MichiganA sewer backup is the most serious and damaging water that can enter your home, costing thousands of dollars in repair. When they are discovered it is natural to very quickly think about your insurance coverage and ask the question 'am I covered for a sewer backup?

While it is presumed by most that the answer to this question is, 'of course! I pay for homeowners insurance and I own this home'. The sad reality is however, this particular coverage is a specific coverage and unless you elected to pay an additional premium each year to be covered, you probably are not. Millions of homeowners each year after learning of their sewer backup are equally shocked to learn they did not have, 'backup of sewer or drain', coverage on their home. According to the Insurance Information Institute, most sewer system backups are not covered under a typical homeowner's insurance policy,

What You Need To Be Covered For A Sewer Backup

Before you experience the nightmare of a sewer backup, call your insurance carrier and ask them if you purchased the, 'backup of sewer or drain' policy allowing your home to be covered if you have a sewer backup. If you find out that you do not have the coverage for a sewer backup, GET IT! Without this coverage you will receive no financial assistance from your insurance company and you could lose everything in your basement. Imagine what your financial losses could be if you had a serious sewer backup that filled your basement with 2'-4' of sewer water. This water will destroy all absorbent materials it comes into contact with. If the damages would be substantial the good news is getting coverage for a sewer backup is relatively cheap.

Why You Need Insurance For A Sewer Backup

Sewer Backup Cleaning and DisinfectingIf your basement is a non-finished slab of cement with only a hot water heater and furnace you are less likely to be out thousands of dollars. Although a 1,000 sq. ft. concrete basement for general cleanup under the IICRC Standards could be 1 – 2 thousand to effectively clean and manage the contaminated air. If you have a finished basement it is a no brainer. Whatever your basement cost to finish and furnish, even to a bargain shopper, will far exceed the extra small premium for protection.

The typical home of 1,500 sq. ft. can find 5,000.00 worth of coverage for fewer than 80.00 and 10,000.00 of sewer backup coverage for slightly over 100.00. Most water mitigation companies will recommend the 10,000.00 policy. The professionals at Action Extraction in Macomb Michigan only recommend the higher limit policy as the extra benefits far outweigh the additional cost.

Severe Damage From A Sewer Backup

There are varying degrees of damage that can result from a sewer backup in Michigan. Some are more easily manageable allowing cleanup in one day and occupants to remain living in the home during sewer cleanup. For homes that have been severely damaged from a sewer backup the cleanup may take days and occupants are not allowed safe residency till the cleanup process has been completed. Here again is another reason sewer backup coverage is recommended, because many of the policies would cover temporary housing for the homeowners or reimbursement.

Fortunately, sewer backup coverage is available to those who need it, if they purchase it prior to the sewer backup. For those who do not, the cleanup cost can be staggering. Here again Action Extraction Inc. in Macomb Michigan recommends getting more than 1 estimate for sewer backup cleaning as prices vary greatly. The bottom line price should not be the determining factor on who you choose, but the protocol for sewer backup cleaning. In other words if one company is 200.00 less but doesn't power wash the basement floor and provide disinfecting, than you're not saving money, rather you are forfeiting necessary service for health.

What Causes A Sewer Backup

After heavy raining, thawing snow or storms many drains in Michigan will be overwhelmed by the amount of water and drains will fail allowing a sewer backup. The reason that most drain systems experience a sewer backup is because of poor maintenance. The responsibility of keeping the sewer drain open that runs from the house to the city sewer system is on the property owner and not the city. This means if you have a large tree in front of your home that may have roots compromising the efficiency of the drain system; you may want annual cleaning of the drain. Over time, these main sewer lines will begin to deteriorate, crumble, break and ultimately collapse or become blocked. If you have these problems it is better to find out prior to a sewer backup. Some plumbers have coupons for a discounted camera inspection that can identify problems before they happen.

Cities In Michigan That We Service For A Sewer Backup