Coronavirus Health and Safety GuidelinesCoronavirus Health and Safety Guidelines.

With coronavirus concerns presently on the minds of most in our nation Action Extraction wants to plainly explain our policy to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

You and your family at no time will be at risk as we are diligently adhering to high standards to keep you and your family safe.

Our approach is to “stay safe while keeping you safe”. Below is our strict procedure protocol allowing us to maintain the highest standards of safety for each member of your household while at the same time protecting each of our employees.

Mandatory Guidelines for Your Safety

  • Employee temperatures are taken each morning and must be under 99° in order to work

  • Social distancing of at least 6’ between others will be given strict adherence to.

  • At all times each of our professionals will be wearing an N-95 mask

  • At all times we will have protective gloves covering our hands

  • We apply a disinfectant during multiple stages in the mitigation process that plainly states on its label, it is effective at killing the coronavirus.

Warning Final

WARNING – Please Be Advised

It has been brought to our attention that some restoration companies offering COVID-19 cleanup may be using disinfectants that do not state on the label they have been tested against coronavirus.

Be informed that any restoration firm offering COVID-19 disinfecting service SHOULD show you the label of the chemical they are using. The label should state that it kills coronavirus or has a website that states such information.

It may be a highly effective product they are using, but we recommend requesting one that has a label or website specifically addressing the present virus that our nation is wrestling with. Most chemical manufacturers are updating their information to address the coronavirus at least on their website.

Here is a website listing 139 disenfectants that may kill coronavirus. If the product they are using is not listed, we recommend to request one on this list.

Learn the coronavirus safety guidelines at the American Red cross.

If you have any questions on ensuring the safety of our customers and our employees please feel free to contact us at: 586-949-4448.