Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Plumbing leaks, toilet overflows, frozen and burst water pipes, hot water heater leaks and sewer backups can cost a business countless dollars if the water damage shuts them down. We specialize in keeping your business up and running during the commercial water damage restoration process.

Action Extraction is a Michigan leader in large commercial water damage restoration and utilizes the latest in technology for commercial water removal cleanup and structural drying.

Understanding Large Loss Water Damage

Water damage in a commercial building requires a unique understanding for cleanup that is different than residential water damage. There exist differences in construction that must be understood to fully satisfy the unique needs in a large scale water damaged building. Materials and structures are more fortified, foundations stronger, dry wall thicker and almost all interiors are of a higher grade. So must be the skills and equipment for commercial water damage restoration.

Our Emergency Response Team Acts Quickly

We have an emergency response team standing ready 24/7 day or night to bring about change for the better in very little time. Action Extraction is a IICRC Certified firm in flood cleanup and is ready to make their way to your commercial property NOW! Commercial water damage restoration service truck

Keeping your wet commercial property up and running is what we are obligated to do when you trust us with your commercial water damaged property. We will create a strategy to maintain a working facility and keep your employees productive, minimizing interruptions that can interfere with the progress of required business.

All work is guaranteed and we pledge that: “The Action Extraction Reaction is Satisfaction“.

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Commercial Restoration Technicians

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 


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What 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service Do You Need?

Choosing the right company matters most

When water damage strikes a commercial property work related productivity is compromised temporarily. Choosing the wrong restoration firm can keep things chaotic for days as they awkwardly second guess their original approach wasting time vacillating between new ideas.

Only a straight arrow hits the target and what you need is a straight arrow restoration firm to hit the target of keeping revenue coming in. Each hour business is down is one hour to many and income reduction is no way to manage a business.

The professionals at Action Extraction have the unique commercial water damage restoration experience you need. We are an experienced leader in creating environments that do not compromise business income or needlessly interrupt the smooth operations of gainful business.

Commercial Water Restoration Presents Unique Challenges

Commercial water damage restorationAction Extraction IICRC certified professionals have the training, experience, and specialty equipment to manage every type of water damage imaginable. Commercial water damage can be a small amount of water in a hall that diverts employees from using a fixed route or it can be several floors with water deluging down like a steady rain.

Let us respond to your commercial water damage restoration needs with service second to none and quickly remove water, clean and manage the scene and start the drying process. Our eager swiftness will be the exact type of service you were hoping for. We have the man power to facilitate what other commercial water damage restoration firms could never manage.

Examples of RAPID Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage in Southfield Restaurant

Commercial water damage in restaurant

A large restaurant in Southfield Michigan has a frozen fire sprinkler line erupt that immediately sends hundreds of gallons of fast moving water throughout its halls and main rooms. Customers are horrified and screaming as management calls Action Extraction.

We arrive in less than an hour with a commercial water damage restoration team that works the night through. Our promise was they would not lose one dollar in revenue or lose a customer due to a clumsy environment that was loud and uncomfortable.

10 Hours Later Business as Usual

Commercial water damage cleanup

The following morning all staff was present, chiefs ready and management excited to open the doors for a routine and normal day. We delivered and there was not a thing out of place as we created a strategy to do the drying at night when no customers would occupy the restaurant.

Each night our staff would set up the drying chamber and each morning it was business as usual with no loss of customers or revenue.

Commercial Water Damage in Chesterfield Twp. Warehouse

Commercial water damaged warehouse

A warehouse in Chesterfield Twp. had a broken high pressure water line burst and heavily flood thousands of sq. ft. of needed floor space,paralyzing completely the normal operations of the business.

Action Extraction was called out and in less than 3 hours we had the commercially flooded warehouse back up and running with minimal loss of production. All employees were able to work their shifts and management was abundantly surprised of the amazing difference produced in such a short time.

Commercial Water Damaged Pharmacy

Commercial Water Damaged Pharmacy

 A very busy Pharmacy in Warren devastated by a water main break that filled each of its aisles with mud and water is stopped in its tracks. As water violently inundated the entire building, customers were quickly escorted to safety, many in a panic.

Action Extraction was called out and in less than 4 hours all evidences of disaster are gone. The following morning employees are astonished by the normalcy ushered in so quickly by our talented staff of professionals.

Commercial Water Damage large or small

Whether your commercial building is flooded with water damage on the grand scale or just several gallons of water on the carpet, our response will be quick, reliable and all energy will be directed at one goal, rapid commercial water damage restoration. We value your commitment to keep your business profitable and your valued employees working. Our commitment will be to keep you up and running till the completion of the restoration process.

When Disasters strike so do we

Unexpected commercial water damage gets everywhere and can destroy important documents, computers, communication networks, business furniture, carpet and important parts of your commercial building.

We understand the urgency for immediate repairs and are here to successfully act on your instincts for business survival. We strike back as hard as the water emergency and will contain, minimize and restore all damages with an eye for detail.

Call us immediately and let us strike back at your worst nightmare with expert commercial water damage restoration. We respond 24/7 day or night and have a local commercial water damage restoration response team standing by. You call and we deploy highly trained experts to eagerly navigate you to all the necessary procedures at getting you back to normal.

Understanding Water Damage

Not all commercial water damage restoration is covered by insurance unless it is well documented and the truth communicated in a compelling way to get you your full coverage. Business insurance can be different than traditional homeowners insurance and we have an impeccable record in getting water losses covered. Not all professional water damage companies are the same and few are as tenacious at getting water damage covered as we are.

The presence of water in a commercial building will breed mold, bacteria and microorganisms that can introduce health hazards for employees as well as place the running business at risk for stopping dead in its tracks.

Water can also cause structural damage to the building and if left unabated the carpet, dry wall, moldings, doors, windows and walls can begin to permanently suffer damage. Promptly addressing small and large commercial water damage is the only way to contain the existing damage and prevent additional destruction.

First steps to commercial water damage restoration

Immediately after commercial water damage happens, the standing water needs to be removed with professional truck-mount extraction units capable of removing standing water quickly. Water removal on large water damage losses will require multiple vehicles equip with large truck-mount systems to remove the many thousands of gallons of water that often needs to be contended with. Our facilities have multiple vehicles ready to provide large scale water damage restoration.

Next is the application of a plant based all natural anti-microbial agent to kill germs and sterilize the affected environment. Because high humidity is the number one reason mold is produced, we will set up a drying chamber with air movers and dehumidifiers to quickly rid the environment of high humidity.

Recovery process for business related items

During the water removal process we will have technicians inspecting the commercial buildings office amenities, documents, printed materials, books, computers, electrical systems and furniture for water damage. We will hand dry and clean all wet items and store water damaged items in an area for your insurance carrier to evaluate.

Everything can be bar coded and professionally packed and even stored off site for as long as need be to repair all damaged property. Our warehouse is climate controlled and monitored by security for your peace of mind.

Our professional document recovery services make it possible to restore documents that, until recently, would have been written off as a total loss. Our relationship with multiple electricians, plumbers and mechanical engineers will make sure all needed attention of any sort is available to keep your business up and running.

We are well aware of the need to keep your business functioning as though nothing adverse has taken place and employees are made safe and equip to facilitate all work related responsibilities. Our professionals are highly trained to work with eager readiness to get you back in operation and in as little time as possible

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