Clinton Twp. Water Damage Restoration

Clinton Twp. water damage is a service typically done under emergency related circumstances. Individuals come home after being away several hours or days to discover water in their home from a sewer backup, sump pump failure or water from a broken pipe or fresh water related device that malfunctions. Clinton Twp. water damage restoration is necessary after such events due to the severe resulting damages that can immediately manifest from structural damage to mold and property destruction.

Business owners in Clinton Twp. are especially inconvenienced when water damage service is required as unwanted water can stop their businesses from smoothly running for days.

Once water damage is discovered in Clinton Twp. the first step should always be to contact a professional water damaged restoration company to give a free evaluation of the damages. Action Extraction water damage restoration located in Macomb MI services Clinton Twp. and all Southeast MI as a premiere restoration firm with over 29 years of experience. They will come out and evaluate the environment with specialty water detection equipment that will locate moisture in wet walls, wet carpet or wet flooring that is incapable of being detected with the naked eye.

From the information acquired with this free water damage analysis a protocol will be written to address the most efficient and cost effective drying of the wet home or business. The strategy will always include sanitization, drying and complete restoration of the environment.

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 

Clinton Twp. Water Damage Restoration Certified Firm

Restoration 24 hour emergency flood service restoration stepsSteps

What 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service Do You Need?

Optimal results should always be expected using modern drying techniques and drying equipment. Any standing water in the home or business should be removed with truck-mounted water extraction systems that are able to very effectively remove unwanted water from carpets and floors. After water removal has been completed the next important step in Clinton Twp. water damage restoration is sanitization to kill all germs and molds. Always ask for a plant based anti-microbial agent as they are the safest and capable of killing even the most harmful germs from even a sewer backup.

After these steps of water removal and sanitizing, comes the very important step of drying and air purification. Professional dehumidifiers should be placed to control and remove humidity and air movers added to force water to become a vapor. As these principles are  employed an air scrubbing system should also be filtering particulates, germs and molds from the air during the entire drying cycle.

Daily monitoring of the environment should take place to observe the progress of the drying process and small changes should tweak the procedure if the results are not considerable after 24 hours. If the appropriate steps have been introduced the total drying time should be no more than 3 days. For specialty drying of hard wood flooring and wet ceramic tile time could be more.

Sources of Water Damage Restoration Sources

Clinton Twp. water damage restoration is often a necessary service due to commonly used devices that hold water. Dishwashers can malfunction, water supply lines to sinks and toilets can break, washing machines can malfunction, drains can backup and storms can flood property and communities.

Clinton Twp water damage restoration needs to be correctly classified as to the category of water damage. The source of the water damage determines the restoration protocol and process by which wet materials will be addressed. Some materials needing Clinton Twp. water damage restoration will be saved if the water source is fresh, but when water is sewer related materials must be removed.

Professional valuation is always recommended from a reputable water damage firm that is highly rated in your area. Seeking a highly rated certified water damage restoration firm is the best way to experience a headache free restoration experience.

Levels of contamination in water damage restoration

Not all water is equal when it comes to water damage in Clinton Twp. The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), recognizes several different types of water damage and each has its own unique set of standards to allow for the best restoration possible. These standards also will include the safety of the occupants that will still be living in the homes that are being serviced.

The 3 categories recognized in Clinton Twp. water damage restoration are as follows:

Category 1) Water that is recognized as fresh, coming from a sanitary source. Sources include dripping faucets, overflowing toilet fresh water tanks, drinking fountains, burst hot water heaters, broken water pipes.  Water damage from these sources will not have a high level of contamination and will not be as alarming when discovered when it happens. If these sources of water damage occur it is important to remove water quickly and introduce drying because after 72 hours of languishing, this water becomes the next more contaminated category.

Category 2) This water is often referred to as grey water because it is considered as contaminated with both organic and non-living particles. This water will create damage that measures fairly high and has the potential to create mold as well as being a threat to human health. Examples of this Clinton Twp. water damage restoration is water damage from a discharge line of a dish washer or washing machine, water from an aquarium, water from a sink or tub over flow, water from a leaking roof, water from a sump well. This water will be contaminated and quickly becomes exponentially more contaminated with each day it remains. After 72 hours it becomes the next and final water damage category.

Category 3) The most dangerous water to enter a home or business is category 3. The amount of contamination is profuse and commonly called black water. The risk to human health is tremendously high and the water so unsanitary that the thought of saving materials like dry wall, carpeting, paneling, flooring and cabinetry when affected with this water is against all recognized standards. This water damage has living organisms and is abundant with both bacterial and viral dangers that can make occupants in the environment seriously ill.

Several examples of this water are toilet overflows, sewer backups, drain backups and flooding from river water.

Water Damage Restoration Credentials For Service

Certification in water damage restoration is important as well as being reputable. Clinton Twp. water damage restoration firms that are certified are educated and have credentials for servicing water damaged homes and property. Action Extraction is a IICRC certified water damage restoration firm located in Macomb MI and has been a premiere water damage company since there beginning in 1988. They have been a Michigan leader for over 29 years and present their credentials to perspective clients.