Clinton Twp. Sewer Backup Cleaning and Restoration

Clinton Twp. Sewer Backup Cleaning and Restoration

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Since the dawn of recorded history man has engineered ways to keep waste water from their communities. Even primitive minds understood doing this was beneficial to human health. Today our homes have sophisticated underground drain systems. Sometimes these systems fail and backup with waste creating an environment that is hostile to human health.

The smell and appearance of a sewer backup is not nearly as alarming as knowing what is actually lurking in the water, invisible to the human eye. In minutes after a sewer backup interior air becomes contaminated with microscopic and air borne pollutants that can attack immune systems and cause disease. Sewer water is classified as category 3 (the most dangerous) because it is not intended to be a part of the indoor environment.

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Clinton Twp. Sewer Backup Cleaning and Restoration technician
All of our Clinton Twp Technicians are:

  • Clinton Twp. Sewer Backup Cleaning and Restoration after floodingIICRC Certified in sewer backup restoration
  • Clean cut, uniformed, professional and courteous
  • Highly trained having managed over 100 projects
  • Drug Free / alcohol free and tested regularly
  • Full time and are in their chosen career
  • Standing ready to respond to all flood emergencies

What Is In Clinton Twp. Sewer Water Clinton Twp. Sewer Backup Cleaning and Restoration for germ removal

One of the many strains of pathogenic bacteria that flourish in backed up sewage is the infamous E Coli Bacterium. It along with countless other microorganisms in the sewer system can produce a high risk environment for disease. It is estimated there are potentially 81 viruses, organic matter and countless bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that need to be treated with anti-fungal chemicals to be completely removed from your home.

Once this water begins to fill the air with humidity it equally fills it with these air borne intruders that can only be eliminated with HEPA filtration air systems. Clinton Twp. Sewer Backup Cleaning and Restoration MI would be incomplete without the cleaning and sanitizing procedure outlined by the IICRC Standard and Reference Guide S-500. All our employees are certified and abundantly experienced.

Warning: It is very easy to spread germs by touching contaminated surfaces and by accidently tracking them into other rooms on shoes. The air is especially hazardous to the elderly, children and pets. If at all possible remove them from the home till the restoration process has begun.


The Danger Of Doing It On Your Own

Many believe they can clean their own flooded basement and achieve the same result as a trained certified restoration company. While we believe that self-sufficiency is commendable we cannot agree that putting on a pair of gloves armed with bleach can produce the environment one had prior to the sewer backup. Action Extraction Inc. has been called in on many failed projects where homeowners and professionals have given a noble effort at cleaning, but failed due to lack of experience, proper training and the absence of essential equipment. Organic matter was found, wet walls were never addressed and the air was never serviced for contaminates.

There are regrettable stories we have confirmed where families have fought illnesses, had respiratory issues and the like for months after a sewer backup to only discover after having an industrial hygienist check their home it still had air borne disease causing germs.

sump-water-backup2Wet drywall is especially at risk. if exposed to sewage water, will release myco toxins that are very dangerous to inhale

Good Intentions + Sewer Water + Incorrect Cleaning = Health Risks

Clinton Twp. Sewer Backup Cleaning and Restoration MIClinton Twp. Sewer Backup Cleaning and Restoration

Often after a sewer backup in Clinton Twp an individual may not know who to call and unknowingly involve professionals not certified or experienced. For instance, calling a carpet cleaning company or handyman for the cleanup can be dangerous.

However honest and sincere these individuals may be, if they are not certified and experienced they most likely will compromise one or several of the required steps for Clinton Twp. Sewer Backup Cleaning and Restoration.

THE CLEAN UP PROCEDUREcarpet-cleaning-and-restoration

Professional truck-mount extraction equipment to remove sewage is critical. Wiping surfaces down with bleach often horizontally spreads the residues driving fecal matter and urine deeper.  Surfaces require high pressure steam extraction that will immediately lift contamination and deep clean the porous surfaces that have become infected.

mold filterationAnti-fungal agents are lavishly applied to affected areas after waste is removed. We apply only plant based, EPA approved anti-microbials that are formulated to be safe for all occupants in the home. Once professionally applied these treatments are capable at killing all the germs associated with a sewer backup environment.

Building materials must be evaluated for exposure. Any drywall, carpeting, pad, cabinetry, etc. in the area of the backup could have absorbed sewer water. Merely touching with the hand or looking with the naked eye will not disclose the truth and the potential for mold will be overlooked.  Action Extraction utilizes the latest in moisture detecting devises that indicate where the water has gone and what areas and materials in the home require service. This step is perhaps the most overlooked and may present the highest risk to human health if deemed unnecessary.

Evaluating contents is critical to discover the items that must be thrown away due to exposure and those that may be safely restored. We at Action Extraction take this step very seriously and are certified and trained to determine the difference between affected and non-affected materials. Absorbent items like mattresses, carpet, pad, stuffed animals, drywall and wood base molding are examples of porous things that cannot be restored. Saving these articles will subject your home to a continuous discharge of endotoxins and be injurious to human health.

Removing contaminated materials is done to create an environment free from source contamination. If a restoration company suggests wet items like carpet, pad, drywall or wood base moldings can be safely dried and once again be safe in your home 'they are not a certified firm!' It is prohibited to save anything absorbent and openly contradicts the Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration S-500. Page 11 section

Filtering indoor air with a HEPA filtration system is a step that cannot be overlooked.  Microscopic germs can be inhaled into the lungs and some can cause disease and attack the immune system.

An approved drying method for moisture removal is essential to assure mold does not grow. Action Extraction uses state of the art drying dehumidifiers and air movers to rid the home of moisture and create a dry safe environment.

The Dos and Don’ts of Clinton Twp. Sewer Backup Cleaning and Restoration MI


Call Action Extraction 24/7

Close off doors; turn off AC or furnace and all fans.

Open windows, wash hands thoroughly & stay clear of contaminated areas.


Breathe air directly without a face mask if possible

Attempt to sanitize with household cleaners & disinfectants that are not effective

Save any stuffed animal toys or porous items that have had contact with water

Let any company that is not a registered certified firm in you home.

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