Clinton Twp. Flooded Basement CleanupClinton Twp. Flooded Basement Cleanup

Clinton Twp. is not alone in experiencing the season when children stuck indoors are found singing, 'Rain, rain, go away, come back another day'. Spring is the time of year when rain is abundant and the chance of basement flooding increases. Clinton Twp. flooded basement cleanup companies are getting ready for their busiest time of year, but are you ready?

During the rainy season there will be numerous basements that flood as a result of a sewer backup because the sewer drain system is clogged with tree roots. Another common type of basement flooding will be as a result of a failed or faulty sump pump that is crucial to keep basements from flooding during a storm. Is your finished basement prepared to face the threat of a potential basement flood? What about those older homes with old out dated clay sewer drain systems that need the drains snaked out to remove the tree roots?

3 Sources of Water that create a need for Clinton Twp. Flooded Basement Cleanup

The fresh water we use for showering and drinking is on demand when we need it and places us in the minority amongst the nations that do not share in the same luxury. We pay for the privilege of having this municipal water at our beck and call, however this blessing for some turns into a curse when Murphy's Law manifest. Some after a weeks vacation have come home to discover a flooded basement because of a hot water heater burst and brought hundreds of gallons of water into the home environment. Others during the winter cold months may have a water pipe freeze and break flooding the home, equally devastating.

Although fresh water from a sink, washing machine or hot water heater is clean it can cause extreme water damage when it comes into contact with carpets, furniture, drywall and hard wood flooring. With each hour this fresh water is allowed to remain in the home environment the more its destructive tendencies will become plain to see. After 72 hours this water will become living water as microorganisms will begin to develop and increases the chances for mold. After 150 hours the water can become pathogenic and threaten human health.

If you walk down your stairs to discover this type of flooded basement it is like having a flung brick hit you in the leg, if the water is deeper than a foot, it may be more like a flung brick to the stomach instead. The silver lining at this point is only that it is not sump water or sewer water which would make matters even worse making the Clinton Twp. flooded basement cleanup more costly.

The second type of destructive water to flood your basement is called ground water and is very alive with molds, microbes and microscopic living organisms. In Clinton Twp. Michigan this is the most common type of basement flooding and homeowners insurance may or may not cover the water loss because it requires a special endorsement you may or may not have purchased. This gray water as it is called comes in violently during storms when sump pumps backup. The water can come in from multiple areas of a Clinton Twp. basement. Floor drains, cracks in floor and the floor joint around the perimeter of the basement are all areas to watch for if your basement floods. Although this type of Clinton Twp. flooded basement cleanup is more of an expense to cleanup than fresh water flood, it is better than the next level of basement flooding.

Sewer drain backups are by far the worst source of water to ever come into contact with the indoor setting of any property. This is like a flung brick to the head and may cost as much as any service you have ever paid for in your home. Immediately when sewer water backups occur they place the flooded basement or property in an immediate state of emergency requiring service as soon as possible.

This abundantly contaminated dirty water is filled with germs, molds, bacteria and countless colonies of living matter that will drive you out of your home till it is re-mediated. In terms of dangers, sewer water backups are pathogenic situations and may cause human illnesses very quickly. Young children and the elderly are especially at risk and should be vacated from the premises.
Everyone has heard of the E-coli bacterium and how dangerous it is and how it should be avoided at all cost. Well after a sewer backup it is an ever present danger and professional Clinton Twp. flooded basement cleanup should be sought after immediately.

Steps to take for Clinton Twp. Flooded Basement Cleanup

If you have experienced or are experiencing one of these types of flooded basements in Clinton Twp. Michigan, what should you do? Well, once your heart stops racing and you catch your breath there are several systematic steps to take that can make all the difference in the world. The best thing to do first is to have it evaluated by a professional restoration company. Flood restoration companies in Clinton Twp. are abundant but here are several suggestions to find the very best, as you are going to want the best for your Clinton Twp. flooded basement cleanup project.

These tips come from Charles Bingham owner of Action Extraction Inc. a Macomb Michigan flood cleanup company that has specialized in all forms of water damage cleanup for over 26 years.

  • Get recommendations from at least 3 customers
  • Get up to date insurance and IICRC Certification
  • Find out their years in business
  • Make sure they offer free evaluations and estimates
  • Check out the web for reviews
  • Visual evaluation of the damages.

Once the qualified flood damage restoration specialist arrives they will inspect and evaluate the damages. Upon their arrival you should ask for their IICRC certification and if they are who you believe they are they will eagerly and proudly show it to you. Soon they should be able to identify the source of the basement flooding, whether it is fresh water, ground water or sewer water.

If they determine the flooded basement is from fresh water like a broken pipe they will document it with pictures and graphs as well as repair the problem. If the water that has flooded your basement turns out to be ground water from a failed sump pump they should figure out why it failed to work and replace it if necessary. This inspection will embrace a walk around the perimeter of all exterior walls to see if there are traces of water having come in through the joints in the floor or cracks in the floor as well as the possibility drains. Once the scope of water damage is recognized completely a cleanup, sanitizing and drying strategy will be created for the most efficient and quick dry out of your basement. Finished basements with wet carpet, padding, wood base moldings and wet flooring materials will require specialty drying equipment to dry rapidly.

If the basis of the flooding is from a sewer drain backup then consideration should be taken as to what personnel contents will need to be removed from the home to guarantee that all contaminated objects are discarded. Also if the sewer drain backup was from a clogged drain due to tree roots than the sewer drain should be snaked out and cleared.Moisture meters will detect all items that are wet. The human eye is not capable of seeing if water is in a material and certainly not what the percentage of moisture content, which is critical for creating a plane for restoration. Clinton Twp. flooded basement cleanup begins with knowledge of where water is and where it is not.

Water removal will be the first step after an approach for drying and cleanup has been created. The water removal process will be achieved with truck-mount extraction systems that are very capable of removing over 95% of the water. If there is wet carpet padding the professional restoration company will know the standards in the industry and inform you as to whether the pad can be saved or not. Some wet carpet pad has a plastic sheath that makes water removal impossible and for that reason the pad will have to be removed and replaced.

Preparation of materials for drying. When a scope of damages has been determined it will be the guide as to how and what materials need to be dried. Wet drywall, carpet, flooring and even basement cabinets are easy to dry with specialty drying equipment. If drywall has become wet the professional restoration technician will explain the different approaches to drying wet walls that are commonly practiced. Sometimes the wet drywall will also have wet wood substrates behind it and this will require several holes drilled at the base of the wall to facilitate complete drying of all wet drywall.

Cleanup of the wet environment. Depending on what type of water has flooded your basement will determine the technique for Clinton Twp. flooded basement cleanup. Fresh water from a broken water pipe will need water removal and drying, where a flooded basement from ground water and sewer water will require much more cleanup and disinfecting to kill germs. If sewer water comes into contact with luggage, boxes, cellulose, furniture, mattresses, books and other absorbent materials, they will have to be removed. There is never a good reasons to keep wet boxes, books, old papers or wet mattresses as these are cellulose and are the #1 food source for mold and mold is what you are trying to avoid at all cost.

Disinfect all surfaces. After the water removal and cleanup there will be the need to wipe all surfaces with a plant based anti-microbial agent to kill germs. Most reputable flooded basement cleanup specialist will place the highest regard on this step as it is the most important after cleanup of standing water and will ensure a fresh clean environment.

This final step is the one that will keep E-coli, mold and microscopic living matter far from your flooded basement.

Drying equipment for structural drying. Once the adherence to the restoration steps have been implemented, it will be time to dry the flooded basement. Any water trapped will be capable of being removed from the property when all the exposure principles have been engaged. Industrial dehumidifiers and professional air movers will be placed to remove moisture and dry all materials. The amount of equipment necessary for Clinton Twp. flooded basement cleanup will be based upon the size, scope and degree of water damage. When calculated correctly the flooded basement cleanup process should be a complete success in 72 hours.