Cleaning up a Flooded Basement

Not all things in cleaning up a flooded basement are equal

While the constitution may proclaim the self-evident truth that 'all men are created equal', this fundamental concept is not true of a flooded basement. Some are disgusting and found weeks after they originally flooded and are abounding with colonies of black mold throughout. Others are recent from a fresh water pipe that broke and the water looks clear and clean. Some can be easily managed with a shop vac and some disinfectant, while others may require a professional flood restoration company for cleaning up a flooded basement. Saying not all basement flooding is created equal is an understatement at best and anyone who has seen more than one would quickly agree.

The cost for cleaning up a flooded basement will not be equal, especially if the water that has created the emergency came from a dreaded sewer drain. When pathogenic and germ infested water backs up from a clogged drain and floods a basement there is little that can be done to assuage the disappointment of the homeowner. They will quickly discover that everything this water has touched will have been destroyed and permanently damaged. They may lose family photos, videos of their children growing up, wedding dresses, sentimental possessions they had hoped to pass down to their children and in some cases very important and needed documents. Who can put a price on such a loss as this? Cleaning up a flooded basement is easy compared to learning to go on apart from cherished and irreplaceable assets.

The Companies cleaning up a flooded basement are not equal. There are many flood damage restoration companies in Michigan and not all are equal or have the same customer satisfaction rating. Because common sense dictates that some flood restoration companies are better than others it is important to do your research before hiring a flooded basement cleanup firm. Action Extraction of Macomb MI is a 5-star rated water damage restoration firm for it’s customer satisfaction. Consider the very best if you need water damage cleanup!!!

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The most important decision you can make after discovering a water emergency is choosing the right company. We are a premiere water restoration firm with the highest customer service rating in all Southeast Michigan. 

Cleaning up a flooded basement

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What 24 Hour Emergency Flood Service Do You Need?

Not all Insurance is created equal when it comes to cleaning up after a flooded basement. If the water is a result of a broken water pipe, burst hot water heater, dishwasher overflow or washing machine malfunction then you can rest easy because almost all insurance carriers will recognize that type of flooded basement as a covered loss. The same is not true however if the water has come from a drain backup or sump pump failure and many homeowners bristle with anger when their insurance company explains to them that they did not get the necessary rider on their insurance to cover drain backups. It is advisable to contact your insurance agent and as if you have purchased the necessary rider that would cover your basement cleanup should you be in the unfortunate circumstances someday to have a flooded basement. Cleaning up a flooded basement can be expensive and well worth the additional 50.00 -100.00 you may pay each year for the policy.

Not all reactions to a flooded basement are created equal. One person may walk down their basement stairs and upon discovering their pool table to actually be in a pool of water, sink to their knees being tempted to go fetal position for comfort due to the horror they have just discovered. Others upon discovering the worst seem as stoic as a saint and manage to get through the day free from the temptation to acquaint themselves with Mr. Jack Daniels. Charles Bingham owner of Action Extraction flood restoration in Macomb Michigan says the difference in reactions to finding water in a basement can be very interesting. They are very aware of the emotions that manifest when ones basement has floating guitars and sunken computers in it. They say it is always important to never forget the actual stress and emotion a homeowner is under upon the dismay of such a nightmare. They are very understanding and compassionate and train their flood damage technicians to be patient, explain everything calmly and always open to answer any questions the homeowner may have.

The time needed to repair the damages after cleaning up a flooded basement will not be equal. Some are surprised that several months after the flood damage cleanup they still have a basement that is uninhabitable. While the cleanup and drying of a flooded basement can easily be accomplished in as little as 3 days, repairs may take considerably longer. If for instance the basement flood cleanup is covered by insurance the adjuster may take several weeks before they have written a repairs estimate to pay for the restoration after the flood. Sometimes the written estimate is not fair and it can take several days and weeks before the insured and carrier are on the same page. Sometimes the wait is on the contractor selected by the homeowner who originally said they would start on one date but change it to a later. Even when some contractors begin they don't follow through each succeeding day. They may repair drywall one day but wait a week or two to actually get the painter in. Once the painter has completed their work, several weeks may pass before the new flooring goes in. Unfortunately many sign a contract with a repairs contractor before they do research on the web to see what their rating is and get the company who has a 2 or 3 star rating.

Not all contamination levels are the same with Cleaning up a flooded basement

When basement flooding is a result of a broken water heater, frozen pipe or sink overflow the degree of contamination in the water is minimal and not immediately health threatening to the occupants of the home or business. When flooding is a result of water backup incidents than the levels of contamination can soar. For instance in Clinton Twp. many of the homes utilize sump pumps to keep rising water tables from introducing ground water into the basement level of home. However when sump pumps fail or power outages occur this water can intrude from floor drains and bring in contamination. Ground water has living microorganisms and is also called living water due to the germs.

When sewers backup or toilets overflow the level is of a dangerous level and strict cleaning protocols must be inacted to assure the health of the home and it’s occupants.

The steps to cleaning up a flooded basement are not always equal. Because there are several types of water sources that can flood the basement environment making the actual steps for cleanup dissimilar. Fresh water flooding from a broken water pipe or burst hot water heater will be easier than and not as stringent as the steps for cleaning up after a sewer backup. While wet drywall may be easily dried and disinfected from one type of flood environment, the same drywall will need to be completely removed with another. Sometimes wet carpet can easily have water removed from it and drying introduced with air movers and a dehumidifier, but other times like from a sewer backup, wet carpet will have to go.

When cleaning up a flooded basement, not all resulting decisions are equal. This cannot be exaggerated because if the truth is to be told some decisions people make are downright the worst choice that could be made. One such story is of a man who after coming home from work discovered his newly finished basement to have several inches of standing ground water in it because the sump pump failed. At this stage the mind is scurrying to make sense of the situation and a degree of deductive reasoning comes into play. This gentleman feeling the pressure of being strapped for money negotiates several judgments that would not make sense to most. First he makes the responsible adult like decision to have a new sump pump installed to at least allow the water to go down and spare the home from additional flooding should it begin to rain. However, it is the next decision where things just don't fully make sense. Troubled about the lack of funds he concludes next pay period he will have the money that he does not presently possess so he leaves the basement to sit wet for 2 weeks before starting the flood cleanup process. While not a decision most would make, when he finally contacted a flood restoration company to begin they had to inform him the cost would now be doubled due to the fact that mold has manifested itself on materials and even his walls and carpet will have to be removed. Had he put the money on a credit card he would have saved hundreds and never gotten mold. Stories such as this abound and few can make sense of the prevailing logic at the time.

The cities that commonly have flooded basements are not equal. In Michigan there are some cities that are known for basement flooding more than others. For instance older established cities such as Warren  Eastpointe, Grosse Pointe, Saint Clair Shores, Royal Oak, Birmingham and Berkley have sewer drain systems that are made from clay that over the years have deteriorated allowing tree roots to regularly clog them. Because of this these cities will have many more flooded basements from a sewer backup.