Cleaning-Sanitizing-Water-Damage-After-FloodingCleaning and Sanitizing

Once water is removed the next essential step we take is the cleanup of contamination and the sanitizing of the environment. Action Extraction gives strict adherence to the IICRC Guidelines on cleaning and sanitizing as we employ these measures on each job to assure the safety of all who occupy the area we are servicing.

If the water was fresh water than the cleaning and sanitizing principles are not as stringent as with sewer water. For instance if your carpets or floors were exposed to standing water we will evaluate whether they are salvageable or need replacing. If they are not damaged we will professionally steam clean all carpets and floor surfaces with truck-mount extraction units. These machines clean deep and remove stubborn soils, dirt and debris and will breath new life into your carpets and floors.

Cleaning and sanitizingCleaning and Sanitizing After A Sewer Backup

It is common in the water restoration industry after a sewer backup to wet mop affected concrete basement floors or ceramic tile with sanitizing agents. THIS IS WRONG AND WILL NOT WORK! 

The water that has just been removed may have not looked hazardous to the eye, however under a microscope, you would be horrified.

What Is In The Water? Sewer water is classified as (Category-3) the most dangerous source of contamination that your home can be exposed to. Bacteria, microorganisms and up to 81 different viruses are replete on surfaces and their pathogenic presence can cause serious illness if treated incorrectly. Their presence requires thorough cleaning and sanitizing if occupants in the dwelling are to be safe from disease.

Water from a toilet overflow can be equally contaminated as sewer water if the overflow is from the bowl with feces. When the backed up toilet deluge its waste water on flooring surfaces the contamination needs to be completely sanitized for surfaces to be restored.

There are stories of incomplete cleanups after sewer backups where occupants struggled with illness months after professional cleanup. The reason is because steam extraction was not the technique utilized for complete removal of microorganisms. Often it takes a hired environmental hygienist to come out and test surfaces and what they find is hidden contamination that still continued to affect the home and safety of it’s occupants.

The Correct Method For Cleanup

Cleaning and sanitizing after a sewer backup MI

E-Coli is only one of the many types of bacteria that is common in sewer water. There are scores of disease causing germs along with other invisible dangerous microorganisms that thrive after wet mopping. Step 1 We will remove all these germs through vertical extraction by utilizing truck-mount steam units. Mopping and wiping surfaces only horizontally spreads contamination deeper into the pores of the affected flooring. Steam cleaning completely flushes away all contamination with 240° steam while lifting away all germs with intense vacuum strength. Step 2 We sanitize all areas only after thorough cleaning has taken place.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Personnel Belongings

If furniture legs, plastic toys, sentimental items are wet we can clean them with anti-microbial agents and restore them to pre-flood condition, however if the water that touched such items was sewer we will carefully guide you though the proper procedures that are IICRC Industry Standards that we are Certified to perform.

Cleaning and Sanitizing All SurfacesCleaning and sanitizing after a sewer backup with disenfectant MI

The sanitizing process can only begin once the proper cleaning has taken place. At this point the chemicals used to kill germs are very important if the customer is to get the most for their dollar. While there are many chemicals on the market that boast in killing 99.9% of all germs we go out of our way to use the safest and most endorsed in the business.

Benefect-Disenfectant-For-Sewer-CleanupWe use a certified botanical product called Benefect that is all natural and is specially made for cleaning and sanitizing high risk environments. Unlike other chemicals that once sprayed have a pungent smell and potentially make you cough, this product does it’s work with none of the hazardous side affects. This product is amazing and safe at cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and indoor air.

What About The Air

Mold-Filteration-Sanitizing-After-Sewer-BackupThe cleaning and sanitizing process must include the air if the source of the water was from a drain backup of sewer water or ground water. Action Extraction is very sensitive to the issue of indoor air safety and has credentials in microbiology to be as informed on the subject as can be. On all our projects where sanitizing is a critical step in the restoration process we set up an air filtration device that utilizes state of the art HEPA filters. Without these devices there is no way to remove contamination and pungent smells from the environment.

Consider Our Impressive Credentials

Thank you for considering Action Extraction for your cleaning and sanitizing needs. The internet has a multitude of companies, but you have limited time for research and need the very best NOW!!!

Water-Damage-Cleanup-Water-Damage-Clinton-Twp-MILet me Charles Bingham owner of Action Extraction share some of our unique and impressive credentials to assure you, we are the right company for cleaning and sanitizing your home or business.

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Cleaning and sanitizing 100% guarantee MI

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

From the first call to the last handshake you will be confident you have chosen the company that was right for you as customer satisfaction will be placed as top priority. We are available to help you right now for all your cleaning and sanitizing needs and have local certified professionals standing ready to serve. Our courteous and eager professionals will demonstrate our commitment to becoming an advocate for you at every step in restoring your property.