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Sewer Backup Cleaning and Restoration in Roseville MI

Sewage and waste water is intended to be directed from a public community to keep humans from illness. When a sewer backs up into a basement the risk to health is great. As bad as a sewer back up appears and smells, it is what is not visible that must be of the greatest concern. Soon after a sewer backup indoor air becomes infected with health threatening germs that can cause disease. Sewer water is classified as category 3 due to its nature being hazardous to the home environment.

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What Is In Roseville Sewer Water sewer-water-back-up

One of the many pathogenic strains of bacteria thriving in sewer backup water is E Coli Bacterium. It along with many others present in the sewer system can cause disease. There are potentially 81 viruses, organic matter and countless microorganisms that must be treated with anti-fungal agents to be completely eliminated from your home. If these microorganisms become airborne only hepa filtration filtering systems will remove them.

Warning: The elderly, children and pets are especially vulnerable. Spreading germs easily occurs through touching contaminated items, tracking them from room to room on shoes or breathing them directly into lungs.




Some assume they are equipped to take upon the responsibility of cleaning the mess up themselves. Fear of cost may discourage some to consider professional help. Action Extraction Inc. is aware that being self-sufficient is a virtue; however, as resourceful one may be, it is impossible for the untrained to know the stringent and necessary guidelines of category 3 cleaning. Bleach is not a safe or effective solution to eliminate sewage waste and cleaning that does not address the contaminated air will still allow infection to remain.

There are unfortunately numerous stories of families that fight sicknesses for many weeks after they have had a sewer backup. Through doctors recommendations a hygienist is called out who discovers through testing the air is crawling with air borne germs that were never removed from the air.

sump-water-backup2Wet drywall is especially at risk. if exposed to sewage water, will release myco toxins that are very dangerous to inhale

Sewer Water + Good Intentions + Incorrect Cleaning = Health Risks


THE CLEAN UP PROCESS Sewer-Backup-Cleaning-Roseville-MI

Sewage removal with professional truck-mount extraction equipment is critical. Using bleach to wipe fecal matter and urine only force contamination deeper into surfaces. High pressure vertical extraction with pressurized steam is necessary to entirely remove waste from the setting it has contaminated. Sewer Backups in Roseville can produce hundreds of gallons of raw sewage and the only way to manage such flooding is with professional equipment.

mold filterationSterilizing affected areas immediately with anti-fungal agents after waste is removed is essential. We apply plant based anti-microbials that are EPA approved and formulated to destroy the germs present in sewer water, while being abundantly safe for occupants in the home.

Evaluating contents to decide what items must be disposed of and which may be safely restored is a matter of experience and training we take very seriously. Items such as linens, mattresses, carpet, pad, stuffed animals, drywall and wood base molding are porous and cannot be restored and disposal of such items is essential. Saving these articles will always release contaminates into the air such as endotoxins and pose a danger to human health.

Testing building materials like carpeting, drywall, cabinets, etc. is often an overlooked facet of the cleaning process. Visual inspection alone will not reveal what is wet; specialty moisture analyzers sensitive to the presence of water are esential to indicate what materials are actually wet needing the attention of service.

Removing contaminated materials must be done to assure the environment has successfully been serviced. If there exist a company that suggest such items as drywall, carpet, pad or wood base moldings can be saved they are not a certified firm! It is forbiden to save anything absorbent and directely contradicts the Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration S-500. Page 11 section

Installing a HEPA air filtration system along with an approved drying method is the last step in the cleaning process. We use industrial dehumidifiers and air movers to eradicate moisture from the environment making it impossible for the amplification of microbial growth and offensive odors.


Sewer-Backup-Cleaning-Restoration-Roseville MI

Sewer Backup in Roseville Michigan

In cities such as Roseville, East Pointe, Warren and the Pointes as well as many other old cities, basements will typically be found in just about every home and commercial or industrial building and all are susceptible to water damage if not maintained properly. Roseville is susceptible because of the age of its homes and due to large trees in proximity to drains. Annual maintenance of sewer drains is common for many homeowners who will have their system snaked every 6 -12 months to remove the roots that continue to grow and block water flow. The best fix is also the most costly, and that is to have the sewer drain system from the house to the road replaced with newer PVC sewer drain pipe as well as a clean-out cap.

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